Wait, wut?

After PG’s visit last week, I sent him a text to say, in essence, thanks for the romp and you were excellent. He did not reply. Gah!

I am supposed to be in Las Vegas right now, but that trip was canceled with all the ‘rona madness. In protest, I am still taking my vacation days off from work. Why not? I haven’t gone anywhere all year, save for an overnight trip in February to Atlantic City to see The Ladies of the 80s concert with a blog follower. (Yo, Fluffy!!!!!) I have 8 weeks to use, so I might as well use the days. Well. Had my trip not been canceled, I’d have had one less blog update for you guys.

Right…so, since I knew I’d be home and available for sexual treats at any time during my at-home vacation, I texted PG again to inform him of this. Again, he did not reply. I lamented to CP that he was an assface. She concurred. I plotted his death. And then, my phone alerted me yesterday afternoon:


Joy and bliss! I even went to bed early so that I’d be ready for PG.

This morning I got up early and prepped myself for PG. I wore a bright red, lacy teddy thing. I thought that it looked gorgeous against my pale skin. Here is a TEENY bit of a photo of me in it so that you can see the red…pretty, yes? (I originally had more of a body shot here, but thought better of it.)



I checked my phone and this is what I saw.


Dammit to the fetid bowels of hell. I took off my red teddy and put on my pink sheep jammies. I went back to bed. DAMMIT.

Though I do not work when I am on vacation, I did have one tiny thing to do for my one contract today. After I scheduled three meetings for next week, I decided to watch the latest episode of  “What We Do in the Shadows”. It pleases me greatly.

I texted PG again (somewhat in passive-aggressive protest) and then this happened:


I ran up to my bedroom and took off my jammies, put the lacy red thing back on, and did a quick (but sexy) beat to my face, complete with the red lipstick PG loves (Redrum by Jeffree Star). I waited for his text. He always texts to let me know he’s 10 or 15 minutes away. That gives me time to situate myself on the bed, floor, or stairs, including having a washcloth prepped and ready to go. Today I stepped up my ho game and included a warm, wet washcloth as well as the dry one.

We (the kitten and I) waited by the front door. I saw his truck pulling in and assumed the position on the stairs. The kitten ran up the stairs when she heard the screen door open. She has suffered enough, hasn’t she?

“Rock and roll!” said PG on seeing my ass on the stairs.


And thus began the festivities. PG took off his shirt, pants, and underwear. He moved close to me and bent down to hold my ample ass in his hands. (It is *extremely* ample as I realized when I had to measure my hips yesterday for a custom jumpsuit. Jesus. Fat ass indeed! I will never tell anyone other than PG what the measurement is. I feel that it will amuse him.) “Fuck. Oh, FUCK!” His face was now fully between my ass cheeks as I felt his tongue greeting his favorite of all my holes. Ah, the delightful tickle of PG’s tongue on my rear bits…how I’ve missed that!

He spread apart my pussy lips to get a very intimate look at my frontal bits before plunging deep inside of me. His dick slid into my pussy and said, “Oh, my whore! Take all of Daddy inside of you!” I felt his breath on my neck as he growled, “I love my whore! I love my whore!”

Without missing a beat, he moved over to my ass and very slowly entered me. Aaahhhh, yes! That is the stuff! When he puts in the head of his dick and plays “just the tip” with my ass, it drives me crazy. A little bit in…a little bit out…and so forth. When he finally goes balls deep, it is almost more sensation than I can handle. I shiver and shake (yes, that is a song by The Cure – hella good). PG reminds me to calm myself (“Eeeeasy, Princess. Easy.”) because he finds my reaction too stimulating and he was not yet ready to cum.

He then said, “Turn around.” I did. “Now take this cock in your mouth. Show me how much you love your Daddy.” I sucked the everloving hell out of his dick. I was drooling like I’d been heavily dosed with novocaine. Saliva was just running down my right hand and down my chin. “Choke on that cock!” And so I did. I grabbed his balls.

He then pushed me back and fucked my pussy again, with my legs spread as wide as I possibly could and my saliva dripping from his cock.

PG informed me: “I am going to cum all over your face, so I want you to milk those balls!” I have had many things said to me in the course of, well, intercourse, but never this. He dismounted from me and I sucked his cock and milked his balls. He pulled away from me a bit and said, “Lay back, keep milking those balls. Get a full load out of them!” I massaged his balls as he jacked his cock off all over my face. I looked up at him with my mouth wide open as he came all over my tongue and my perfect makeup. A fair portion also landed on my neck. I took a photo, but it just looked like my neck was wet, so I won’t post it here. Happily, not a drop got in my hair, which I had worn curly today, so I totally consider that a win. PG reached over and saw two washcloths, one wet and one dry. I suggested he use the wet one and he seemed pleased that it was warm. If nothing else, I am a hospitable whore.

He wiped me somewhat clean (there was a lot of cum!) with the dry washcloth and he got dressed. There was a little bit of chat about his busy day. I resisted the urge to ask him about how he was allegedly moved to a different site and then he was suddenly able to come see me. I know he is a liar. I am not convinced that he even realizes he lies all the time. It is like breathing to him. What do I care? I’m not his wife. I got what I wanted, so we’re all good here. He has to live with his lies, not me.

He mentioned that the taste of McDonald’s coffee was still lingering. I asked if he wanted something to drink. PG asked for a bottle of water and I obliged him.

PG took the water bottle, chugged a third of the bottle, and then bent down to kiss me. I reminded him to check his cock and balls before he goes home to make sure that there are no remnants of my red lipstick down here. I’m not sure he’s slick enough to explain that to the wife.

Incidentally, today’s visit marks the fifth week in a row that PG has visited me. Good times. I believe that this marks a speed record in our quickies: 11 minutes. I fully expect that we did more in these 11 minutes than some do in a year. I’m talking about my married friends, the poor souls.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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