Addendum to Guest blogger!

Yep, I have another update. Of course, it is not about me getting any #peen. That won’t happen for at least another month, at best. FUCKITY FUCKING FUCKBALLS!



This update is to inform y’all about some of the unanswered questions from our recent guest blogger’s post the other day. He’s provided some additional information for all of you nosy Nellies out there. Enjoy!

Once again, his text is green and mine is black.


They both had nicely toned bodies. Athletic but nothing overboard. (I wonder whether his body would have any effect on your encounter…not that you were getting with him…but if he was hairy and maybe unattractive, but the wife was hot…just wondering out loud…)

The wife looked to be about 5’4″, shoulder length light brown hair, and a really nice ass with above average breasts. (For future blogs, we need details like WHAT did her hair look like? Curly? Straight? Beachy waves? What made her ass and boobies above average in your opinion? #useyourwords #imheretohelp) I appreciate both a nice ass and nice breasts, I wouldn’t say I prefer one over the other. But one usually stands out.  No pubes, clean shaven. (I do wonder if she was shaved or had she been waxed or maybe had laser hair removal…not that I think there is a way a dude would be able to tell this.)

The husband was a little shorter than me, probably about 5’10″ and sandy hair.  Like me, he kept his nest trimmed short. (Um. Nest? Whatcha got living in there, y’all?!)

I met them for drinks at one of the resort’s bars.  She had on a well-fitting pair of jeans and blouse.  He was wearing shorts and a golf shirt.  (I find shorts and a golf shirt the douchey-est possible outfit to wear for a dude…worse if there are sandals involved. It is so douchey that if PG ever was wearing said outfit, I’d run away from him. I’m serious. #douche) We mostly talked about what they did during their vacation.  We had already talked plenty about what we would do later online.  We all had a dry sense of humor and that helped.  I had a couple of vodka and club sodas while they had their Pinot Gris.  Didn’t get smashed but enough to take the edge off.

As I said in the post, they undressed each other while making out and I laid back and watched.  No boy shorts.  She had on peach bikinis and matching bra.  He had on a pair of black trunks.  Watching their foreplay was a nice turn on.  She was propped up on some pillows while he straddled her.  He did most of the work and he did a very good job of it.  She was primed.  I didn’t jerk off to them making out since I still had my clothes on.  I was halfway through undressing when she pulled me in, so I still had my pants on when I went down on her. 

The husband stroked himself while he watched his wife suck my dick for a few minutes before he jumped in and went down on her.  (Hmmm…wonder whether she kissed her husband after having sucked your cock.) I would stroke my dick during the tag team while the husband was inside of her.  (Wait, so there was no DP? #youredoingitwrong I mean, the lady has three fillable holes…why not make her airtight if possible? With 2 guys, she’d need a dildo in whichever hole remained unoccupied by a real peen…just thinking out loud again. #airtight FTW!) I’ve practiced edging for a few years now, so I have good control over my orgasms.  All in all, I came four times.  I had condoms on for everything except for when she went down on me.  She swallowed with enthusiasm. (Good girl!)

We left the bar a little after 11 pm and I was headed back to my room by 1:30 am.  I had a fun time and thanked them for reaching out to me and taking me on haha.  I told them to let me know if they were in the area again and wanted another go.  So yeah, I would do it again.  It would be interesting to try double teaming a random chick with one of my friends.  The dynamic would be different since both guys would be on equal footing.  I first learned about the “Eiffel Tower” from watching The League and wanted to try it.  I didn’t ask to do that with these two since the husband and I weren’t buddies. (IME, any man-man contact of ANY kind during a threesome – or more-some – is verboten. Even an accidental touch can render one or more of the males flaccid. Pfft. Amateurs.)


I hope that these additional details satisfy your curiosity! Thanks again, readywhenyouare!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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