I told PG weeks and weeks ago that I’d be getting some Man Bun time while in Vegas. I mentioned it once. He clearly remembered because he sent me this text:


Ah, Las Vegas…land of spas, debauchery, and Man Bun.

It is now July 6th just after midnight Las Vegas time. I am sitting in my hella nice suite over looking The Strip in all its glowy, colorful, neon goodness – and I am basking in the afterglow of a night with Man Bun. I really should consider booking him for afternoon visits. This time difference kills me!

I last saw Man Bun on my birthday in January. (Click here and then here to read all about it!) It was a lovely evening, y’all. Tonight was also a lovely evening.





I went down to the lobby to await my steed. I heard him before I saw him. “Hello, sweetheart!” said he. I am not convinced that he knows my name. I am not convinced that I care. I stood up and walked over to greet him. My friend was also there…sitting adjacent to a potted tree so that she could get a look at him. She took photos like a fucking spy. It was hilarious. Thanks, Buffy! #stealthmode #wingwoman

He embraced me and gave me a kiss. “So good to see you again,” said he. His t-shirt was olive green, as were his incredibly tight jeans. The t-shirt had some horizontal mesh stripes and one of those stripes happened to land right over his nipple rings. *sigh* #hefineAF When I slid into his DMs the other day, I mentioned that we’d order room service and stay in the room. He was okay with that – not that I was seeking his approval.

*NOTE* I am now writing this from the spa…I just could not continue last night. Details may be fuzzy, but I’ll do my best for y’all. I always do. And? There is NO ONE in this spa right now except for me and the one attendant. MINE! MINE! MINE! Because no one but me is here, I did take the opportunity to lick the wall in the salt room. Yep, it’s salt, alright! Your girl Honeytoes is all about class. 😉

We boarded the elevator and up we went to the 54th floor. We chatted a bit as we walked down the hallway to my suite. The housekeeping lady gave me a knowing smile, as she had just completed the evening’s turn down service for me. (Hi, Esther from France!!) Y’all, my room was ridiculous. The view of The Strip was perfect. I even caught numerous fireworks displays the evening before (July 4th). The view only improved when Man Bun entered it.

Have I mentioned that I think that my suite is larger than my townhouse? I’m not sure about square footage, but it is close. I showed Man Bun around and he was also impressed with the accommodations, including a large dining room table. There’s no reason to waste such a lovely table, so we went into the bedroom and ordered up some room service from one of the handy tablets in the room. I had my eyes on a fat lobster tail, so I ordered that with mac and cheese. He chose a steak, medium rare, with Béarnaise sauce and some steamed spinach. We also ordered margaritas – rocks and salt. I pressed the ORDER button and it was as easy as could be. Thanks, Aria!

As we waited for the food to arrive, we talked on the bed. He laid back against the pillows and I sat there drooling over his hotness – and his hard cock. That beast was already hard and practically begging to be taken out of his pants. He is so healthy. *sigh* What did we talk about? Many things… job situation, my dull life, travel, and – quelle surprise! – sex.

He mentioned that a female friend of his told him about something he had never heard of before. I guess the thing is that the man inserts his, uh, balls into the asshole of the woman (or man – no judgement here!). We pondered that for a while. You know that I rather enjoy having things put into my holes, but balls? It would seem to me that said insertion might be painful for the dude. We thought about the mechanics of this maneuver.

Clearly, much lube would be required, as well as a certain je ne se quoi that not all folks have. Oh, and a pretty good gape, too….I mean, that is my best guess. Since PG love to gape my ass, my thoughts immediately went to PG….this is something that I will suggest to him the next time I see him.

The doorbell rang much sooner than I had expected, thank FSM, and the gentleman set up the table with our dinner. Man Bun helped me to my seat and placed the napkin on my lap. The meal was exceptional. I can’t remember the last time I had a lobster tail so big and juicy. The flavor was unrivaled. And yummy. We shared the mac and cheese and the spinach. We toasted our evening with the margaritas. And then…?

“Hey, do you want to try some G?” he asked. I was snorfing up my lobster (with fresh lemon and melted butter), but that made me stop chewing. “Huh? What?” I asked. (Remember: Honeytoes is synonymous with class and elegance.) He was referring to GHB. Yeah, that’s the date rape drug, y’all. My Google search also turned up these delightful street names: Easy Lay, G, Georgia Home Boy, Goop, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X, Scoop. In my many years on this earth, I have never, ever used any kind of illegal substance. Never. Ever. I swear this to you on my cats’ lives. I’m already pretty weird, so I never felt the need.

I can’t be certain why, but I agreed to try it. He brought out a little bottle of that 5-hour energy drink and it was in there. He poured me a capful and said that I should down it with some of the margarita. He told me it would taste very salty. Fuck this shit. If I’m going to do it, I’ll do it right. I told him that if I die because of it, he should go into my cell phone and notify CP. CP would then initiate the sequence: total destruction of Orangina’s Bubble of Stupidity and Ignorance™. It tasted incredibly salty (PG just texted me to ask if I got my holes blown apart…I love knowing that I am on his mind.) and mildly sweet…kind of like a strong margarita. I am not sure how much of the taste was the substance and how much was the energy drink stuff.


He, himself, took a capful and then we went into the bedroom to let our food digest and to let the stuff take effect. While we waited, we talked some more. Again we talked about sex and I mentioned my blog. He asked me to read an entry and I did just that. It was the June 11th post: Fast ‘n’ furious. Man Bun seemed to enjoy my story because he was stroking his cock. Heh. I also let him see the photo of my expert makeup job from that night and he loved it! #duh He said I am a good writer, too. #iaresmart

As we talked, I was looking at my phone to show him some pictures. CP had texted me and he seemed amused by her texts, which I was reading to him. He’s hot as fucking fuck, but he is super humble. He asked what she looks like and I was like, um….well….You see, I have only ever seen one photo of her, so I can’t really say. I was like, “Um, she has…two…eyes…?” I think he thinks I am a retard. I don’t care. Just shut up and look pretty for me, boy.

In truth, I don’t feel like the GHB affected me at all. Just being around Man Bun makes me all loopy anyway.

Perhaps the G finally hit him or maybe it was my dramatic blog reading, but he looked at me and said, “Suck my cock!” I bent over and put my ass in the air and took it all into my mouth. His girth is a little much in my tiny mouth, but you KNOW that I powered through! Tonight Man Bun was very chatty during our sexytime. “Suck it, you dirty bitch.” “You are such a nasty girl.” “Choke on it.” “Nasty slut.” Oh, you guys know how much those sweet nothings get me going. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but at some point he took off his black leather belt. He put it around my neck and made certain that I was firmly held in place with his fat cock shoved into my throat. It was even more difficult to breathe than when PG deep throats me because Man Bun’s cock is so very girthy. #soverygirthy

I decided that GOD DAMMIT, HE WILL TAKE PICTURES TONIGHT. So…I asked him to take pics while I sucked his cock. HE OBLIGED ME and I handed him my phone. Oh, PG is going to love this. In the past, I had asked and he refused. I am glad that I asked again! No, I will not post the photos here – not even with a password – so don’t ask. I will, however, consider showing them to interested parties in person. #hmu

At one point, he hissed at me: “Suck my balls, slut!” I continued to jerk him off with my left hand while I used my right hand to cup his balls and scoop them into my mouth – yes, both of them at the same time – first one and then the other. As they were in my mouth, I gently flicked them with my tongue and sucked on them. With my right hand I made certain to put some pressure on his taint, to which he reacted favorably. He growled a bit. I almost felt like I might have gotten the go-ahead to get a little closer to his ass, but I stuck with the taint. Had he not been prepped, things could have gone wrong quickly.

I choked and gagged on his big dick. There was saliva everywhere. My eyes were watering. Remember, kids, messy blow jobs are the best blow jobs.


As all of this oral goodness was going on, he started fingering my pussy somewhat aggressively. #lawdhammercy


No, I am not sure how many fingers were in there, but it was definitely more than one. I was so wet that it was difficult to ascertain with any degree of certainty exactly what was happening with my pink bits. Know that it was quite the enjoyable sensation.

Man Bun then pulled me off of his cock and up to his face. He kissed me, biting and sucking on my lips as he has done before. He held my head between his strong hands. Yes, please! He detached from my mouth and got off of the bed. Man Bun took off his tight pants and ordered me to the edge of the bed, facing away from him, with my ass in the air. As he stood behind me, he put his belt around my waist and smacked my ass a few times with his free hand, all the while talking nasty stuff to me. He soon plunged into my pussy and fucked me hard, using his belt around my waist to manipulate my body to his liking. It was aggressive and intentional. I was louder than I normally am. He eventually came inside of my pussy.

Man Bun got onto the bed on his back and we snuggled up and talked. He asked if I wanted to get a bath with him. Absofuckinglutely! We walked into the bathroom and he ran the water. I offered him a selection of Lush bath bombs and we went with the pink and gold glitter pyramid bubble bar. He got into the bathtub first and I joined him. Remember, this man is a fucking GOD when his beautiful skin is wet. We had quite the interesting talk…war, conspiracy theories, Ebola, fatal familial insomnia, prions, blood donation, and aliens. He’s quite fun to talk with, you guys. Fo’ shizzle.

It was now time for him to depart, but when he picked up his belt, he realized that it had broken! He asked if I wanted a souvenir and I said, “Hell, yes!” I now have a Man Bun remnant – his broken belt – that I shall keep for posterity. Oh, and for the one person that I know is wondering, it is a Calvin Klein belt.


Knowing that I am coming back to Vegas in November, Man Bun suggested a double penetration scenario with one of his friends. #DP Um…YES, PLEASE!!! He said he and this dude have double-teamed girls before. Ah, so these two can work well together. That’s fucking #teamwork! #TenaciousD In addition, he also mentioned that I should bring some dildos so that we can find out exactly how much stuff can fit inside of my holes. It sounds like a fun game!

But wait…do I want to limit myself to just two gigolos? Hmmm…foursome? Fivesome? Let me ponder that since I have a few months to consider my options.

As I said earlier, PG texted me while I was writing this post.


I knew PG would love Man Bun’s cock. If only I could hook up a group thing with PG, Man Bun, and Lexington Steele. Ah, yes. #hogoals #airtight #somanycocks Wait…lemme rethink that…I wonder if PG would also take some cock…Oh, fuck…That’s too much for my tired brain to comprehend. The thought of me getting a DP with Man Bun and Lex while PG licked their cocks and my bits all at the same time? Oh…or with me sucking PG’s Majestic Peen™! Oh. Holy. Jesus.


It is now time for me to put away my computer and relax my pink bits. Namaste in the spa all day long, sluts!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

1 thought on “Broken”

  1. Even knowing our dear Honeytoes as I do, even I questioned the balls-into-asshole scenario. I am assured it is indeed a thing and the ever-obliging Honeytoes (always willing to share her tips for and dick and debauchery – that’s just the kind of girl she is!) provided me with a link for the above noted Bean Bunging.
    And remember folks, “…take care when removing the testicles from even the most extensively prepped anus as it will sometimes have contracted…”. Now aren’t you glad you know?


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