Peen in the time of…coronavirus?


Let’s take a little break today from all of the coronavirus insanity, shall we? Sit down. Chill out. Grab a libation or one of your quarantine snacks and relax with my little blog. Many of you are probably locked in with your families and I know you need a break. (I’m looking at YOU, my 2 girls from Lunch Club!!!!!! Heeeeyyyyyyy, M and S!!) I know you want to.

My current earworm is that Cardi B coronavirus remix. It is catchier than it should be. If I get it and die from it, please, someone, play this at my funeral on a loop.

Today is a super excellent day. It totally is. Yeah, I’m on lock down here, but I have been working exclusively from home for over 6 years and I am generally antisocial, so I have been training for this for years, people. I went out to Starbucks this morning for a treat and they messed up the order, so I got an extra treat. #winning I also tipped them a $20. I doused the bill in hand sanitizer and it was still damp when I handed it to the lady. They are day-by-day and could be shut down at any time. I will freak if they close…but safety, blah blah blah.

My interactions with PG have been frequent and colorful. His tone is different – kind of like back in the pre-Orangina days. I do believe that it is the smell of desperation – or maybe it is the freedom to be the PG that we both know he is. I am totally okay with this. He has been keen to hook up today, but even as of last night, I wasn’t sure what was happening. Yes, then no, then yes, then not sure…

There was quite a lot of texting recently. Let’s share that.









So, yeah, I fuck like a porn star and no one fucks like me. Neat!

Did you guess that PG visited this morning? I got more video footage, CP, in case of a Code Syzygy scenario. I know, I know. It is perhaps ill-advised to have close contact with someone right now, but a ho has needs. Also…?


Waiting for PG, I was in my bed watching “Ancient Aliens”. Don’t you judge me. My hair was down and curly, and my face was subtly beat. After all, it was 7AM! Even a ho uses discretion sometimes. I chose a bright yellow lacy thong and THE SWEATER that inexplicably turned PG on so much that he specifically requested photos of me wearing it.

When he opened the door to my house, I heard three of the cats scattering in panic (the boy cats)/excitement (the kitten)…It sounded like a herd of wildebeests scattering. It made me giggle. He came up to my bedroom, opened the door, and closed it behind him. (Yes, I had the door closed so that there would be no feline assistants during our encounter – again.)

He wore khaki work pants, boots, a black t-shirt, and his navy blue work hoodie…and sunglasses. Always sunglasses on top of his head – even though there was a heavy fog advisory this morning.

As PG was getting undressed, he mentioned my cats running around like maniacs and he laughed. He said, “You look pretty, babe,” and motioned me toward him. *swoon* I hopped off of the bed and went to my knees, fully expecting a thorough face fucking. I spit generously onto my hands and wrapped them around his cock, then taking it into my mouth. I felt him reaching backwards and soon realized he was going for his phone. “Look up at Daddy, Princess.” YAY! We haven’t played Daddy and Princess in a hot minute. He took photos of me with his cock in my mouth. Y’all, there was no hardcore face fucking…just a delightful session of cock worship.

Plane Guy then asked me to turn around and put my ass in the air for more photos. “Arch your back like Daddy’s whore.” Aw, he used to take photos of me every time when I went to his place…good times. After a few satisfactory photos, PG told me to get up on the bed with my ass in the air once again.

I did as my Daddy asked and he stood behind me looking at my ass and rubbing it like he was trying to get a genie to come out of it for his three wishes. He slid his cock into my pussy and he went in deep. DEEP, y’all. It felt so good that I let out a high-pitched yelp…like my sister’s annoyingly yappy Papillon! He stopped and asked if I was okay and I gasped, “Yes!” I backed up into him and was grinding my pelvis against him. He totally ran up against my cervix, you guys. Only one other guy has done that…my African friend. Anyhoo…

He asked me to flip onto my back and again and asked me to spread my legs like a good girl and he took more photos with my legs apart and then together. The yellow lacy thong I was wearing was moved to the side and he gazed at my pink bits. He squeezed my pink bits. He told me how perfect they apparently are. Before I knew it, he was inside of my pussy.

As he was fucking me, he said, “You like when I fuck you when you’re still wearing your panties, don’t you? Only whores do that.” I smiled and said yes. I’m so much of a slut that there was no time to take off my thong. Oh, but PG fixed that quickly. He reached down and literally ripped them off of me. Fucksticks! Does he not understand that these things are not disposable? Cripes. #RIPyellowthong


When he slid into my ass, he went so slowly and deliberately that it felt like he was trying to torture me. Indescribable bliss is what it was. Since he was on top of me, we were face to face. He smiled slightly and asked me if I liked being Daddy’s slut. Eeeeeeeee!!! I love when he talks to me while he is fucking me. He uses his soft “Daddy voice” and it is everything to me.

This morning our PG wanted to be absolutely certain that your girl Honeytoes already done had herses. (Don’t know what that means? Google this: “she already done had herses”. It is from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Try to keep up, y’all.)


PG got onto the bed on his back and asked me to mount his cock with my ass. YES! It was time for some anal reverse cowgirl action (we don’t do this nearly enough!), which never fails to get me off. As I lowered onto his cock, I leaned back so that I was sitting up on every glorious inch of his Majestic Peen™ and he put his hands on my ass to guide me down. I went very slowly because I know how much he loves to watch his cock go in and out of me.

In fact, grinding my ass on his cock today made me cum hard four or five times…ugh…such a wet and messy girl I am! When PG cooed, “That’s a good girl. Squirt all over Daddy’s cock, Princess,” I lost it. Jesus. Again, for some reason, everything today felt, um, MORE. More what? I dunno….just more. I’m doing laundry right now because my sheets were absolutely soaked. 💦💦💦💦 PG kept asking me if I wanted to cum again each time: “Do you want to cum for Daddy again, Princess?” “Soak Daddy’s cock.” “That’s my good girl.” How could I resist? I, myself, could not.

I finally dismounted and he told me to get on my stomach with my legs together. I felt PG getting on top of me with his full weight (which I love!) and sliding into my ass again and he slowly, methodically fucked me. He went between my ass and my pussy and it was soooooo good. So. Good.

“Get on your back, babe,” said he. I did. He forcefully pulled me back against him and he again fucked my ass and my pussy as he stood next to my bed. It had been at least 45 minutes when he finally pulled out of my pussy and came all over my stomach – and my sweater (also in the wash now). He came very hard today…more than usual.

He went into the bathroom and got a towel for me to clean up. Given the amount of my, um, squirting, I asked if he wanted to get a shower. He said yes, so I got it going for him. He asked for it to be hot and I warned him that it would be HOT. He said, “That’s okay, I don’t mind burning my skin off.” His tune changed quickly when he put his hand under the water. “Ouch!” I turned down the temperature and explained to him which bottle was the soap. I have at least 10 different bottles of hair and face things in my shower, so he needed guidance. He seemed to enjoy the Pink Chocolate Macaroon liquid soap (from Philosophy). “Oh my god this is great!” I stood there watching PG get all wet and soapy. *le sigh* As hot as he is, he looks even hotter all wet and soapy. I handed him a towel and he dried off in the shower so he didn’t drip on my clean porcelain tile floor. (I steam cleaned it last night and it is sooooo shiny!) He was oddly amused with my Clarisonic face brush, too.

We talked about the whole coronavirus thing and he suggested some kind of UV thingy to disinfect the fuck out of my house. He sent me a brochure, in fact. 🙂  He had to go to the National Guard in New Jersey to get IDs for him and his workers that give him permission to be out and about and to go over bridges and whatnot. His job is critical. I confessed to him that I selfishly worried if he could continue to be able to go to work because if not, HOW THE HELL WOULD HE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE TO COME SEE ME?! PG said, “Yes! Exactly!” I can’t be certain when we’ll have our next adventure, but you know I’ll keep y’all posted.

My time with PG today was reminiscent of times gone by. It was less about pounding my holes with his cock and being really rough with me and more about the whole sensual experience. He didn’t seem to be fucking my holes just to fuck my holes. Make sense? Perhaps it was the illicit nature of our rendezvous since both states where we live are on mega lock down for this COVID-19 situation? Could it be that I just needed a jump? Maybe I was energized from the vernal equinox? Whatever it was, I feel like the interaction was incredibly intense this morning. Also, I am becoming more of a fan of morning sex every time I see PG. It gives me time to write my blog while I am not half-asleep.

I am smiling thinking about PG going to work with all of his manly coworkers and him smelling slightly of Pink Chocolate Macaroon.

Stay safe and healthy, y’all!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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