Oh, no, she di’n’t!

Actually, she did. I did.


I turned down a meeting with PG tonight. Nope, no one is more surprised than I am, y’all. I’ surprised and disappointed.

We texted this morning and he said “maybe” for tonight. I know what “maybe” means, so I ate my dinner around 6:30. I normally eat around 4:00 because I go to bed so early. I held off dinner for so long in the stupid hope that he’d text me. I know, I’m a dumbass.

Anyhoo, I sent him a few 😤 to express my displeasure. He texted back that I could come tonight (like, now), but I didn’t even ride the e-train yet, so till I did that, beat my face, and drove there, I’d not get there till nearly 11:00. Even this #slut has her limits.

I reminded him that I’ll be out of commission starting Friday of next week for a few weeks, but he clearly is not bothered by that. His girl’s birthday is imminent and for all I know, they’ll elope to Vegas. Whatevs.

We started a little sexy talk, though, and then this somewhat amusing thing happened (see 8:24 texts) when we were discussing him giving me a facial:


Heh. Yeah, we both totally share a sexual brain. Remember, kids, she might have his heart, but I have his soul and his sexuality. I’ll take that over his heart any day.

It has been 5.5 weeks since my last PG tryst. I haz a sad – and empty holes. #godfuckingdammit

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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