Paging Sybil…?

I mean, I’m not officially diagnosed with multiple personality disorder dissociative identity disorder, but a certain friend (yeah, you, CP) thinks I have it. It is true that I go from loving PG to hating him to loving him once again all within a 2-minute span at times. I mean, don’t we all do this? Don’t we? Anyone? Bueller?

So, like, in my last post, I may have been a little upset with PG and yet another last-minute cancellation of our plans to bone. All is forgiven now.

Last night, for funsies, I sent him a text and pic (edited for your protection – trust me, you don’t wanna see the actual pic):


I keep my phone on the Do Not Disturb setting from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am. This old girl needs her sleep! There are, however, a few folks who merit an override: my sister, brother, oldest niece, CP (not that she calls me or anything – #whatev), and (duh) PG. My phone alerted me to a text this morning and it was PG. I almost jumped out of my skin!


Now that PG has paid me some attention, I am happy again. #obvi Of course, y’all know that will change when he goes a few days without texting me back. I am going to try to convince Man Bun to take a few dirty pics on Sunday night to whet PG’s appetite and possibly get an early February fuckfest. Wish me luck, kids.

PG just sent another text saying: Be a whore today.

I replied that I am a whore in my heart every day. I guess that is his new way to ask for dirty pics of my pink bits. I am in meetings all day long, though, so he’ll have to wait to rub one out to my fat ass.

For my Vegas birthday trip this weekend, I’m considering something nefarious, though not illegal. Don’t worry. I Googled it. It might be considered immoral or in bad taste, but when has that ever stopped this slut? #neverever

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

2 thoughts on “Paging Sybil…?”

  1. I don’t see any evidence of you having multiple personalities. You’re just far more emotionally involved with PG than you recognize. Attention and peen, you’re happy. No attention or no peen, you’re not happy.


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