Yeah, I said it. EABOD, PG.

Pfft. He probably would, too, based on the things he has said to me (that I have screenshots of just in case I get proper brassed off one day). Yep, he has said things to me that I guarantee he’s told no one else, least of all his girl.

Have you guessed that my rendezvous with PG today didn’t happen? Did you also know that I rode the E-train today for him for no good reason? And took photos of my ride, too? How about me taking pics of me pissing because he asked me to?


Please note that I am pissed as fuck right now, but I will never turn down the offer of a PG reaming…if he actually follows through, that is. I hate that I allow him to have this effect on me. FUCK YOU, PG…until you serve up your Majestic Peen™ to me once again, that is.


Also, I hate the Philadelphia Eagles (because the news interrupts my stories with stupid shit about the team…like I care…fuck off) and all things football-related. I hope both teams lose at the Super Bowl.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife


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