Stairway to heaven

You all.

This is a record-breaking visit. There has never been a time that I have seen PG three times in less than a week. While I am reeling in the joy of this, I realize that it will come to an end eventually once coronavirus is but a memory. For now, however, I am loving my alleged self-isolation.

Last week PG mentioned that he could get a face shield and some good microfiber wipes if I wanted, and I took him up on that. The other day he said that he’d send them and I would have them by Wednesday. I replied that I would have preferred an in-person delivery, but thanked him. He said he’d prefer the in-person option, too.

Yesterday PG said that he thought he might be able to come by on Wednesday (today), too. He wasn’t sure what time, but he’d let me know. Earlier this morning I followed up to ask if he knew when he’d be here and his response made me think he wasn’t coming. Alas! He certainly did show up – and bearing gifts!

PG asked for me to be on the stairs again, with a rag. (Duh) Today would also be a quickie. Since it was going to be a quickie, I decided that naked was my best option. This man has things to do and can’t be bothered with thongs or whatnot. I put a towel on the stairs, put a washcloth on the banister, and waited.

PG entered and the kitten came running down the stairs to see who was at the door. She sat there next to my head. This made us both laugh. PG said, “Well, this is going to make things weird.” Um, you’re fucking your mistress on the stairs when both of us should be working AND there’s a pandemic on, but the kitten is making things weird for you?

On my knees, I heard him taking off his belt and lowering his pants and underwear. He stepped closer to me and squeezed my butt with his hands (not cold today) and he moaned a little. When he put his hand on my pussy, I was already wet in anticipation. “Your cunt is so fucking wet,” he commented, clearly pleased with his discovery.

PG entered my pussy quickly, both of us letting out simultaneous moans. Face down, I was vigilant that my lips not touch the light beige carpet. I was wearing a very dark maroon lip color that would surely stain. (Sad Girl from Anastasia Beverly Hills, in case you’re curious) As PG was thrusting in and out of me, I moved my hips in rhythm with him. He said, “Turn around. Let me see your face.” I turned to look at him over my left shoulder, my face partially obscured by my crazy hair. I kind of tossed my head so that the hair would not block his view. “God, you are so fucking hot!” he said. I apparently turned into a moron because I replied, “No, YOU’RE fucking hot!” Then he countered with, “No, you are!” Good grief…such weirdos. I like his dorkiness.

Plane Guy adjusted himself and moved into my ass. Again, we both moaned. (At this point, I noticed the kitten was on the outside of the steps carefully watching everything.) Because my pussy was so wet, the residual wetness made it very easy for him to slide right into my ass. Things were fast and furious and PG said, “Turn around.”

He disconnected himself from my ass and I turned around so that I was now facing him, my ass on the step. I put my right foot on top of the banister and my left foot was on the wall. He looked so handsome when he smiled and then went back inside of my pussy. (Yes, I had thoroughly cleaned myself out for just this occasion.) His right hand went gently around my throat. This lasted for just about a minute or two and then he exploded onto my stomach and chest, with a bit of his jizz reaching my chin. How very charming that was. PG asked where the rag was and I pointed out that it was hanging on the banister right next to him. He said, “Oh, duh,” with a laugh. “It’s mostly for you,” he chuckled. No kidding. He expertly wiped me down (except for my chin) and then he pulled up his underwear and pants.

He put together my face shield (in retrospect, maybe I should wear that when he’s ready to cum…?) as the kitten looked up at him lovingly. They had another sweet moment. He had to get on his way, so he again presented his bearded chin to me to kiss.

And then??

He said this: “That cat is something special. I love you, (kitten’s name)!” And off he went. I’m not putting in the kitten’s name, lest one of you freaks Google it and find me…I don’t need to give you any more breadcrumbs than are already out there, eh.

In case anyone is keeping track, this little adventure was indeed a quickie – somewhere around 13 minutes from arrival to departure. Oh, he wore his wedding ring and today I noticed it is yellow gold. He was in a very happy mood as he left.


…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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