Fast ‘n’ furious

Yes, yes, it certainly the fuck was. Gather ’round, y’all. For tonight was a fast and furious fuckfest with PG – and GOD DAMN did I need it.

I have been antsy since the engagement of PG…figuring that she has moved in and maybe I’d not see him for a long time. At the urging of CP (and the weakness of my pink bits), I texted PG last night: “Are you and your cock alive? I need some dick.” Within two minutes, he replied: “We are. Cock this week?” He does this often…figuratively dangles his dick at me to get pics and then no meet-up happens. I tried to pin him down to a day, but he waffled. GAH! I mentioned a dream I had about him and he said it was hot. Oh, the dream? I ran into PG near my house and we started fucking immediately, with lots of people watching. He asked if I had any cock lately and I (duh) said no, but that I’d be seeing Man Bun in July. He liked that.

I mentioned AGAIN how much I needed to be fucked by him and he said, “Ok. Promise.” Yeah, right. When he asked about my wardrobe, I said I have an idea that I was going to use the last time I thought I’d see him and that if he didn’t like it, he could punish me. His reply: “Oh you’re gonna be punished. Every hole. Hard. Very hard. Lots of face fucking and anal.” He knows how to make me wet.

I was still trying to make him commit to a meeting this week, but he only asked for pics. I asked if he got the last 4 pics I sent him when I was in Vegas and he said he didn’t, so I sent them again. His response? “Wwooww” #missionaccomplished

He was back on the rape scenario after the last few times of our sessions being more mellow.



There you go. A rape it would be – **if** we’d get together, I mean. Joy!

This morning I took a few shots of my ample buttocks and thighs and sent them along in the morning with the promise of more later. I do work, after all! In the afternoon I had beaten my face and was ready for my photo shoot. I took photos of my face, holes, and everything else that PG wanted and I sent them along to him.

He approved wholeheartedly.


Gah! God fucking dammit, PG. Stop teasing me! I got slightly annoyed and wrote a slightly annoyed response and he said TONIGHT. YAY!! #passiveaggressiveAF


In my triumph, I began the preparations. Let me tell you about my wardrobe and makeup. As I said before, I had something planned for our last not-to-be encounter and I decided I’d do it today. PG fantasizes about me getting used hard by a group of men and then him fucking me afterward. That clearly won’t happen, so I improvised. I totally trashed my makeup and my hair so that it looked like I had been used HARD. I was pretty impressed, frankly, so I shared a photo with CP.



I called CP for a little chat about a few other things I could do to enhance my look and it was decided that I should glue on some false eyelashes totally askew. It was the cherry on top of my slutty sundae.

Oh. What did I wear? Not fucking much. I wore this, but in hot pink and with silver glitter high heels. No, that is not me. I’m not skinny like she is – and I have nipples. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.38.48 PM

As CP and I talked, I got a text from PG and I was HOT.


I hung up with CP and HAULED FUCKING ASS to PG’s house. Please understand that I had lipstick all around my mouth, fake eyelashes barely hanging onto my eyelids, and a ton of black mascara and eyeliner running down my cheeks. I prayed to FSM that I’d not get pulled over on my drive.


I pulled into his driveway and teetered up the steps into his house. I removed my long black top to reveal my hot pink “dress” and I removed my left shoe. Oh, and I carried three crumpled-up dollar bills. Up to his bedroom I went, carrying the shoe and dollar bills.

When he saw me, his eyes widened. “What is this?” I tried to act scared and I said that I had been used by a bunch of guys and I tossed the three dollars at him as he sat on the bed. “That’s for my Daddy. That’s all they said I was worth.” He smiled and I said, “Just go with it, okay?” He got up off the bed and pushed me to the ground to give me my promised face fucking. It was really more like a throat rape. #throatrape

Because I told him to make me cry, he was all about that life. He slapped my face a few times and threatened me: “Open your throat, whore!” He shoved his cock into my mouth, but he was not happy with my efforts and he took his cock out and slapped me again. “I said to open your whore mouth and take me down your throat! I will hurt you if I feel your teeth!” Ya, that is all it took and the tears flowed. Have you been slapped hard across your face? It hurts, man!!

Oh, for those who might be new here (hi to my sorority sisters!!!!): THIS IS ALL MUTUALLY CONSENSUAL. Calm your tits and don’t have a cow, man.




I did everything that I could to take him as far down my throat as I possibly could. I gagged and sputtered and looked up at my Daddy as tears streamed down my cheeks, further enhancing my “used whore” vibe. #obvi He was on a mission tonight. His mission? It was to use and abuse me to his liking. My nose was running, there were rivulets of my saliva streaming out of my mouth and off of his cock. “Clean that cock, whore!” Okay, Daddy!

PG ordered me onto the bed: “On the bed, whore. On your back.” I positioned myself on my back with my head hanging off of the edge of the bed so that he could get his cock as far down my throat as he possibly could. He was a man possessed and I was a woman in bliss, gagging and choking on her saliva. PG slapped my pussy HARD and he admonished me when my reflexes made me bring my knees together. “Keep yourself open to me, whore!” Each time he slapped my pussy, I screamed. He put his hand over my mouth and told me to “shut the fuck up” or he’d hit me harder. Then he put his ass in my face and demanded that I tongue fuck his asshole as he went down on me. God. Damn. #isaidgoddamn

Oy. I know that I’ll have a sore throat tomorrow…and will likely have to call my doctor’s office to ask for a course of corticosteroids to ease my throat pain. They work like a charm! Yes, I do tell him the reason my throat hurts – at which point he suggests testing for STDs. He’s a good egg and not judgemental – at least not to my face.


I was then told to get back on my knees on the floor and to take his cock into my throat again. He fucked my throat even more intensely than before and – well…I didn’t vomit because I hadn’t eaten all day, but I definitely gagged hard and loud and I produced more saliva than I ever had before at one time. PG was impressed. “Such a good whore!”

Now it was time for him to rape my pussy and I got on the bed on my back. He slapped my pussy again a few times before he plunged his cock inside of me. Please note that part of my preparations today included fucking my pussy and my ass with a fat dildo to open  up my holes and make my “gang raped” scenario plausible.  It worked. “You are so open for your Daddy tonight!” Through my tears, I squeaked, “That’s because they used all of my holes hard, Daddy!” He looked me right in my eyes and scoffed, “You like when your holes are used, don’t you, pig? My little cock whore!” *sigh* Yes, I asked for verbal humiliation. I have seen the effect it had on my submissive clients back in the day, so I thought that I’d try being the recipient this time. Yet again, I have found that PG knows just what to say and do to me. How the fuck does he know?! I give him general guidelines, but he always goes above and beyond to perfection. He is a Honeytoes whisperer.

PG was going hard and deep inside of my pussy, talking to me like I was common gutter trash and I couldn’t have been happier. Oh. Wait. I still was waiting for my anal reaming. He looked at me and asked if I was ready to be ass raped. YES, THE FUCK I AM!!! PG told me to spread my legs nice and wide so that he could see me perfect hole and my big thighs. I did so. He spit on my asshole and plunged in hard. HARD. Usually he’ll start slowly, but today that was not on the agenda. It was Rapeville, USA – population two – and he was not fooling around.

As he went into my ass, I begged him to go in as deeply as he possibly could. PG told me to play with my pussy. I shoved three fingers inside as he continued to fuck my ass. My fingers felt his cock moving inside of me. Jesus. He was balls deep in my ass. He told me to squirt all over his cock and I made myself squirt manually.

Then he called me his good girl (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!) and he asked in a soft and playful voice, “Does my Princess want to be on her stomach as Daddy fucks her ass? Is that what you like?” FUCKING YES! I turned over and gave PG my ass. He put one hand on the back of my head, forcing my face into the blanket, and the other hand around my throat as he thoroughly impaled my nether region with his Majestic Peen™. #majesticpeen We were very worked up and he said that he was going to cum. “Where should Daddy cum?” “ON MY BACK!” I screamed. I am not kidding….He came A LOT all over my back. #loadsofcum By this time, in case you forgot about it, my pink “dress” was rolled up under my boobs. Both my back and my “dress” were covered. “Don’t move, Princess,” he said as he got off the bed. He came back with a towel to clean me off, like the gentleman he is.

I warned him that I could NOT drive home looking like THIS, and I said that I was going to take off my makeup, apologizing in advance that he’d have to see my naked face. May I please give a shout-out to the fine folks at Tatcha? I used their Pure One Step Camelia Oil Cleanser to remove my excessive makeup, including eyelash glue, and it worked like a dream. If you ever want to get your slut Honeytoes a gift, a Tacha gift card would be super, thanks!

While in the bathroom, I snooped a little, but found nothing exciting. Ya, her hairbrush and other toiletries were there, but I don’t think that she has moved in with him yet. #whatever

When I came out of the bathroom, he didn’t run screaming from my naked face. In fact, he asked “what the fuck” I was doing in there for so long. I told him that it take a while to wash all the whore off of me!

I asked for a bottle of water because I said that he had fucked all of the saliva out of me. He said that he had only the bottle of water that he had been drinking, but he gave it to me. PG gave me the last bottle of water in his house. Now that I have his DNA, I will freeze it until science can use it to create my very own PG. #dreambig

Oh, why did I title this post “Fast ‘n’ furious”? Our dangerous liaison occurred in the span of about 20 minutes, not including my post-coital ablutions in his lovely bathroom. He walked me to the front door and once again said how good my look was tonight and then he kissed me on the lips and reminded me to be careful driving and to text him as soon as I got home.

On my drive home, I stopped for nourishment: Starbucks (trenta green iced tea, no liquid cane sugar, 4 Splenda) and Burger King (spicy chicken nuggets). I almost had to push my car to the fuel pump, but I just made it!


Ahhhhhhhhhh. I feel better now.

The next cock for me will be Man Bun on July 5th, y’all!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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