A misunderstanding

Like, hi.

Yesterday PG texted to ask if I would be around today. I told him I have some urgent meetings and whatnot, but I’d be free for an hour at 1:00, right before a meeting with my boss. Since I’d be on the phone all morning, there’d be no time for slutting up, but neither of us particularly care at this point. He said he could be here around noon. He said he was 85% sure of it.


This morning I sent a text asking if today was still on and he replied, “I think yes.” He sounded like a Magic 8 Ball toy. I hopped in the shower and slapped on a little makeup. A few hours later, he texted for my address. He looked it up and then…


Oh well, I was not particularly shocked. After all, he was only 85% certain he could make it. And then…


YAY! The thought of a Friday quickie made his not showing up today suck a little less. I went back to work and finished some important stuff because one does not, after all, keep a regulatory agency waiting.

Later that day…


He’s 15 minutes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At least I didn’t take off my makeup like I had planned. The cats had not been sequestered from the bedroom, either.

I had some very urgent work things happening, so I was sitting in my office in a bathrobe, replying to e-mails when PG opened my front door. He walked up the stairs into my bedroom as I continued writing my e-mail. I hit the send button and walked over to my bedroom. Cats were running around as PG was taking off his boots and clothes. One of the cats was on the bed, while the kitten fully inspected his boots on the floor. He wore grey work pants, a navy hoodie, and a t-shirt…oh, and black boxer briefs. I’m sure he must have had socks on, but I didn’t take notice.

There was some minor chat between us about the confusion of him coming today instead of tomorrow. He didn’t care. He just wanted to fuck. That is my kind of man. Time was limited for us both (he had to get to a job, and I had a meeting with my boss), so a quickie it would be! PG smelled so good…soooooo good…even better than normal. I got on my knees and sucked his Majestic Peen™ like a true ho: loud, sloppy, and with both hands working the shaft and balls. #cuptheballs I inhaled his scent, trying to burn it into my brain.

We were ready and I got up onto the bed – where there was a cat. *sigh* I’d have fucked PG had there been a wolverine on the bed, frankly. The cat left at some point, but then the kitten made an appearance. Being a ho is hard enough, but when there is a super adorable kitten cooing at you whilst you’re being molested, I mean…SHEESH. #hoingainteasy

My starting position was on my back, with PG standing at the edge of the bed. The height of my bed is perfectly suited for a very tall man like PG. He moved in close to me and repeated over and over: “Oh, my perfect slut. My perfect cunt.” I find his vulgarity a turn on. I wish that I could post a bit of his voice…not his talking voice, but his fucking voice. He sounds so serious…raspy and intense.

He seemed unusually hard today…maybe I just forgot what his dick feels like. I don’t know. As he was sliding into my pussy, he let out a deep sigh. PG held me close to his body by my thick thighs. #thickthighsmakethedickrise

We looked at one another intently, clearly both desperately in need of what the other had to offer. His pace varied between massive pumping in and out and slow, deliberate, deep strokes. I opened my legs very wide so that he could go in deep. He loves that (so do I). I flipped over and waited for him to enter my pussy from behind. Before he did so, he bent down and sweetly (?!) kissed my ass a few times while he caressed it. He was making an “mmmmmm” sound all the while. My ass was his world in that moment. PG pulled my ass closer to his dick and he teased my pussy with the head. He felt both playful and intense today…a weird combination.

Finally going deep into me, I then noticed my kitten had jumped on the bed. She was pawing at my hair. Jesus.

Once again, I flipped over and scooted to the edge of the bed. He pulled me close to him by my aforementioned thighs and then spit on my pussy. Again, he entered me. While I hadn’t had time to ride the E train, I made him aware that, uh, things were good to go back there. He spat on my ass and then slowly invaded it. When he starts fucking my ass, he does so slowly. I’m sure that part of it is meant so that he does not hurt me, but the build-up of excitement as he does that is almost too much for me. “Calm down,” he urged. My body was shaking from over stimulation. He does that to me all the time. “Is that okay?” he asked. I groaned, “Yeeessssssss” and he continued.

Yes, he went between my ass and pussy. Shut up. I don’t want to hear it.

After about 30 minutes, he looked at me and said, “Daddy’s going to blow!” With that, an enormous amount of his semen flew out of his cock, a good portion of it hitting my left eye. DAMMIT TO HELL. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: Keep yo’ fucking eyes closed when a man cums. That shit hurts when it touches your eyes!) He got off the bed to get a towel for me before he washed up a bit. He was upset that he jizzed in my eye. “What? God dammit. Sorry.”

After our brief encounter, he was getting dressed and admiring the skills of my kitten who was walking on the foot board of the bed on a bit of wood that was about an inch thick. I had the TV on the whole time and the show “How the Universe Works” was on…one of my absolutely favorite shows. It drew him in. I mentioned how I love certain scientists on the show like Alexei Filippenko and Phil Plait. He loves science shows like that. Before I knew it, we were talking about how insignificant we all are in the universe. I said that my dad had been a Captain in the Merchant Marines (mostly on supertankers) and he’d tell us all about the incredible things he’d see in the ocean and in the night skies. That piqued PG’s interest. He wanted to be a roughneck on an oil drilling rig. We have the most interesting post-coitus chats. PG was in need of coffee and asked where the nearest Wawa was. I gave him directions and then he was on his way (with a kiss and a “Be good, doll”), giving me just enough time to put Visine on my jizz-infested eyeball and grab a shower before my 2:00 pm meeting with my boss.

Oh. The other week I had a home security system installed, including two cameras. PG activated the front door camera walking in and I shared it with my neighbor. (She’s also a ho and enjoys a big cock herself.) Our brief chat after she watched the clip:


Butterflies, indeed.

((Incidentally, I always re-read my posts before hitting the Publish button. Thank FSM I did that today. I accidentally posted my address in one of the texts. Yikes!))

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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