Addendum to Guest blog – Double Buffy update

Oh, hey! Okay, we have Buffy back to address some questions about yesterday's guest blog. Happy reading and we hope that this helps. My comments are in pink. —————– I can understand why the readers are confused. First, with Captain Marvel, we got home from the concert at 2am and I had to work the… Continue reading Addendum to Guest blog – Double Buffy update

Guest blog – Double Buffy update

Happy 2020, y'all! PG has been actively texting in the last few weeks. His desperation should repulse me, but I find it empowering. He still claims he'll visit soon, but for now, my holes are empty. Stay tuned. Whatever. In the meantime, we have an update from our Buffy. Enjoy! (My commentary is speckled throughout… Continue reading Guest blog – Double Buffy update