Doorway quickie

Yes, today was another PG quickie, but it wasn’t supposed to be. GAH!

PG texted me last Saturday and asked if I wanted cock on Friday. Um. YES. I immediately cleared my morning work calendars to accommodate him. He followed up on Sunday morning:


“Deep work”. Heh. It still makes me giggle. I sent PG some nudes. He rejoiced.

More texts came yesterday…He requested the following of me: excessive makeup, an “amazing outfit”, “lots of facesitting”, and also more stuff…


I was SUPER looking forward to the facesitting fiesta. It would be an ass-travaganza!

Alas, though…it was not to be. I texted PG last night to confirm this morning’s preferred dildo (sent him a picture of a few and asked him to choose one) and that is when he informed me that today would be a “doorway quickie”. He alleged that he had to meet up with his workers earlier than he had planned. I texted that I hate his workers. He replied, “Me too”.

Shit. It would not be exactly the encounter I had hoped for, but Majestic Peen™ is always acceptable – even if only briefly.

I prepped extensively this morning and then did my hair and makeup. My hair was in two messy buns – looked a little like mouse ears. (OMG, CP! Danny Franzese liked another of my Tweets!)


I used a matte black shadow stick for my eyes. Holy crap. I couldn’t have looked any more whoreish. Oh, but wait….I slithered into a new black bodystocking with a fun pattern. A few minutes before he arrived, he texted me. That was when I shoved my jeweled butt plug into my ass and my pink dildo into my pussy. NOW I looked totally whorish. *chef’s kiss*

It didn’t seem like a good idea to have done that prior to walking down the stairs, but live and learn, right? I held the dildo in place with my hand as I maneuvered down the stairs with my washcloths….And then I continued to hold on to the dildo as I waddled to the kitchen to wet the one washcloth for PG’s cleanup after our playtime. Yes, I looked ridiculous, but that is the price of peen.

So, then….after all of the anticipation and prep work, PG came through my front door. I was standing with my right leg a step higher than my left, holding the dildo inside of me with my right hand. He said, “Good morning!” with a smile. Immediately he appreciated my dilemma and turned me around on the stairs. I bent over and he inspected my hind quarters.

Pleased with what was on offer, he undid his camo shorts (no, not the same ones he wore when we first met on the plane) and removed the butt plug and dildo. He went straight into my ass – DEEP. Since I was lubed up and slightly stretched from inserting the butt plug, it was easy going. PG held onto my hips tightly as he pounded my ass. I moved with him and helped him to go deeper than he has in a while. “You like when I fuck that tiny asshole, don’t you?” he asked. “YYYEEESSSSSSS,” I managed to blurt out as his dick rearranged my innards. I’ve called him this before, but PG is a liver lifter for sure.

Without missing a beat, he took his dick out of my ass and went right into my pussy. I then felt him tearing my bodystocking right up the back. GOD DAMMIT. This was a fancy one, too! Shit. As he slid in and out of my pussy, however, I forgave him. Having had that dildo inside of me for a good 20 minutes, I was stretched out considerably, making it easy for him to dive deeply into me. He hit my cervix a few times and I yelped, but they were yelps of joy. 🙂

Knowing that he would have to leave quickly to get to his job site, I verbally urged him on. *POOF* He pulled his dick out of my pussy and came buckets all over my back. Every single time he does that, I wish that I had somehow been able to capture it on video.

When we fuck on the stairs, I have a wet and dry washcloth prepared for him to clean us both up, lest his jizz drizzle off my back onto the stairs. He was duly impressed with my wet washcloth presentation today. I put a hot, wet washcloth into a ceramic dish and put it on the stairs. He laughed, “Well done!” I said something like, “Yeah, well, I’m a clean slut. I’ve learned a lot over the years!” PG laughed again as he dried me off and then dried off himself.

The kitten had been watching our morning shenanigans in disgust and she had placed herself on the floor by the front door. PG noted that she was acting as a doorstop. She cooed at him. (Flirt!) He said, “I hate cats, but this girl is something special!!” I will always hate that he hates cats, but that cock of his gives him a pass. He reached down and fussed over her, which led to more flirtatious cooing.

I showed him my newly sealed garage floor and he ooh-ed and aah-ed over it. Then I walked him to the front door. He leaned down to kiss me goodbye and he was on his way.

Oddly, my security camera did not catch him leaving, but based on my neighbor’s text (sent shortly after the fucking began!) and my response (just after PG left), his total time in my house was no more than 13 minutes. Is that a record for us??


I hope that your Friday goes as well as how mine started!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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