Addendum to Guest blog – Double Buffy update

Oh, hey!

Okay, we have Buffy back to address some questions about yesterday’s guest blog. Happy reading and we hope that this helps. My comments are in pink.


I can understand why the readers are confused.

First, with Captain Marvel, we got home from the concert at 2am and I had to work the next day at 8am. So after our mutual orgasms, we passed out and when we woke up there was no time for round 2. Same on 4th of July, we got home around 2 am and I had to work the next day. I had a great time, and I really liked that he was spending time with me other than just sex. (Huh?) We rode a motorcycle to his place, took a 4-wheeler to the top of a mountain to watch fireworks, and were drinking at a party. (There is just too much outdoorsy shit in that sentence for my taste.) Then he brought me home in the truck. For the concert, they were really nice floor seat tickets, close to the show and we had a great time. But something you should know about CM, he is 48 years old and his longest relationship is 2 years. (Same.) Clearly he does not want to be tied down (or tied up that I can determine). And while I don’t really want someone in my face all day every day, I think he knows that we are simply wired differently. I need more than he is prepared to give. Also, if I have an orgasm, I’m happy – yes, some dick would be nice, too, but generally he takes care of me first and I like that.

But since he has not spent any time with me since the concert (even though he texts regularly), I have already decided that if he wants to get together again, I am going to say I’m busy. (Just tell him to FUCK OFF. He doesn’t deserve you, girl!!!! I *know* you and I am right on this one.) I have an emotional connection to him, but he is emotionally unavailable, which simply leaves me feeling frustrated. I’m tired of waiting for him to move to the next level. (Then don’t.) Maybe CM is expecting me to take the lead on initiating sex? He is not as well endowed as RT, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. (You’re not. Buh-bye, unimpressive peen!)

While I am sexually aggressive (ho), I rather enjoyed my Canadian Bacon RT leading the way. It was a nice change for me to sit back and let someone else take the lead.

Toes and I agree that there is a certain phenomenon between her and PG, and between me and RT. Something about the chemistry just ignited shit that we thought was dead and gone. RT and I texted for about 4 weeks and I never thought we would get together. (I feel your pain.) But we agreed to meet and within hours we were naked. He was truly my sexual soulmate.

We did a lot of role play, dressing up, Dom/sub games, playing with toys, and shibari ropes. He made it fun and we spoiled each other. He knew what I wanted before I asked; but sometimes made me ask so that I learned to express my needs. I looked forward to every weekend that we had for the 6 weeks that we saw each other. He spoke in French sometimes, which I loved. (YES! Honeytoes also loves a guy who speaks something other than English. Paging CP and Flabio!)

And he asked me what I wanted both in bed and out of bed, and told me what he wanted (mostly in bed). He made an effort by traveling an hour to see me, never ever cancelled on me, and always communicated if he was running late. We talked daily. I had an emotional connection to him and I trusted him because he earned it.

Yes, I am a giver (…of head…), but I have learned to want give and take after RT showed me how it should be done. But he moved away and that was that. (Ass.) He drove 7 hours to meet me in June, which was amazing. Since then he has had trouble finding steady work (Ass.) and was unable to follow through with possible plans to get together over the summer (Ass.). I feel let down and finally gave up on wanting to see him. ApparentlyAllegedly he just snagged a good job, but by now I have written him off completely. Yes, I wish things were different, but that’s life.

When I met Kevin, I wasn’t sure about the chemistry. (Reason enough not to move forward…I need something instant. You can’t grow on me like mold. Mold isn’t sexy. — Do you see what I did there, CP? Mold?) I liked him, but something was off, and this is where I have drawn the line. He had vampire energy, like he never gave anything back. He said we would get some food and we didn’t, then I made him dinner and he didn’t offer to reciprocate by taking me out or taking anywhere for that matter. And as far as me faking it, he just wasn’t good at touching and I got bored and gave up on it. After RT it’s really hard for me to be patient with someone who just doesn’t have it. (Buffy and I are too old to want to train a man. If you can’t do man things, then kindly fuck all the way off.) And if the touching doesn’t go well, then I’m sure as hell not going to try sex. #accessdenied Also, he’s not as well endowed as RT. (Ew. Good riddance. Next!)

So currently I have no prospects. (Giiirrrllll, I hear that!) There is nobody I am remotely physically or emotionally attracted to at this time. And while I could use a proper fucking, I have just decided that I’m not going to settle for anything less than what I want – and I deserve to have what I want. (Agree. I have had to defend not looking for someone else because I truly believe that no one could ever be another PG. He just fucking GETS ME. I trust him – literally – with my life. Y’all remember the knife play with PG? It is an indescribable thing that Buffy and I crave. We know it when we feel it….and that ain’t something to be taken lightly.)

While not wanting to be overly picky – I want that lightning bolt that Toes had with PG and that I had with RT. (Be picky. You deserve to want what you want. No apologies.)

I don’t want just a cuddler, but sometimes I do need to be in a guy’s physical presence to see if our vibe is going to match (and to see what he smells like) – so I guess that’s part of the bonding time. And if the vibe doesn’t match, then I don’t have any desire to have sex.

There’s somebody out there who likes the kind of playtime that RT and I had, but who has a steady job, lives within an hour, and is willing to spend some quality time with me – ask me what I want like RT did, and not afraid to take the lead. Having emotional depth is a must for me also. I just have no desire to be with someone whom I can’t bond with at an emotionally. I know Toes doesn’t understand this at all (You’re right. I don’t.) and I’m sure the readers will struggle to grasp it in a blog that is about sex. But that is part of my sexual desires: I need a connection. There is a lucky SOB somewhere out there and if you see him, tell him I’m still fucking waiting, and I have plenty of mint tea. (Heh. Mint tea. In case you’re new here, read this.)


…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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  1. Most interesting addendums…

    On Mon, Jan 13, 2020, 8:21 PM Notes From A Slut, wrote:

    > notesfromaslut posted: “Oh, hey! Okay, we have Buffy back to address some > questions about yesterday’s guest blog. Happy reading and we hope that this > helps. My comments are in pink. —————– I can understand why the readers are > confused. First, with Captain Marvel, we got home” >


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