Afternoon delight

You might recall last week’s unexpected textual interaction with PG and his alleged promise that he’d come see me today (at 10:15 am, specifically). I sent a text asking if today was still on. He said he didn’t know because “Traffic is fucked today”. Ah, great…at least this is a new excuse, right? (What I didn’t realize at the time is that he was not coming from his house, but from farther away in northern NJ.) Well, in my head, I decided that this was it and that I’d not bother with PG again, save for him offering up a grand gesture of some sort.

Well, 10:15 came and went. As I expected, there was no PG. I wasn’t surprised, but I was annoyed that I had allowed him into my head yet again. I decided to sulk and take a nap. I became distracted while playing with my cats and watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and then…?

Just after noon, my doorbell rang. I’m nearing the end of a bathroom remodel (Thank FSM!) and I expected that it was the contractor dropping by with my countertop and sink.





It was motherfucking PG, you guys. P-fucking-G. At my fucking front door. What in the screaming fuck was going on? Please understand that I was not done up like I had done myself up in the past for PG because, um, HE SAID HE WASN’T COMING! I had applied lightly tinted sunscreen (SPF 47 all the time because I tend to burn easily) and mascara earlier, but didn’t do the full-on whore makeup. I was wearing a long black tunic top (rather more like a short dress) and comfy, fluffy socks, a thong, and no bra. (Understand that I answered the door with everything covered and I still looked appropriate enough to answer my door to my contractor or a delivery person or whomever.)

I think I had a minor stroke when I saw him standing there – all 6’6″ of him…all bearded and sunglasses-wearing…He was smiling. I smiled back. I said, “Oh, hello” because I’m apparently a mental defective. “Hello,” said he. I was not wearing shoes and I was reminded just how tall he is. *SWOON* I (obviously) welcomed him into the entryway and he said, “Upstairs?” He’s a bit of a Neanderthal, but that Majestic Peen™ cancels out all of his stupid. I said yes and told him to follow me up the stairs to the bedroom.

There was panic growing inside of me because (1) PLANE GUY WAS IN MY HOUSE, (2) because I hadn’t been with him since June 2018, and (3) because I haven’t had sex at all since Man Bun and the belt-breaking incident in July 2018. #neverforget My holes have been woefully empty for over a year. Remember that PG has NEVER, EVER – in the over three years that I have known him – come to me, with the exception of our first time in Vegas. He took a cab to my hotel. Onward.

We entered my bedroom and I closed the door (to keep the cats and kitten out). He stopped at the foot of my bed and we faced one another. I warned him to watch his head on the ceiling fan. He’s so fucking tall. He put his hand on my head and I dropped to my knees. PG undid his belt. He pulled down his shorts and his underwear down in one fluid-like motion and I pounced onto his dick with my mouth. I sucked on his cock like a crazed woman. I was thirsty, as the kids say. I took it as deeply into my mouth as I possibly could. PG said, “Ah, there’s my whore!” He seemed crazed – a man possessed. As I was choking on his glorious peen, I remembered our first time together. Today was kind of like that…desperation and appreciation on both sides.

I was soon drooling and my eyes were tearing up, just like old times. The lights were low, so he probably didn’t notice my mascara running. I suppose that is rather a pity because he (like many men) like to see how they’re “destroying” their girl with their cocks. PG kept forcing himself all the way down my throat, saying, “Keep that throat open for Daddy!” He leaned over and slapped my ass a few times, marveling aloud how much it jiggled. He does love that booty shake I seem to have.


I’m not certain exactly how long I sucked his cock. I was eventually commanded to get on the bed on my back and to hang my head over the edge. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: One of the best ways to open up one’s throat is to do just that. Hang your head backwards over the edge of your bed – or couch or whatever – and you will be able to take any cock all the way down your gullet. An additional bonus is that while you’re occupying yourself with his cock, he can lean over and service your pink bits with some oral love.) The throat fucking continued until he ordered me onto my back on the bed. Oh, and yes, he did go down on my as I was choking on his big cock.

“I need that pussy right now,” he growled.


Just how desperately he needed my pussy was revealed after our tryst, but I’ll get to that later.

I got on my back and he hovered above me, that Majestic Peen™ thoroughly engorged and ready for me. He moved closer, slowly entered my pussy, and I felt like I was leaving my body. I had thought about this happening again for so long and it was finally happening. The feeling of him moving inside of me was something that I missed more than I care to admit. I moved my legs back so that he could go deeper inside and it was that sweet pain that I think I have mentioned before. Few men can go that deep…In fact, other than PG, there’s only one who readily comes to mind: my African friend from college.


Our hips gyrated together and I caught a whiff of him. Gucci Black. Oh, he wears it well…so fucking well. He asked me to turn around and back up into him, thereby giving him his favorite view: my fat ass jiggling while I ride his dick. While I love seeing his face as he fucks me, the feeling of PG doing me doggy style is a whole other level. My ass gyrated on his dick like it was a carnival ride. A few times, he told me, “Whoa! Easy!” and I slowed down to keep him from cumming.

He wanted to move to the other side of the bed (King size, for those who are wondering – just ordered a new mattress, too). We relocated and he pushed me onto the bed face first, with my ass up in the air. “Put your head up.” He grabbed something that I later realized was my thong and put it in my mouth like a bit. He fucked me from behind as I held my pussy open for him. PG moved my head around with his improvised bit.

PG asked me if he could fuck my ass. #duh I told him that he could, but that he should start slowly. After all, it was over a year since anything has been inside of my ass, right? Slow and steady. I heard him spit onto my asshole (so hot!) and then he placed the head of his cock against me, putting a little pressure onto me. “Is this okay? You sure?” He might be (okay, he *is* an ass) an ass, but he doesn’t want to harm me. I told him it was okay and he started to push into me slowly. Holy yikes…how I missed that feeling. When he was all the way in, I started to move my ass against him slowly. He loves to see his dick slide into and out of all of my holes and I wanted to give him a good show.

He was groaning with each stroke. I wanted to ride him and he accommodated my request and he got onto the bed on his back. I decided to give him anal via the ol’ reverse cowgirl (a throwback to our first time in Vegas). Not only does he get to see himself moving in and out of me, but he also gets to see my ass move. Oh, yeah, and he can also appreciate the gape. I still don’t particularly understand the appeal of gaping, but whatevs. I may have mentioned this before, but unless you are mentally prepared, do NOT Google “gaping porn”. Seriously. You’re welcome. #youllthankmelater

Properly mounted on my bearded steed, I found my happy place and rode the fuck out of him, obviously going slowly at points so that he could appreciate my gape. His hands held onto my ass and he smacked it and made it bounce, which was quite to his liking. I like that he likes my big ass.

Knowing how much I like to feel his entire weight on me, I asked him to fuck my ass while I was on my stomach. He, of course, obliged me. On my stomach with my legs together, he spread my cheeks apart, spit on my asshole again, and slid into my ass. I went a little crazy and got the “Whoa, easy” comment a few times. If you have not tried anal this way, I highly recommend it.

He wanted to fuck my pussy again, and he asked where he could wash up. My master bath is in the ending stages of a renovation, so there’s no sink yet. I showed him to the other bathroom and he washed up. PG came back into the bedroom and I got onto my back so that he could have my pussy. Selfishly, I wanted to see his face again as he came. It was too long since I had seen that “O face” and I needed to see it again. When he was ready to cum, he asked where I wanted it. “On my stomach and tits, Daddy!” He finally let go and covered my stomach, tits, and my face with a load as big as I remember. His cumming sounds are quite pleasing.

PG asked about a towel so that he could clean me up (his odd gentlemanly, post-sex thing), but with my master bath in chaos, we again walked to the other bathroom. As he was getting dressed, I asked if he wanted to see my bathroom. He raved about it and that made me happy. When someone with contracting skills appreciates another person’s work, that means a lot. He said that this was the nicest bathroom he’s seen. Plus, it made me feel better about all of my design choices.

I walked him downstairs to the door and we had a little chat. I told him not to be a stranger. I asked him, “So, your place is not workable for us anymore. I assume your girl moved in?” He sheepishly said, “Yeah,” but he offered nothing more. That’s a typical PG move not to give even one extra piece of information. Oh, PG, if you only knew how much I know about you…and your girl, too! (The gif below is for my gays…including PG…)


As he left, I told him that he’d have to come back since my place was safe – and besides, he’d have to see my finished bathroom! I told him to drive safely and he was off.

I watched him drive away slowly and my phone alerted me to a text. “Was that okay?” he asked. I replied, “Jesus fucking god, yes!” and I told him I have missed his cock. His reply was the smiling, hugging emoji: 🤗.

Also during our conversation, he revealed that he’s been working a lot in PA (yay – potential for future visits!!!) and that he’s also been traveling up and down the east coast a lot for work. He had to leave from my house to go to the airport for a flight. (EWR, as best as I can ascertain, which is a good 2 to 3 hours from here if there’s no traffic…and there is always traffic.) I wonder what the possibilities are of me going to see him in Florida or wherever…..I mean, I like to fly and since I work remotely, perhaps that is something I should put out into the universe. I’ll think about that.

I do not anticipate seeing him more frequently than I did in the past. He was *CLEARLY AND DESPERATELY* in need of me because, as you all recall, he had never previously made any effort to come to me and he drove through hella traffic today to do so. I said something to him like, “Ah, now you know how I felt driving all those times to see you!”

Ah. Now I feel better. I guess I needed a good dicking down. #missionaccomplished I am going to sleep so soundly tonight.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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