Cherry Wet

On Tuesday, PG and I had the briefest of text exchanges to arrange today’s rendezvous.


Bam! There it is.

I woke up to feed the cats and then went back to bed for an hour. I took a little ride on the E train. Then I showered, shaved my legs, and put on my face. Today I went with a more subtle, yet always whorish, look with bright lips and highly mascarafied eyes. My hair was in a bun today. In keeping with my rather minimalistic look, I opted to wear a lacy, light pink thong and nothing else.

PG texted 10 minutes out and I placed a towel on the steps, the clean-up rag on the banister, and positioned myself so that my ass would be the first thing he’d see on opening the front door. And then came three of the cats to investigate exactly what was happening. When PG opened my front door, all three ran up the stairs like maniacs. The eldest cat was happily sleeping in the living room, unconcerned with the stairway happenings.

PG saw the cats fleeing up the stairs and laughed, saying that they were scared of him. I laughed and then felt his hands on my ass. He was absolutely pleased with what he saw and felt. I now know why he likes to fuck on the stairs! He said that he loves how big and round my ass looks on the stairs. Mystery solved!

PG slid my thong to the side and gazed at my pussy. Perhaps you recall how perfect he says it is? He affirmed that again today. I also apparently have “the most beautiful slit and the fattest pussy ever”. I thought you should know.

I was commanded to turn around to face him and then I got to suck his cock. It has been a few times since I have done that. This morning, I was very drooly in my dick-sucking endeavor, which pleased PG. Having sucked him to his satisfaction, he told me to lean back and he then entered my pussy. “God, I fucking love that your pussy is always ready for me! It is so wet!” He felt bigger today than he usually does. Why? Who knows, but I was quite thrilled with it.


And then…His face came close to mine and he kissed me. We were kissing. You guys know that is not something he does often with me. I’ll get/give a kiss when he leaves, but rarely is kissing a part of our fucking. I have to say that it was good. Like, really good….His tongue gently explored my mouth and our lips softly touched. Of course, I’ll never know exactly why he chooses to kiss me on certain days.

PG pulled away from my face and looked down at me kinda funny…He smiled and asked me to put my feet up (one on wall, one on banister) and to spread my pussy lips apart as he continued fucking me slowly. Again, he is very visual and watching his cock move in and out of my holes is his ultimate thrill, so I happily obliged him and held my legs and my bits apart. There were more comments from PG on the absolute perfection that is my pink bits and then he lowered his face and again kissed me, the faintest smell of Wawa coffee on his breath. I guess I never realized that PG is such a good kisser before, since it is something we don’t often do. I liked it.


I was asked to turn around and there was some more verbal and manual admiration of my round ass before PG spread my ass cheeks and spat on my rosebud. (“Rosebud” always makes me giggle. So does the word “clam”.) I felt his cock pushing against me and then it slid in. I gasped slightly and he asked if I was okay. Of course I was! He slowly fucked my ass and then determined that he wanted to look at my face again, so he asked me to turn around.

I reorganized myself so that I was facing him and then he got right back to fucking my ass. There were more kisses. What is going on here, man?!

The kissing stopped abruptly and then I felt PG’s body tense up as he came in my ass. There was so much cum. So. Much. Cum. He asked if he could wash up, so I brought him up to my master bath for a quick sink cleaning of his Majestic Peen™. It was only then that I noticed that some of my lipstick was on and around his mouth. Oops! I offered him a makeup remover towelette and suggested he look in the mirror. “Oh! Fuck,” said he as he wiped it off.

I said that this wipe would be the only thing that could remove this Jeffree Star lipstick (Cherry Wet is the color, shown below.), to which PG replied, “Oh! That tranny guy?” Um, ya, him. I should have known that PG would know who that is, given his apparent fascination with trannies.


Then, out of the blue, he mentioned The Cure. Holy fuck! I told him that I lost my virginity to The Cure’s “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me” album sooooo many years ago. “No shit?! What was the lead singer’s name,” asked PG as he wiped off remnants of my bright lipstick. “Robert Smith!!” said I. I assume that the lipstick smeared around his mouth reminded PG of Robert Smith, famous for wearing messy red lipstick.


PG did not like the taste of the makeup wipes. Sheesh. Only a guy would even think to lick his lips after using a wipe.

I then noticed that he looked very handsome today and I told him that. “You look so handsome today!” He said, “No. Really? Maybe it is my foofy hair. I haven’t had it cut in a while!” Foofy? I would kill to see him again totally clean-shaven like the day we met. He looks so sexy bald.

He went into my bedroom and noticed the book on my nightstand – “Midnight in Chernobyl” – and he asked about it. He asked if it was about what really happened or was it some kind of love story. I told him about it and he said he is going to order it for himself. He seemed interested in hearing that I was in the 10-mile evacuation zone when Three Mile Island occurred in 1979. Then he mentioned some books he was reading. I don’t recall them because I was trying to picture PG reading a book. It hurt my brain.

We walked down the stairs and the kitten was poking her head out of the powder room, which PG noticed. They had their moment and he, once again, mesmerized her into sitting up like a meerkat for him. She does not do this for me. 😤

When he got to the front door, he said, “I’ll see you next week!”

I’m low-key hoping that coronavirus never goes away.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

1 thought on “Cherry Wet”

  1. I was saying that your pussycats should be afraid at seeing what happens to pussies in your house when he comes, it looks like now they are! 🙂


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