The end…?

Well, yeah. I hope that I am wrong, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see, eh. (Hi, CP!!!)

After not hearing from PG in a hot minute, this morning when I was trying to herd cats in a work meeting, he texted me a “Yo”. I was so involved with work that I didn’t see it till almost a half hour later. I yo-ed him back and got the typical #fuckboy response: “Wyd?” I said that I was working (in a far more creative way than “I’m working”) and he replied with crying smiley faces and the cartwheeling guy again.

I texted back a little bit later that I need his dick soon. “When?” asked PG. I said tonight (Thursday the 12th) or maybe Monday. “Maybe tonight. Entice me.” Shit. Today was not the time for shenanigans and photo shoots since I was running meetings and actively updating documents while cat herding raucous attendees. He said, “Ok” and I replied, “Well, maybe another day” with the anguished emoji.

And 8 minutes later? “Let’s try tonight. Hard anal?” Okey dokey!! He said he would confirm by 5 and asked for some old pics. I sent them and his response was to ask me where my purple hair was. I have not taken sexy pics of me with my red/purple hair and I told him so.

At around 2:00, I texted back and said that I just wanted to fuck him and forget about the people I work with and he replied that I should be dressed appropriately – way before his initial 5:00 deadline. Yay…but that gives him that much more time to cancel on me.

I did some prepping while I was on the phone. I may have glued my eye shut putting on fake lashes for him, recreating the black makeup look from a few weeks ago that he loved so much.

Sufficiently whored up, I had one last phone call with a work person at 5:30…and then I had to follow up with my boss. If only the people on the other end of my phone calls today had any idea of what I looked like as I spoke with them about serious work shit…

I had just enough fuel in the tank to get to the gas station in NJ where they pump it for you. First, though, I walked into the rest stop and got a trenta iced green tea (no Classic, 4 Splenda, light ice) from Starbucks. I looked like a truckstop whore (but slightly more classy) because I was wearing a black shirt as a dress, black/chunky-heeled ankle boots, a black fishnet bodystocking, and an ass-ton of black makeup. Yeah, I got a few looks. The guy who pumped my gas also washed my windshield and back window and then I was on my way.

I let myself in and walked to the bedroom to find PG on the bed playing with his phone. We smiled and I put my things down on the floor. He motioned for me to take off my shirt and then asked me to turn around slowly. “Face away,” he said, and he grabbed onto my ass. “Stick out your ass, Princess,” and he took photos. Then he stood up and asked me to turn to him.

And then it happened: what could very well have been the kiss good-bye. PG put his arms around me and pulled me in for a makeout session. It pains me to say that I like kissing him. As we kissed, he moved his hands over my ass and thighs. I stood on tip toes to reach up to him as he bent down. My left hand moved up to his face and neck and caressed him. What the crap? My right hand was on his chest. What the shit is with all the kissing, man? It was like the kiss of death one gets before one is unceremoniously offed by a mobster.


We stopped kissing and he asked me to get on my hands and knees on the bed and to arch my back like a whore for him. The goal, obvi, was to make my ass look as huge as possible as he took photos. “Look back at Daddy,” he cooed a few times and I turned my head and looked at him through my curly hair as he took more photos. Happy with the impromptu photo shoot, he put down his phone and put his face between my ass cheeks and tongued my asshole like only PG can. #analartist

PG having had enough ass, asked me to sit on the edge of the bed facing him. “Now wet your hand and suck my cock,” he ordered. I did so and purposely choked myself with his Majestic Peen™. Guys love that gagging stuff…all the extra saliva makes for hella good head.

I was told to get on my knees and to put my ass up high and he entered my pussy, which was ready to be filled. As he fucked me from behind, he asked when the last time was that I had cock. I told him that it was with him (3 weeks ago) and he said to me, “Don’t lie to me.” Um, I’m not lying. Fuck, PG, go read my blog, ya ninny. You’ll see it is true.

His cock was deep inside of me and he asked if I wanted to fuck face-to-face. I said yes and we switched to missionary, but with my legs spread wide and pushed back. He goes so fucking deep that it hurts, but I like that. To be fully stuffed to capacity is bliss for this slut. Doing it while we look at one another is bliss beyond bliss. I feel connected to him when we fuck face-to-face. I relish it.

Now, stay with me, people, this is where things get weird.

As he is fucking me, he has to tell me to calm down so that he won’t cum. I get slightly overworked and could cum just being there and he knows this. Now that I am thinking about it, maybe he was trying not to make himself cum when he started talking about his girl. He said that she would be moving in sometime soon and that seeing me would be difficult once she was there. (Forgive me for not remembering exact words.) I knew that this was coming eventually. I actually replied (while we continued to fuck one another) that I was surprised that it hadn’t already happened. He didn’t sound super psyched about it, but he told me that he’d figure out a way to keep fucking me. From your lips, PG…

He did not detail his plan, but I said, “Um, so I guess it wouldn’t be here, right?” “No, it would still be here,” said he. Really? Okay, whatever. I suppose dumping me while his dick was inside of me would be tacky, even for PG, so he might have been trying to keep hope alive…or something.


Anyhoo…he was weirdly chatty tonight…we’ll get to that later…actually, maybe tomorrow. I am fucking TIRED. Check back tomorrow afternoon-ish.

He asked if I was ready for him to be in my ass and I said that I really loved him in my pussy. PG suggested that I get on top and I pounced. I mounted my steed and kept him deep inside of me as I slowly gyrated my hips against him. I swear that he poked my liver with his cock…just in so deep…I was all twitchy and cummy and I had to dial it down so that he wouldn’t cum yet. He kept saying, “I love this pussy” over and over again. I know he does not want to lose my pussy, but if she moves in, that is exactly what might happen.

He asked me to turn around and reverse cowgirl him slowly. I happily obliged and had a flashback to the first time we fucked. There was a lot of me riding him that night. Onward.

As I rode him, I leaned forward, sat straight up, and leaned back, all while grinding against PG. He seemed to like it best with me straight up because it apparently made my ass look “perfect” to him. Bless his fat-ass-loving heart. In case you hadn’t heard, y’all, FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS MAKE THE ROCKING WORLD GO ‘ROUND. I’m a heap big woman, it seems…and proud to be one. PG grabbed onto my ass and slapped it a few times.

I was more than ready for him to take my ass again and he asked how I wanted it. My go-to position is me on my stomach, legs together to start and that is exactly what we did. I spit on my hand and put it onto my asshole (he loved that move) and then I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart so that he could fully admire my ass offering. Very soon he put the head of his dick against my lubed hole. In he went…slowly and  deliberately. I put my face against the fuzzy blanket and put my hands out in front of me and let out some cat-like noises. He was perfectly hitting just the right spot.

PG asked me to spread my legs and he told me to RELAX as he dipped his cock into and out of my ass, obviously admiring the gape. It is difficult for me to relax when I am near PG, but when I finally and truly relaxed? Holy mother of ass. Not only did I notice a different feeling, but so did PG. We groaned together as he went in and out of me. Surreal, guys…totes surreal.

As he fucked me, he whispered, “Where do you want Daddy to nutt, Princess?” I first thought that my ass (in or on) would be good, but thought I’d offer up the ol’ #ATM. “Are you sure, Princess?” he asked softly. “Yes!”

He mapped out what would happen. I was to put my butt at the end of the bed and lie back (think of “schooching” to the end of the gyno table, ladies) and he’d enter my ass while standing – well, more closely, I guess, standing with extremely bent knees. When he was ready to pop, he’d let me know and I would sit up and he’d cum in my mouth. I was excited because he does not often cum in my mouth. He said he was ready and I sat up and looked up at him as he came into my mouth. I stuck out my tongue, letting some of his jizz drip onto my chin and then onto my chest.

Fuck. That was hot.

I’ll tie up loose ends tomorrow with an addendum post, so check back to read more!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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