Like a prion

Yes, yes, y’all! I am in PG’s brain like a mother fucking prion. Since no one ever seems to click on my links in these posts, go to Google and look up “prion” to see what the hell it is. If you already know? You. Are. My. People. Holla at yo’ girl. #HMU I make PG insane in the membrane and there is no cure. Wait. Maybe I am a hoon or a sluton?

I’m a damned proteinacious infectious particle all up in his brain and there’s no getting rid of me. No, sir. I am a very special #prion, however, that is not the kind that will kill him. In fact, I am the opposite: I enable him to live his life – his dichotomous lie of a life.

Have you figured out that PG texted me yesterday (and today)?


I sent him pics today and he totally loved them. Of course he loved them: I’m his perfection – his Princess. Of note, the lipstick in the photos today was Restraints by Jeffree Star.

Anyhoo…who knows if we can work out a meeting this week…? I have a hair appointment Monday night and a dentist appointment on Tuesday night. I remain hopeful and desperately horny!

Of course, if I don’t see PG this week, at least I have Man Bun to look forward to on July 5th. Yes, I do.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

1 thought on “Like a prion”

  1. Not clicking them can either mean not caring, or it can mean already knowing.

    As for a prion–they make normal stuff into themselves. If you’re a prion you’re turning him into you.


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