A quiet place

Happy Monday, y’all!!

I think that it is going to be a fine week. Even if that doesn’t turn out to be true, at least it started out as a fabulous one.

Yesterday PG texted to see if he could come over today. (Um, DUH!) I was surprised that he’d come today, though. You see, last week, I found an old fetish prop in my latex box o’ goodies (latex catsuits, a megaboob top, masks, corsets, and the like). The prop is actually a legit respirator mask. I bought it at a fetish fair in Germany in 2008, along with a gas mask or two. There are folks into heavy rubber play, and for some, this includes masks. Way back around 2005 or so I posted a photo set of me wearing a latex mask on a website. At a fetish event in London a few months later, a gentleman in a latex mask approached me and said that he was excited to meet me in person. He saw those photos of me in a mask and he decided that the HAD to meet me. He knew that I was the one in that mask by just my eyes. (I was not wearing a mask at this particular event.) Holy crap…I totally got sidetracked here.

Anyhoo…I looked online and found that my fetish mask was truly legit, but that it needed filters. Perhaps you’ve heard that filters are difficult to get right now. I thought PG might be able to help. He didn’t have the right filters for my mask, but he offered to buy me a new mask with filters. He knows the right people, I guess. He said he would get it for me at cost and that he would have it on Wednesday or Thursday. So, yeah, I didn’t think he’d be able to get his hands on it so quickly.


That is why I was surprised that he’d come see me today – with my mask. No, he did not wrap the mask for me, but in his defense, I didn’t specifically request gift wrapping.

In our texts yesterday, PG was clear about what he wanted from me: hard anal. He also specified that he wanted heavy makeup, a bodystocking, and the butt plug. In addition, he wanted me on all fours, ass up in the air, jeweled butt plug inserted, back arched, so that when he came into my bedroom, the first thing he’d see would be my ass and pussy. I accommodated his requests.


When he opened my bedroom door, he said nothing. I heard him breathing and then I saw a bright flash of light. He was taking photos of me. A few times he came over to reposition me…or to rip open strategic areas of my fishnet bodystocking. He used one hand to rip open the crotch area, to expose my ass and pussy completely. PG then caressed my ass and the butt plug. Some photos he’d take from behind me, but others he took standing over my head. Legs together, then spread apart. On my forearms, then on my palms…but ALWAYS ass in the air and back severely arched. The flashes continued and he took at least 25 photos, never uttering a sound. (Now that I have written this, I think that the next time I’ll wear a leash and collar for him….It would seem to fit in with his likes.)

PG leaned over to put his phone on the dresser and then he reached down and put his hand gently on my chin to bring me up to meet his cock. It was, by this time, well and truly engorged. (For all I know, however, it could have been hard from the second he arrived. Since I did not see him until his dick was in my mouth, it would be impossible to say for certain.) I was happy to take all of him into my mouth, right to his balls. (I surprised myself with how easily I was able to do this this morning!) Still neither of us spoke one word. More photos were snapped. I wonder if he appreciated my alienesque makeup today? I rather enjoyed the teal lipstick.

Again, without saying anything, he stopped me from sucking his cock and he motioned for me to go to the bed. I know to get on the bed on all fours and to present my ass to him for his inspection. He came over to the bed and admired my ass, again ripping open the crotch area of the bodystocking a little more. PG caressed my ass and hips before taking a few more photos.

“Turn over. Listen very carefully,” he said. Looking me right in my eyes, he then said with a stern gaze, “Here are the rules. You will not speak or moan. I want to hear nothing. Keep quiet. Do you understand?” Hmmm…this is something new, eh? I nodded my understanding and he entered my pussy. Then he added, “When you are cumming, look at me and say, ‘I’m cumming.’ Understand?” I nodded again.

When one is wearing a butt plug and getting vaginally stuffed with the most Majestic Peen™, the sensation is different than having sex with an empty ass. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: If the man you are with is not as girthy as you prefer, consider stuffing one hole with something and let him have at the other hole. It will feel pretty damned good to both of you. You’ll feel like your man is bigger than usual. It is lovely. Of course, not everyone likes a big dick……I’m sorry, but I’m just not sure how to end that sentence as a size queen myself.)

As he was fucking me deeply, I could feel him moving against the butt plug a bit and then *poof* out it popped. He did not break from his appointed rounds and continued fucking me. PG decided that my tits were in need of attention and he ripped holes in the bodystocking so that each tit could be free of its netting. He did this, of course, while continuing to fuck me. I let a little moan slip out and he said, “Ssshhhhhhhh! Quiet!” PG squeezed my now-freed tits as he continued to grind into me.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to have sex and make not even one sound?! Well, for me, it is difficult. That degree of difficulty increases in a rate directly proportional to dick size. Well, I mean, I’m no statistician, but I think you get my drift. I was biting my teal-colored bottom lip to stifle myself, but let a teeny moan escape. I could not let myself cum because for me to, uh, get there, I find that making noise helps me along. I had to follow his rule not to make a sound.

PG asked me how I wanted him in my ass. Because I was rather enjoying watching his face as he was fucking me, I said, “Like this.” He withdrew from my pussy and again ripped open a bigger hole in my bodystocking, right up my torso. PG moved the butt plug out of his way and entered my ass slowly. That’s the stuff! I tried so very hard not to make a peep, but another small one slipped out. PG looked me in the eyes and he seemed displeased. Quickly his right hand gripped my throat. I gave him a slight smile, which he returned to me. Holy fuck! That was hot! I love that devious smile. His hand was firmly around my throat for at least 60 seconds and then he released me. PG has never choked me out completely. I don’t think that he would ever do that…He greatly enjoys hurting me, but he doesn’t want harm to come to me at his hands. Besides, if he accidentally kills me, it would be difficult for him to explain that to Orangina.

As soon as he removed his hand from my throat, he put his body on top of mine. I love feeling his heat, his skin against mine, his full weight. He stayed like this for longer than I had expected and every single second of his body weight on top of me was ethereal. I love direct eye contact with PG and I was getting all of it today!

PG finally gasped, “I gotta cum!” It clearly took him by surprise. Before either of us realized it, my stomach and tits were covered in his sperm. He was shocked and impressed at the volume, as was I. This man would be excellent in porn, but I’m so glad he doesn’t do that. He is my PG, not the world’s PG. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom to clean me off and he laughed again at just how much jizz there was.

For his shower today, he had a choice of 2 scented soaps: Guava Girl or Warm Apple Cider Donut. He went with the donut one and seemed excited (like a kid) that it smelled exactly like what the label said it was. Of course, I stood there like some kind of pervert watching him soap up his beautiful self. Yes, his dick was still hard. No, I stupidly did not get a photo. I wouldn’t share it with anyone anyway, so what is the point?

Oh, after I Zelled him the money last week for that mask, I had a moment of panic during which I wondered if Orangina has access to his bank account. If so, SHE WOULD HAVE MY NAME!!! FFFUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!! I asked him about that today and he confirmed that she does not have access and that they keep their accounts separate, though they do share a savings account. I mentioned that it was a good idea to keep accounts separate, then I mentioned something about his first wife. He then told me that there is no way he’d ever get divorced again because Orangina would clean him out like his first wife apparently did. He said he’d kill her first. Right.

He told me he had to drive over an hour each way yesterday to pick up my mask. He is not getting masks for everyone he knows. Only the people he trusts completely will get them because he doesn’t want the world coming to him asking for masks. I thanked him profusely once again and then? I hugged him. He hugged me back – hard. I don’t care what any of y’all say, but he is a good guy and in his own twisted way, he truly cares about me and my well being. I plan to test it out today when I go to pick up my grocery order. That should be fun!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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