Minty fresh!

Okay, so I am a drama queen and I might have overreacted when I wrote that I thought that I’d not see PG for quite a long time. Trying to predict his next move is impossible and I can’t do it any more. If he wants to see me, I’ll leave it to him to contact me. Perhaps that will be less vexing to my spirit than me sending texts and him not replying. Right? Right?


So, yeah…In preparation for my potential PG encounter tonight (7May2018), I rode the e-train in a slightly different way. A fellow slut (Hey, girl, heyyyy, Buffy!!!) suggested using peppermint tea instead of just plain water. Hmmm. Why not? I have caffeine-free peppermint tea here and I brewed two strong cups of it last night. Into the fridge it went overnight. Today in the middle of a meeting where all I had to do was listen to others fight over stupid stuff, I rode the e-train with the lovely diluted peppermint tea. (I work from home, lest you forget.) It was not tingly like I thought it might be, but nevertheless, I feel like my ass is a minty-fresh bonanza of hineyhole goodness!

This afternoon I confirmed that tonight was definite and I got the go-ahead from PG. In a new twist, my makeup was to be black eyes with bright red lipstick instead of black lipstick. He must be feeling randy today, eh?

I made my preparations, per my instructions: black bodystocking, high boots, black thong, no bra, hair in two high pigtails (ridiculous, I tell you), and a lot of whorish makeup. Got it! I have a long black shirt that I wear to whorish occasions (seeing PG, swingers club – that kind of thing) and put that on over the bodystocking. I laced up the boots and teetered to my car, thanking the FSM for my attached garage.

As I drove out of my development, my neighbor saw me as she was coming home from work and she waved. On my way to see PG, she texted to ask me: “Where you going all cute? Plane Guy?” I said yes and she replied that my pigtails were “adorbs”. Bless her kind, kind heart. I know just how ridiculous I look with them, but I did appreciate her saying that.

There was NO traffic to speak of on my drive, which always pleases me. What fails to please me, however, is that as I am driving, PG texts me to ask how far away I am. I can barely text sitting still in my house, so I have to pull over to answer him each time. Dammit, PG, calm your tits!

I pulled into his driveway and it was still fairly light out and I was waiting for Orangina to jump me from the bushes. There are no bushes, but you know what I mean. I hope she doesn’t have any friends (spies?) nearby. Jesus. Anyhoo, I carefully walked up his awkwardly spaced steps (wearing boots that were not, in fact, made for walking) to the front door and let myself in. I clomped up the steps and down the hall to his bedroom. He was standing there checking his phone. I always wonder exactly what he’s doing…checking Instagram? Looking at tranny porn? Texting a client? Or maybe texting Orangina? Regardless…

We smiled and I said, “Hey.” He replied in kind. I walked over to put down my bag and as I started to take off my shirt, he said, “Nice. Very good.” He asked me to turn around for the full effect and then he came up behind me and put his hands on my ass and all over me. He likes sort of cupping my lower ass with both hands, picking it up, and then letting it go. I guess that jiggle pleases his giblets. PG was behind me and kissed my left shoulder while his arms surrounded me. I rather like that because it makes this big girl feel small.

Then he said, “On your knees, whore,” and I dropped down before him. His hard cock was in my face. I spit on my right hand and then on his Majestic Peen™ and I put my mouth and hand on him. He grabbed his phone and told me, “Look up at Daddy” as he took some photos. My mouth embraced his cock and I used both hands to work the shaft. I also took care to give his balls some manual love. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: I’m sure that I have said this before, but when one has a cock in one’s mouth, one should make every effort to look the owner of said cock in his eyes. It is preferable to choke oneself with that very cock to aid in a very wet and sloppy blowjob, but make sure that you keep your eyes open, as it will make it easier for him to see any tears running down your cheek. Oh, and if you are blowing a small or average penis, just fake the choking…or find a guy with a big dick instead. It is just easier.)

PG ordered me to the bed on all fours, and I knew to present my ass to him. I know what he wants. I put it in the air and arched my back as much as I possibly could. He liked that very much. “I love that big ass!” I could hear him reaching over and unsheathing his bedside knife. “Turn over.” I was now on my back and he hovered over me holding the black knife. PG cut the bodysuit at the top of my thighs and then asked me to roll to each side so that he could fully cut off the legs. After he separated the legs part from the body part of the bodystocking, he made sure to position the leg parts on my thighs instead of letting them roll down my leg.

“On your back for Daddy,” he said and over I went. I spread my legs and he asked me to put them farther back. When I was positioned to his liking, I saw him move closer to my pussy, still holding the knife in his left hand. He did not need to tell me to remain totally still. The cold knife blade touched my clit and it sent a tingling sensation through me! We made eye contact and he half-smiled. PG moved the tip of the knife blade down and inserted it into my pussy. “How does it feel?” he asked. “So good!” I said through clenched teeth. Seriously, one false move on either of our parts and my twat would end up at the emergency room.

I didn’t notice where the knife went after that (I think he re-sheathed it??), but it was gone. PG looked into my eyes as I was still on my back and he barked, “Spread your pussy for Daddy!” I did so and he leaned in closer and spit onto my pussy before he plunged inside of me, looking into my eyes the whole time. I will never tire of the first pussy insertion of a PG encounter. Nope, never. Since I have pretty much no peen other than his, my pussy almost seems to suck him inside of me. My pussy is an entity and she must be tended to. Again, I feel like every time we fuck it could be the last, so I try to savor each sensation I experience with PG to the max. Once again, y’all, PG surprised me by very gently kissing me as he was inside of me. He licked my lips and then ever-so-gently kissed me. What the hell?

Looking him in the eyes as he goes deep inside of me brings me such bliss. He is better than a spa day. (Oddly, as we were looking at one another, he told me that he wants my hair to be all red again – a screamingly bright red. Well, I am going to my colorist next week and that was already the plan. I swear that he said something about fucking me next week, but maybe I hallucinated it.) He asked me what I wanted and I said that I wanted him to fuck me from behind, so we switched positions. As he was on top of me, I buried my highly painted face into the blanket. I begged him to go deeper and as he did, he said, “Can I ask you a question?” Um. Yes? “If you could fuck me any way you wanted, how would you do it?” My first thought was to say “more frequently”, but I resisted the urge. I told him that I love seeing his face as we fuck and that I wanted to be on top. Once again, we switched positions.

Eagerly, I mounted my Daddy and he told me, “Do whatever you have to do to cum, Princess. I want you to cum all over this cock.” I had been given my orders, so I bounced and gyrated on his perfect cock, making sure to hit all of my good spots. I intentionally rubbed him against my cervix a few times. Yes, it hurts, but it hurts so good that I couldn’t stop myself. The divine sensation of pain and pleasure all at once is almost indescribable. I leaned back with my hands on his thighs. I leaned forward, putting my hands on his chest. I maneuvered every which way and it didn’t take long before I was ready. PG told me to tell him when I was cumming. I did so. Loudly. He seemed pleased and he asked, “Are you ready to have Daddy in your ass?” Um, ALWAYS!! PG told me to get into whichever position I liked and I got onto my stomach, legs spread. “Show me that divine hole,” he said and I put my hands on my ass cheeks and spread them nice and wide for Daddy. Once my hole was properly on display, PG spit on it. Disgusting – and hot AF. #spitonit

He slowly entered my minty ass and I grabbed onto the blanket. PG was (once again) quite concerned about me cumming. I already had done so a few times. I wasn’t done yet, though. I directed him exactly how to fuck my ass: as deeply as possible. PG went DEEP into my ass and I told him not to move as I backed myself up against him to try to get him in there deeper still. I don’t remember having such an intense session of anal with him in a while. Once again, there were no dildos, no stretching – just his cock inside of my holes.

As he continued fucking my ass, he pushed my face into the bed and held me there while I continued grinding my ass against him. I felt his face against my left cheek and he whispered, “I want you to cum for Daddy” and then he put his right arm around my neck and began to choke me. “I want to hear you scream when you cum. Understand?” I barely squeaked out, “Yes, Daddy.” “What, whore?!” Again, I barely got a “Yes, Daddy” out of my throat while he continued to choke and fuck me. As I got closer to cumming, he let up on his choke hold and I screamed, “I’m cumming, Daddy!”


Even though I had cum, PG did not relent in fucking me and I came a few more times. I was in a state tonight, hunties – and I am not referring to New Jersey, either! I mindfucked myself into thinking I might not see PG again, I guess…and that clearly is not the case…but I guess that release just made me go all spazzy.

PG was still servicing my ass with his Majestic Peen™ and he asked me where I wanted him to cum. “Anywhere Daddy wants,” I said. He informed me of our next move: I’d get on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed. He would fuck my ass hard and let me know when to sit up and take his load into my mouth. #atm #asstomouth It was now time and I did as I had been told. I quickly sat up and scootched to the end of the bed, sort of squatting a bit and PG came into my mouth. I held my mouth open nice and wide and let his cum go down my throat, and to drip out of my mouth, onto my chin and chest. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: NEVER EAT BEFORE A HARD FUCKING SESSION, ESPECIALLY IF THERE IS GOING TO BE SOME HARD MOUTH/THROAT FUCKING. Other than the protein shake I had early that morning, his nutt was the only slightly caloric thing I had in my mouth all day. I do not eat on days I see PG. FSM forbid that I have food in my stomach and a deepthroating situation turns into a vomiting situation. Ew. Gross. Yeah, you might get a little dizzy or hangry, but both are better thank yakking all over your dude’s peen. #classyho You can grab a snack on your walk/drive of shame home, mmmmmkay?)

He scurried to the bathroom and brought back a towel for me. I took the towel and my things and reorganized myself, taking no time to snoop underneath his sink for evidence of Orangina. But? You guys…My makeup was PERFECT. I am totally serious. Not even an eyelash was out of place. When I went back into the bedroom, I mentioned that I would be able to go into Starbucks and get my iced tea on the way home because my face still looked good. PG was impressed as well. He said that he really loved my makeup tonight and he said, “Wow! Your makeup didn’t move even one millimeter! That’s amazing!” I know, PG, I know. #hoskills Considering that he got a hella sloppy beej and that my freaking face was smashed into the blanket on the bed, I have to say that even I was impressed.

No, there was no pee stuff. “Hey, hun, we’ll have to do the water stuff another time.” (He had a work call, allegedly. I called him a “pee tease” and he said we would do it. He promised. Lucky me.) No, there was no talk of her moving in or anything else and it was not immediately obvious that all her shit was there. We just did the damn thing. Tonight was about sex and that was it. I would have liked him to eat my ass, though….I was curious about whether he’d notice my minty bunghole.


On the drive home, I did stop for my traditional Starbucks trenta green iced tea (no liquid cane sugar, 4 Splendas, light ice) and my Burger King chicken fingers. The girls at Starbucks loved my makeup. The guy who pumped my gas was quite outspoken: “Did you just make a movie? I know what you did.” Um. Yikes. I’ll try to avoid his lane the next time.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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