Guest blogger!

Hey, y’all! It’s your girl Honeytoes here and no, I have not had any adventures. I am recovering from a little cosmetic surgery and it feels like hell. I am bruised, swollen, sore, and in a rather foul mood because I am horny AF. I’m a little bitter. It sucks and it vexes my spirit, so we’ll all have to live vicariously through our fellow blog readers.

Today’s guest blogger is from FT. He recently had his very first (you always remember your first) three-way with a couple and he’s been kind enough to share with us here. Here’s a little more background.

The couple (both 33 years old) met our single male friend (29 years old) on an online dating site. Yes, I know which site. No, I’m not telling you which one. (If you want to know, then YOU can contact our intrepid guest blogger yourself and ask him.) The couple was planning to vacation near where our male friend is located (Orlando, so, Disney-adjacent). They noted that he was looking for his first threesome (MFM). They Skyped. They met for a drink in person. It was on!

So…I give you a blog post from a guy known as readywhenyouare (and apparently he certainly is!). His text is in green. My comments are in black. Happy reading!


Yes, it was awkward for me in the beginning. I wasn’t sure what to do when we got to the room. (Um. Fuck?) I knew I wasn’t supposed to be kissing her, but I don’t usually just jump right in. (I’ll never understand the aversion to kissing on the mouth but not to eating someone out…don’t try and explain it because it makes no sense to me.) I like to have a good warm up before the main attraction. But they knew it was my first time for a three-way and so I decided to let them take the lead. They had all their Disney souvenirs on the sofa (I find that horrifying. I hate Disney anything.), so I just laid on one side of the bed and waited for their move. It wasn’t too long before they got on the bed with me. I admit that I missed the foreplay, but I can understand why they wanted that for themselves. It was still exciting to watch though. I took my shoes off while they were getting each other undressed. That was another awkward part for me, I wasn’t sure when I should get undressed. I had just got my shirt and shoes off when she pulled me in. So, I went down and started warming her up by kissing her inner thighs. I didn’t spend too long warming up since she was moving around more than I was used to. (Heh.) She was still making out with the husband while I was doing that.

A little while later and it was mission accomplished. I quickly took the rest of my clothes off and laid back down on the bed next to them. She has a nice ass, but I could tell her husband was into breasts more since that was where most of his attention was. She turned over next to me and started stroking me. Longer than I expected. It seemed like she was going to be giving me a hand job and that would have been disappointing (indeed – Handies are for amateurs.). Thankfully that wasn’t the case. I really liked the way she outlined the head of my dick with her tongue. She wasn’t all over the place like some ladies I’ve been with. The husband laid back and just watched for a little while. He eventually went down on her while she still had her attention on me. That was probably the closest the husband and I got to each other all night.

When we had messaged online she said she had wanted to be blindfolded when the husband and I tag teamed her. But I guess she either forgot to bring a blindfold or decided against the idea. (Blindfolds are gauche – and most can ruin your eye makeup. Just close your fucking eyes.) The husband went first and we traded off a few times before each of us finished. I thought it would go on longer but after the husband finished I took that as my signal to finish up as well. I really had to use the bathroom after that. When I got back they were both laughing. I asked what was funny and she said they noticed every time I walked by a mirror I stopped and looked at myself. I thought everyone did that? (No, son, they do not.)

I laid back down beside them and she started rubbing (Like a genie in a bottle?) both of our dicks at the same time (Ah, I see…she was skiing!). She handed me another condom but not her husband. She got on all fours and started going down on her husband (Face down! Ass up! That’s the way we like to fuck!). I then knew that I was supposed to take her from behind. #obvi Leveraging my weight was kind of difficult and something I hadn’t thought about. Eventually I put one knee on the bed and shifted my weight there. That part of the night was a little more involved than I imagined and left me a little sore. I was pretty well spent at that point and she had cuddled up next to the husband. I took that as my signal that we were finished. I thanked them for giving me my first three-way experience and let them know I enjoyed it. I let myself out and headed up to my floor. (Ah, but were you on an Executive floor?!)


There are so many unanswered questions!!! What did they look like? What did they wear? What did everyone have to drink? Shaved pubes? Did she wear boy shorts or what? In what kind of foreplay did the couple engage? Did our guest blogger jerk himself off as he watched the foreplaying couple? How long was the encounter? What kind of small talk was there before, during, after?? Did everyone cum? How many times? Where did the males cum? Would he do it again – with them or anyone else? Most importantly, did he earn hotel points for his stay?

Thank you, readywhenyouare, for this guest blog entry. If yo decide you would like to provide any additional details, you know my e-mail! Send ’em to me and I’ll post an addendum.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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