Well, it has finally happened, as I knew it eventually would.

I was informed by my internet spy (‘sup, CP?) that PG is, in fact, engaged. He was in #Vegas when I was there last weekend (yes, he knew I was there). In fact, he asked where I was staying, presumably to make sure that I was not at the same hotel. I nearly switched to that hotel before I left for my trip, but work was crazy last week and I forgot about switching my hotel.

Interestingly, I had a weird dream about PG and Orangina just the night before this all happened. Maybe I am a #seer (Hi, Buffy!!!!) or some shit. Or not.

We’ll wait and see if he holds true to his numerous promises that “no matter what we never stop fucking”. I’m not holding my breath. Before you even ask, if he’d text me to meet him, I’d be there in a hot minute…actually closer to 90 minutes, but you understand. I ain’t 2 proud 2 beg. Yeah, yeah, I know that the lyrics say “I ain’t 2 proud 2 beg for something that I call my own.” I know he isn’t mine…but any excuse to put a TLC video in my blog is okay by me. #riplefteye

PG won’t stop cheating on her. He, himself, cannot. It is not in his nature. He has told me things about himself that I would bet my life he has not told her or anyone else. He will never be able to live his full truth as long as he is with her. PG might not cheat with me, but PG will cheat. #onceacheateralwaysacheater #serialcheater He’ll be happy enough, I suppose, but not to the extent that he could be if he’d be honest with himself.

And? He was trying to hook up with me just last week – mere days before his engagement. We even exchanged some texts over the weekend – his engagement weekend. He’s shady. Were it not for his Majestic Peen™, he’d be useless to me. #cantahogetsomepeen #wheremypeenat

Please let me be crystal clear about this once again: I am not jealous of Orangina. Relationships are not for me, nor have they ever been. I would especially not want to be with a man who lies to me (and worse to himself) daily. I don’t want the mundane interactions they will have as a married couple. All I wanted from PG was his dick to be in my holes and the occasional text saying that I am hot. I will miss hearing that someone is in love with my fat thighs and ass and I hope that I continue to believe that someone does love my thickness. #thickthighsmakethedickrise

I apologize in advance, but I can’t predict when I’ll have another sexual adventure to share with you, but, dear readers, I do hope you’ll check back in here now and then to see if my pussy, ass, or mouth ever get stuffed again. Perhaps I’ll rant about something. I did have a great (peen-free) weekend in Vegas, though.

Yes, I considered not spilling the tea about this, but maybe y’all would wonder where the hell I was if there were no blog updates. I flatter myself to think that anyone would miss my little stories.

I like to think that someone somewhere read one of my blog posts and that it inspired him/her to do something a little more sexually deviant than normal.

Now then…My last sexual encounter was with PG on 7-May-2018. Let’s see how long it will be till my next jump. Here’s hoping it is not another seven years. **sigh**


Peace out, bitches.


…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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