Ἀδρήστεια (Adrestia – she who cannot be escaped)

Maybe some of my dear readers are aware that I am Greek. Yassou, y’all!


Well, I’m half Greek, really, but whatevs. (Technically, I’m half Lesbian because my dad was born on Lesbos – a beautiful island.) If you look at the Greek side of my family and the German side, you’ll clearly see which side I favor looks-wise. It is a little scary how much I look like my dad’s side of the family. Anyhoo, before writing this blog post, I decided that I should look up the Greek goddess of lust. Well, there is not one, exactly. I did find a goddess, however, that seemed to fit the bill. Adrestia, or the one who cannot be escaped. She apparently was involved in revolt…and considered warlike. If you know me IRL, you probably would agree that Adrestia and I have something in common.

Why am I giving you a half-assed Wiki lesson in Greek mythology? First of all: because I fucking can. It’s my blog. Also, though, I feel like the “she who cannot be escaped” bit of dear Goddess Adrestia lives on in me – at least as far as PG is concerned. He cannot get me out of his head. Aaaaand that’s where we pick things up today.

Okay, so…last Wednesday there was some texting between PG and your girl Honeytoes. He was asking about getting together on Monday. Monday. Do you understand the importance of this, y’all? If not, let me ‘hosplain it to you. #hosplain

In the past (i.e., pre-Orangina-living-in-his-house time), there would be sometimes as little as 45 minutes notice before I’d be on my way to PG’s house for debauchery. He’d text, beg for my holes, and I’d be on my way as quickly as I could shave my legs, wash my bits, slap on some whoreish makeup, and slide into a fishnet bodystocking. Sometimes, he’d give me the courtesy of a few hours before requesting my presence. Sometimes.

Now that he’s wifed up Orangina, PG is working farther away from his old area than he once did. In fact, last week he asked how far away a certain town was from my house because he was working on a job estimate there. I told him it was about 14 miles away (or maybe 30 minutes). He was going to try to get to my house last Wednesday, but things didn’t work out and he didn’t make it. Meh. He did make sure that I was aware that he’d be working more and more in the general vicinity of where I live, though.


This is a huge change from when I first started seeing him. He swore he’d never work anywhere near where I live because “it’s too far”.


Back to last Wednesday’s texting…PG asked if I could get to near where he was working (maybe 60 miles away from my house) “in the morning and get a cheap room” on Monday. Since I am off work for a few weeks, I thought, “I’ll consider your offer.” (Hi, CP!!!!!) After all, I was horny. I told him that he’d have to confirm with me on Friday and he’d have to split the hotel bill. If he crapped out on me once I was there, he’d never see me again. I’m not usually so demanding with him, but I was feeling ballsy. (Yes, I was totally serious about not seeing him if he didn’t show up after I made the effort to get the room, etc.)

Yada yada yada, he never confirmed with me on Friday and I was disappointed, but not surprised. CP (The PG Whisperer™) felt that he’d come through in the clutch, but he, himself, did not. In fact, I didn’t hear a peep out of him all weekend long, likely because it was his birthday weekend. It was annoying, but I expect so very little from him anymore. I simply moved along with my morning. He later contacted me and said that one of his workers had a MAJOR fuck-up on a job and he had to handle it. Got it. Work emergency. Whatever.

Today, I got up at 4:11 am to feed the cats (like I do every single day) and go to the gym to work out with my personal trainer. It was super fun. Not. At least I went, though. I got home and showered, but I didn’t do my hair. Why should I? I had no plans other than to read a book or nap. I put my hair up in a messy bun (Oh! There’s also an update on Man Bun! I’ll get to that later.) and watched some TV with my cats.

Just after 7 am, my phone screamed: LACROIX, SWEETIE! Oy. I figured that it was nothing important, but still felt compelled to read the text. It was PG.


Well. How very interesting. I relaxed on the couch a bit more and then he texted and said he’d be here at 9:45. Eek! I had to get moving! There was no time for peppermint tea (Hi, Buffy!) today, but I did the best I could. While I told him that I had to do my hair, I was able to pull it out of the bun and refresh my fourth-day hair to my satisfaction. (Yay for naturally curly hair!! Even if slightly messy, it still works.) I did a quick beat of my mug with totally whorish makeup (black eye shadow/liner and black lipstick – PG’s super faves) and shimmied into a fishnet dress. Interestingly — or not — it was the same black fishnet dress that I wore when I fucked that random dude in Boston the day before PG ghosted me.


Before I knew it, PG was here. At my house. Again! I sat on the steps and he let himself in. My new kitten hopped around like a weirdo and he said she was cute. Big yay. Love me, love my cats.

He said, “Let’s go upstairs” and I stood up and walked up the stairs. He patted my ass. For those who care, he was wearing jeans and work boots. PG removed his work boots at the door. He had a shirt on (and a jacket – it is chilly and rainy here today), but I’ll be damned if I remember much about it….maybe a dark shirt with long sleeves. We got to my room and he started stripping down, at which time two things happened. (1) I noted he did not have on a wedding ring. (2) The kitten ran like a maniac into the bedroom and launched herself up onto the bed. PG laughed and smiled. Gosh, I do love his smile. I removed her from the bed and we moved along.

PG also said he wanted to see my new bathroom because it was not yet finished the last time he was here. He raved again about it. 🙂 After the inspection and raving, I got on my knees and welcomed his Majestic Peen™ into my mouth. I spit onto my hands and used both hands to stroke his cock as I jammed it as far into my throat as I possibly could. Yes, I gagged. Yes, he loved that. I also worked his balls and carefully licked the underside of his shaft.

I was happier than I have been in a while to have a dick sliding between my black-painted lips. Maybe it was because he was in such a good mood? I don’t know. He had to get back down to his work site, though, so we moved things along quickly. I got a new mattress and box spring since his last visit. This new setup requires me to use a little stool to get up into my bed. It was no big thing for him since he’s so damned tall.

We moved to the bed and he teased my pussy with the head of his cock (always a good move) until he gave me what I wanted: a stuffed pussy! He had asked me earlier about my toys, but in a temporary fit of a cleaning frenzy, I got rid of nearly all of them. One that was readily available was the Hitachi Magic Wand. PG asked where it was and he retrieved it for me. Good boy! He quickly found a nearby outlet and off we went.

I had never used the Hitachi with PG before. Holy mother of ass. The intense clitoral stimulation coupled with the feeling of being full of Majestic Peen™ had me cumming so hard that I squirted all over the place. Otherworldly, y’all. My sheets and mattress cover are now in the wash. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: Always invest in a waterproof mattress cover. Spend money on the good one, too! This is no place for you to skimp on quality. One intense squirting session can render a mattress disgusting very quickly.)

After that insanity, things got weird. My kitten hopped onto the bed and kissed my face while his dick was still inside of me. “Well…that’s…awkward,” he commented with a smile. We laughed and he tried to shoo her away, but she was not having it. She moved to the corner of the bed and silently mocked me.

PG is an animal lover, though, and he laughed it off….with a smile. **le sigh**


Oooohhhhhhh, that fucking smile!

It was now time for the anal sex! Thank goodness. It had been a while, so I insisted that he take it slowly. PG always takes my, uh, needs into consideration. He spat on my asshole and pressed the head of his cock against it…gently. When it was clear that I was ready to be filled, he leaned into me slowly. I’ll never get over that sensation of him sliding inside of me and the look on his face as he feels me tightening on his cock.

After I was opened up a bit, we rearranged ourselves and I was on my knees, ass up in the air. (I can’t be certain, but PG might have been standing on the little bedside stool…?) He grabbed onto my ass cheeks and pounded my ass. He kept mumbling about my fat ass and something about it wiggling. You may recall how much he loves to make my ass shake and marvel at it. I was only partially listening to him because one of my other cats was watching us. (He was on the other side of the bed, standing up on the floor so that I could see his face…staring at me in judgement. It was disconcerting and funny because all I could see was his head.) We changed position a few times, but ultimately ended up in missionary, with him standing on the floor. (I think that my super-high bed setup is perfect for PG!)

He slid in and out of me, looking me right in my eyes. PG asked where I wanted him to cum. I almost always offer up my ass or tits to him. He decided that he would cum all over my stomach and he did just that. Seriously. So. Much. Jizz. Seriously. #allthejizz

PG asked where my towel was and I said, “Um, on the towel bar?” (Again, the last time he was here, my bathroom was not yet finished.) He laughed and smiled again as he grabbed the towel and cleaned up his handiwork. I asked if he wanted a shower, but he stated, “I’m going to wash my dick in your sink.” (Note to self: Clean the sink!!) Ah, PG…ever the charmer.

He got dressed. I was still in my fishnet dress (which was pulled up to my waist before the proceedings) and we walked down the stairs. PG informed me that he was going to be in the area quite a bit, including at the end of January. That is good to know. Maybe I’ll get some more cock before the end of 2019!! Yeet!!

I feel like I am doing him some good mentally. Yesterday he was all out of sorts because of the work snafu. He told me today that he’d have to eat the cost to repair the damage his worker did to the tune of $10k! PG was in a super cheerful mood. He even wished me happy holidays when he left. Dare I say he was giddy?

I know that many judge me for fucking a married man; however, I don’t care. Breaking him up is not my end goal. I just want to get laid – specifically by PG. From the beginning, both of us always have said that this thing we have would be lifelong. Maybe it really is true.

I told PG that my recent trip to Vegas was sidelined by a suddenly sick cat (he’s much better now!).


He agreed that anyone leaving their sick critter to go on a trip is an asshole. Then he said that he probably won’t get to Vegas at all next year, with the exception of a convention in March or April. Hmmm…I told him that if “his girl” didn’t join him that I could very likely make a trip to Vegas for some fun. I’m pretty sure that he won’t travel without her, but one can always hope!

Okay. Man Bun update. Man Bun is no more. What had happened? Well, two things occurred. The first is that he no longer works for the agency, so no more shenanigans (not that I was going to anyway). I feel certain that the only way he’d fuck me is for money. I get that. The other thing? Oy. He cut his hair. HE CUT HIS HAIR. He is Man Bun no more. CP and Lucie (who has been my friend and manicurist for many years) prefer the hirsute Man Bun. I rather like the change, but he has a certain boy band vibe. The Peen Formerly Known As Man Bun (TPFKAMB) informed me that he’s starting up a new business venture in 2020, but he didn’t give me specifics. Maybe he’s starting his own agency? Perhaps becoming an astronaut? Running for Congress? I told him to keep me informed…and I’ll keep all of you informed. Obvi.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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