Who are you?

Another delivery of masks, gloves, and hella good hand sanitizer (with witch hazel and honey) arrived today, courtesy of PG. He also took time to explain to me how the recipients of these goodies should use them. He was most concerned about my niece, who is working at one of those visiting angels gigs while she is in college. When he left, he told me to tell her to “stay fucking safe” and “just use common sense”.

Right, so, I know you don’t really care about that. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Can you guess what I wore? A fishnet bodystocking, you say? Yes! That’s right. Ooohhh, a jeweled buttplug, too? Yessiree! My makeup was heavy, per PG’s request: black eyeshadow/eyeliner with lots of black mascara and, obviously, PG’s ultra-fave black lipstick. It has been so rainy lately that I didn’t want to do my hair (curls + humidity = a hot mess). Instead of anything fancy, I put it up in two mini buns that looked a little cute and a little ridiculous on this old gal. In hindsight, this was a good choice because of how I spent the first 25 minutes positioned on my bedroom floor.

Last night I took care of the e-train, bringing back some peppermint tea (Hi, Buffy!). Refreshing! This morning I was a little nervous about seeing him. I have no idea why.

When I saw his truck drive into my development from my security camera, I positioned myself on my bedroom floor, on all fours: back heavily arched, butt in the air, legs spread just enough that he’d be able to see my cash and prizes, and forearms on the floor. There was some rustling at the door when he entered, which I’d later understand: a big box of PPE for me and my family. (He is good to me.) Up the stairs he came and he entered my bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He did not speak, but I could hear him breathing. Then I heard a familiar sound: the *plink* of a belt buckle, and then the *ssshhhhh* of the belt coming through the belt loops. He was taking off his belt. PG put his hand onto my pussy. His hands were cold against my body. PG caressed and cupped my pussy, wiggling it (WTF?) with his hand. I was so warm this morning….It was that nervousness that I sometimes get just being around this man. (Yes, I took my temperature and I was normal. Calm your giblets, y’all.) Before I knew it, PG was smacking my ass with his belt! PG also put some well placed belt smacks on my pussy. I can’t remember the last time he did that. Normally, I am not a fan of this; however, this morning? Holy balls, y’all. I was super feeling it! I was all….


The force used by PG for my spanking was in the “just right” category. It was highly arousing. Again, I am not normally into spanking, but today it just hit the spot. Interspersed with him investigating my butt plug and caressing my pussy, PG digitally intruded my pussy. Fingering me is rarely on the menu. While I have no proof of this, I believe that he was licking his fingers after removing them from inside of me. (Remember, I was still face down on the floor.) I swear I heard a sucking sound. Of course, he ripped a bigger hole in the crotch of my crotchless body stocking so that he would gain access to his favorite parts of me. PG also played with my ass – with the actual butt meat and also with the plug and the hole in which the plug was situated. He was squeezing my ass cheeks together and then letting them go. He absolutely revels in watching my ass move and jiggle.

Yes, he did take photos again and he moved me around like a doll to get the exact poses he wanted. Yes, he jerks off to these photos. Yes, it flatters me and turns me on to know this.

PG repositioned me once again so that he could get full pussy access and then he mounted me from behind right there on the floor. He’s going old school on me today! I haven’t been fucked on my bedroom floor in years and not by PG in that fashion since the good ol’ days when I’d go to his house – and even then it was not that frequently. By this time, PG had me so worked up that his Majestic Peen™ quite easily slid inside of my pussy. Does my nervousness make my pussy more wet? Who knows? I just go along with things. Writing this, I just realized that I didn’t suck his dick at all at this point…

PG slid in and out of me slowly and deliberately. I again could hear him breathing, which turned me on even more. This morning, it was like there was electricity in the air or something. He said nothing once again, and I followed his lead, remaining silent. I am seriously loving #quarantinesex more than I ever thought I could. It is wrong that I am not maintaining social distance and that I have someone from outside of my house inside of my house, totally invading nearly all of my mucous membranes, but GOD DAMN. I’m weak. If I die, at least I’d have had a good dicking down first.

It was perfectly wonderful and then…It got better.

PG repositioned me and I was prone on the floor with my legs together. PG put his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed my forehead against the floor. I dared not move it from that position. Then he put his body on mine and slid inside of me again. I was almost stopped in my tracks when I felt his beard on the back of my neck. He was kissing and gently licking my upper back and my neck. I almost died (not literally – duh). Has he ever done this to me before? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. His breath was hot against my skin. I was so overcome that my hips started to gyrate slowly…and then he whispered powerfully…

“Don’t move. This is not about you.”

PANAGÍA!!! (“mother of god” in Greek – I don’t speak much Greek at all, but I actually said that. Out loud. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?) This motherfucker has me uttering Greek in the middle of sex. I have never done THAT before. He is an all-powerful being.

I stopped moving. PG brought his hands to mine and grasped them from above, intertwining our fingers, and I held onto his fingers hard as I felt his body on top of mine – all the while, he continued fucking me. Then he started with the questions. “Who are you?” (I’m your slut.) “Who am I?” (You’re my Daddy.) “Whose pussy is this?” (It is your pussy, Daddy.) “Whose ass is this?” (It is your ass, Daddy.) “Who do you belong to?” (I am all yours.) “Do you love your Daddy?” (Yes.) “Tell me. I want to hear it.” (I love my Daddy.)

I felt his breath against my skin. He kissed my neck softly as I answered his questions. This rendered me nearly speechless.

Then he asked, “Did you clean your ass for Daddy?” “Yes,” I squeaked. (I didn’t mention the peppermint tea.) “Good girl. Get on the bed.”

And that was the first time today that I actually saw him. *sigh* This man is just walking sex.

I got on the bed (face down, ass up) and he came behind me for a closer look at the butt plug. There was better light there than on the floor. He once again caressed my ass in clear admiration. PG adjusted the plug and then pushed me down a bit so that he could have my pussy again. I was still so wet from earlier that he easily pushed into me. He soon removed the butt plug and said, “Now, turn over and open your cunt for Daddy.”

I flipped onto my back and spread my legs wide open in the air. I then pulled my pussy lips apart for him to be able to see the whole yim yam. Again he plunged into my pussy and I gasped. “Good?” he asked. I just smiled and nodded my head. He smiled. I don’t know what got into PG today, but he sucked and gently bit my right nipple as he was fucking me. Maybe he watched some porn and was inspired to change things up a bit. Whatever the reason, I will take it!

“Spread your ass for me,” he said, right after his cock left my pussy. I did that and then he said, “No, spit on my cock. Get it nice and wet.” Knowing the anal invasion that was imminent, I did my very best to wet his cock with my mouth. (Come to think of it, it was not really a blow job so much as my mouth wetting his dick…I can’t recall specifically a time that I didn’t suck his dick during a tryst. Huh. Weird.)

Now standing there with an incredibly wet cock, he was ready to take my ass. Per his earlier instruction, I spread my legs wide and then used my hands to spread apart my ass as best as I could. “Yeeesssss,” he growled as he pushed deep into me. It felt so good that I wanted to scream, but I stayed quiet.

When he came, he came all over my asshole and pussy. He went full-on Peter North on me. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: DO NOT GOOGLE “PETER NORTH CUM” AT WORK. I cannot stress this enough.) When he was done, he looked at me and asked if I like when he cums on my asshole. I replied, “Yes!” We laughed.

I know not to move after one of his legendary orgasms, lest his jizz end up everywhere, so I waited for him to get a clean towel to clean up his handiwork. PG then got into the shower and started talking PPE. It was rather adorable. He was giving me explicit instructions for me to convey to my niece. This was my shot! So…I grabbed my phone and pretended to text this critical information to her. In reality, I snapped a photo of a wet, soapy PG in my beautiful shower. It is blurry AF, but he still looks hot. I nearly forgot to tell you that he used the Guava Girl (guava + coconut) soap this time.

We talked (like we always do) as he was getting dressed. He had black boxer briefs, grey shorts (like long basketball shorts??), and khaki pants – with a belt – and his navy work t-shirt. He also had a Land’s End puffer jacket in dark blue. Oh, and he wore his work boots along with white socks.

Now, have a seat.

Here’s a nugget of information for y’all: PG mentioned that he thinks that he might have been sick with COVID-19 back in early January before we really knew all about it. Um. What? He and his crew are all going to be tested for the antibodies. If he did expose me to it, I had no symptoms. I may have mentioned this before, but I have never had any kind of sexually transmitted infection. Ever. I don’t recall my last cold. My gynecologist knows the approximate number of men and women I have been with and he is astonished at my sexual health. He told me that I must have a hell of an immune system. I am even HPV negative, a rarity these days – especially for someone with my number of partners. I have the golden pussy and, apparently, the golden immune system. I guess my sluttiness has helped me out by exposing me to countless germs.

My kitten (technically not a kitten anymore because she turned one on Monday!!!) loved up PG once again as we talked at the bottom of the stairs. I should have taken a video of her reaction to him. She cooed, flirted, and played with him on the stairs. She meerkatted when he was moving his hand up in front of her. She was hypnotized.


When he left, he asked for a kiss on his beard, a new thing for him, and I obliged him. Why wouldn’t I? He might be in my area next week, too. Yay!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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