Code word: SYZYGY

First of all, other than “cunt”, my favorite word is “syzygy” It pleases me greatly. When and *if* it is determined that PG must be destroyed, I shall deploy this word and CP will proceed to the cutting of bitches, but not today!!! (This is only a drill, CP.) Perhaps this post will be useful in that endeavor.


I know that few readers will care about this post, but whatevs. My blog, my rules.

While sitting in my home office waiting for a major work thing to come through (why must it always be a Friday afternoon when the big stuff happens?!?), I decided to go through my calendar to tally up my visits with PG. I know, you’re stoked about it, right?

Right. There have been a total of 29 in-person encounters between me and PG. The very first one was in Vegas. The next 24 were at PG’s house. The most recent 4 were at my house.

The most significant amount of time between visits was well over a year. He got engaged to Orangina the last weekend of May 2018. On 11Jun2018 we hooked up, but we didn’t hook up again until 07Oct2019!

Regarding days of the week (Jesus. What kind of life do I have if I am keeping track of this?!?!), we have never hooked up on a Saturday. There have been 13 Mondays, 3 Tuesdays, 2 Wednesdays, 7 Thursdays, 3 Fridays, and 1 Sunday.

Since I’ve already gone down the rabbit hole, here are all the dates when PG and I canoodled. (Yes, I know, I know…I weep for my sanity daily.) Five visits were in 2016. There were 14 visits in 2017. Six visits happened in 2018. There were 2 visits (fuck!) in 2019. So far, 2020 has had 2 visits.

  • 04Jul2016 (the day we met on that fateful PHL-LAS flight)
  • 26Aug2016
  • 31Oct2016 (Halloween peen!)
  • 18Nov2016 (day before I left for Kenya)
  • 16Dec2016 (day after his birthday, and just before my Ghana trip)
  • 11Jan2017
  • 22Jan2017 (prior to the putative ghosting episode and blocking me on Instagram, and around the time he started seeing Orangina)
  • 20Feb2017 (first post-ghosting encounter)
  • 16Mar2017
  • 20Apr2017
  • 23May2017
  • 01Jun2017
  • 26Jun2017
  • 17Jul2017
  • 11Sep2017
  • 09Oct2017
  • 13Nov2017
  • 04Dec2017
  • 18Dec2017
  • 02Jan2018
  • 22Feb2018
  • 22Mar2018
  • 12Apr2018
  • 7May2018
    • PG got engaged the last weekend in May 2018.
  • 11Jun2018
    • Scaredy cat PG was too terrified of Orangina to have me over for a long time.
    • PG got married in June 2019…figured he’d be gone for at least a year…marital bliss and whatnot.
  • 07Oct2019
    • This is the beginning of PG coming to my house for our rendezvous.
  • 17Dec2019
  • 29Jan2020
  • 27Feb2020

That’s that.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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