I got my ass ate.

Or at least that is what one of my gays (KC from Malaysia) would say. Oh, I miss the days of KC calling me late at night: “OMG! I GOT MY ASS ATE, HONEEEYYYY!!!!” Hilarious.

Ass. It’s what’s for breakfast – at least that is true for PG on this fine July day.

Yesterday, PG said he’d be by around 8:30 this morning. Perfect! I got myself ready and started to ride the E train, but an early work crisis resulted in me not totally…completing the task to my satisfaction. Balls. In any case, I put on a light bit of makeup for my face, but I did not skimp on lip color. It was a lovely bright pink that matched my chosen wardrobe selection (shown below).

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 10.07.46 AM

Again, that is not me, but will you please LOOK at that gorgeous bright pink!!!! I wish everything came in that color. It pleases me ever so.

PG arrived and came up to my bedroom. I had to wrangle the kitten out of the room, which he found amusing. We entered my bedroom and he closed the door. PG told me to get on my knees and I sucked on his Majestic Peen™. As I did so, I felt him leaning over for his phone to take the obligatory cocksucking photos. “Look up at Daddy, Princess.” *snap* As I suckled, I noticed that he apparently no longer shaves his junk. That is not my jam…I am not a fan of pubes.

“Where are your toys?” he asked. I stopped sucking and got my bag of goodies out from underneath my bed. I pulled out two dildos: a bright pink one and a light peachy-ish one with greenish and black stains on it from being next to Sarge. Oops. I got back on my knees and he shoved the pink one into my mouth before stuffing it into my pussy. PG was bent over top of me as I was sucking his cock, working the dildo in and out of my wet hole. He really hit the right angle because I squirted all over it.

He asked me to stand up and I put my hand on the dildo to keep it inside of me. I bent over and grabbed my left ankle with my left hand as the right hand held the dildo in place. *snap* *snap* More photos. I held onto both ankles with the dildo staying in place. As I looked through my legs all upside-down, I observed that PG was taking photos with his left hand and and jerking off with his right.

I had already told him that there would be no anal today since I got sidetracked during my deep cleaning. He didn’t particularly care, that dirty fucker. “On the floor,” he said. “On my stomach?” I asked. “Yes,” said PG.

On my stomach I went and PG went straight to my ass – with his mouth. He offered up some oral-anal loving that I have been craving for a while! Those sweet, sweet butthole kisses bring me utter joy. He stopped for a moment to take more photos. “Put your ass in the air, Princess. Perfect.” Then he went back to servicing my naughty hole with his tongue deep inside. He was making me go all squirmy!

PG stopped and then went deep into my pussy with his cock. YES! As he slid deep inside of me, I was relieved that I had thoroughly vacuumed before he arrived. He stopped. “On the bed,” he commanded.

I got onto the bed and got onto my back, with my ass at the edge of the bed. He looked down at me and smiled before then spitting onto my pussy and going in…with his mouth. You guys know he doesn’t often do that – and I have never been the biggest fan of cunnilingus (…paging Christopher Walken…), but he was a man possessed today. Not only was there pussy-tonguing action, but also *kisses*. He was kissing my pussy lips and my inner thighs, and he was lightly moaning while doing so. (It reminded me of Aiden in Sex and the City when he kissed Carrie and she told him that she hated his little “mmmm” sounds. Dumb bitch.) I don’t want to put emotions on his actions, but it was done tenderly. I know, I know. PG? Tenderly doing anything? It doesn’t seem to fit, but I was there, y’all, and that is exactly the manner in which he did what he did.


After his oral appreciation of my pink bits, PG once again looked right into my eyes, smiled, and put the tip of his cock inside of my pussy. I’m sorry, but “just the tip” will never get old. It is always a crowd pleaser. When he finally started fucking me, it was slow and deliberate – like he was eating his last supper before his execution and savoring every last bite of it. But then…

He changed things up and maneuvered onto his back, across the middle of the bed. He twirled his finger to signal me to back up onto him. He then uttered, “Sit on my face.” The sex gods were smiling on me today!! I have been wanting him to wear me like a hockey mask for a while now, but that was a little difficult with the few weeks in a row of fucking on the stairs and then having my head in the toilet and whatnot.

PG pulled me down onto his face and put his tongue DEEP into my asshole. He held my ass cheeks apart so that he could get deep access and then he squeezed said cheeks together, forming a tight seal over his face. I wonder how long he can hold his breath under water? He was squeezing my ass and grabbing it, pulling me onto his face. It was almost like he wanted to put his face inside of my ass. He did not, of course, but he gave it the ol’ college try! PG held firmly onto my ass or my thighs for the duration of his salad tossing. It is interesting to note that I leaned down to suck his cock and he pulled me back onto his face. This was all about PG becoming one with my butthole – and he did. I sat back, wiggled, and enjoyed my ride on the PG Express.

As I rode his face, I noted that he had not taken off his pants or underwear. I mentioned this afterward and he laughed, saying that he couldn’t get his foot out of the pants. Um. Thank goodness I find him so sexy…because the scope of his dumbness is sometimes frightening to me.


I also noted how skinny his legs are. Then that stupid rhyme about Jack Sprat got into my head. Gah! He no longer has that six pack like when I first met him, but I don’t even care.

Finally having had his fill of my butt, he told me to hop off and asked me to get on my back. He started to fuck my pussy when he noticed the pink dildo again. PG reached for the dildo and again shoved it into my mouth for proper lubrication. He stopped fucking me, but his cock remained in my pussy, and then he slowly inched the dildo inside of me. I can’t be sure why, but today this caused me some pain. It was not unbearable, so I didn’t make him stop, but I feel certain that PG relished seeing a tear slide out of my left eye as he doubly stuffed my pussy.

PG removed the dildo and pushed my legs over to his left. He seems to favor this position because he can not only see his cock slide in and out of my pussy, but also because he can fully appreciate the utter and unquestionable largeness of my thighs. Bless his heart. He grabbed my pussy lips as he fucked me and had extensive commentary about how much he loves my fat pussy.

We soon found ourselves rotating so that I was on my stomach and PG was on top of me. Ah, my favorite. My ass rose up to take him inside of me as deeply as humanly possible. When he finally came, his huge load dripped off my back onto the sheets, so, yeah, I’m doing laundry right now, thanks for asking. I actually mentioned his huge loads today. PG said that even when he was “just a kid” his loads were huge. Hmm. Interesting to know.

Then I thanked him for his recommendation of the AirSoap air purifier. I ordered three at his recommendation and I could NOT be happier. My entire house smells fresh. In fact, he said that when he walked in this morning, he said that the house felt different. If you have the money, I highly recommend AirSoap. I just purchased a fourth unit for my home office. He was so excited to see one in person that he actually took mine apart to have a look-see for himself. Boys.

I said something like, “I’m sure you don’t remember, but we just had our 4-year anniversary.” PG smiled. He said, “Yes! Vegas!! It was also the first time I drove a Ferrari.” Idiot.

He gave the kitten a little loving at the bottom of the steps before kissing me on the lips…and he was off to today’s job site. Yes, he was late for this job because he stopped by to service his favorite slut.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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