Addendum to “The end…?”

As per my usual post-fucking haze, I forgot a few details about last evening’s romp with PG. Please enjoy the update.

After our makeout sesh, some of my black lipstick had transferred to his lips. It was ridiculously hot. I know, I know…I’m not right in the head. Also, I love seeing him smile. It is pleasing – especially when I am the reason for that smile.

PG is totally obsessed with my hair. He says it is “so fucking sexy”. He loves it with the current red-purple ombré combo and he said he wants it all to be purple. Um, maybe if I’d see you more than once in a blue moon I’d consider it, but it is super damaging to my dry, curly hair. I’m going back to red in a few days no matter how sexy PG says my purple hair is. Before I get rid of the purple, I suspect that I’ll take some sexy pics for PG this weekend…I’ll hold onto them until I have a good reason to share them with him.

Right before we started to fuck, we were kneeling on the bed. He reached over and ripped apart my bodystocking right up the front. Thank goodness for the fine folks in China who make said bodystockings. I have gone through at least 10 so far.

When he came in my mouth and I let it drip onto my chest, I merely wiped it off with a towel at his house. I did NOT shower when I got home and wrote my blog and went to bed smelling of him, knowing that this could be the last time I smell of his scent.

After the festivities, we talked quite a lot. I noticed what I thought was a new tattoo on him. Remember that I rarely see him from the back and that he is stupid tall. It is on his upper back/neck. I asked about it and he said that it was nearly a year old and that it is a tribute to his dear friend who died last year. He was chatty and offered up that she had overdosed on drugs. He said that she had suffered a TBI and he is not sure whether or not it was intentional.

I noticed some stitches (!!!) on his right torso and I asked him about them. It seems he had a cancerous growth removed the other day!!! I freaked out and asked what kind of cancer it was, but he didn’t know anything other than it was NOT melanoma. Jesus. He also pointed out another scar on his back (about two inches long) not far from those fresh stitches where another “growth” was removed a while ago. PG didn’t seem too concerned. I’d rather never see PG again because of Orangina than never to see him again because he’s dead. #obvi

Because he had told me Orangina would be moving in with him soon (again, he didn’t sound totally psyched about it, but that’s his own doing) and that getting together after that would be difficult at best, I said, “If you decide you want to end things with me, please do me the courtesy of telling me. I don’t think you should get rid of me, though, because I am fun!” He agreed, saying, “You are fun! She’s a psycho.”

I had mentioned that when he doesn’t reply to my texts, my fear is that she has found his phone and deleted me or blocked me. He said that her family is highly connected and that if she found out about him messing with another woman, she would kill HIM. PG said that even if she did get into his phone, it is hella encrypted and I am not even listed in there under my real name and that she would never be able to find me at all. He has a fake name for me in his phone. (No, gaobest, he would not tell me my fake PG phone name. I did ask, though, suspecting that you might like to know.) She seems like an absolute charmer. Good luck with THAT, PG. Better you than me!

I do want to address a few items from the other place since I didn’t address them on that forum. I’m known as HT in the posts below, FYI.

Now I’m wondering why HT and PG never had rendezvous or travel trips anywhere. They met on a plane so surely he has to go places once in awhile. So I could imagine them having dinner dates when he’s at the cement convention or similar. Surely he would want to take her to supper while she’s dressed the way he likes to see her in his house. I still don’t comprehend why he doesn’t go to her house….When HT will finally get to peg PG – will you use extra lube?

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again. PG is a fuckboy. He has never been interested in anything with me other than things in the sexual realm and that is mutual. I think he likes that he can tell me things that I guarantee he would NEVER tell anyone else in the entire world under any circumstances. I, therefore, will never be more to him than a collection of impeccably groomed holes and a friendly, non-judgemental ear.

When you are a fuckboy’s slut, he will not take you out in public. Hell, your presence will not even be acknowledged to anyone in his life. He does not go to conventions. He rarely vacations…and now when he does, he doesn’t travel along like he did on that fateful day that the universe helped us meet on the flight to Vegas. Going out to dinner is not in the cards for us and ESPECIALLY not with me dressed how I dress for him. I’d be arrested for indecent exposure. The only time we were in public together other than on that flight was when we met that evening at the hotel for a drink. It never happened after that. I never will happen.

The first few times we were going to get together after we both were home from that initial meeting in Vegas, he was meant to come here. He never did. He never will. He surely wouldn’t be able to explain away a 5-to-6 hour excursion in the evening that didn’t include Orangina. He will never, ever come here, thought I would welcome him with open legs and an open mouth. I am sorry to say this, but I suspect that the pegging of PG by your girl Honeytoes will never happen. This is one of the most disappointing things about her moving in with him. I do love a nice strap-on session.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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