Flashback – 27-Jan-2017 – The bad day

I’m not going into hella detail on this one because it’s my fucking blog and I’ll do what the fuck I want. Dammit. If you know all the details of what happened, you’ll understand my reluctance to go into all the details.

27-January-2017 started out as a super day. I was traveling home from a work trip to Boston, after having endured an evening of perversion with a stranger because PG asked me to do so. Calm your tits, y’all. Even though the dude was not my cup of tea, I did what I did because it is all part of the perversity that I share with PG. My flight landed and I eagerly checked my Instagram. PG used to post all the time and I was eager to see what he was up to today.

I couldn’t find his profile. I hadn’t heard from him since the night of the 26th – the night of the stranger danger situation. After that dude left my room, I called PG to let him know that I was safe, per his request. He told me he was proud of what a ginormous slut I was for hooking up with a guy I didn’t even see a photo of before meeting him that night. I was proud of me! PG had previously promised to let me peg him the night of my birthday (January 28th) and he said he’d see me then. I got a “Daddy loves you” and we hung up…I showered and went to bed.

I created a fake IG profile and I could see his profile. PG had blocked me from his IG page! WTF? I didn’t hear a peep out of him for over a week and, drama queen that I am, I figured that he ghosted me for the girl he went out with on the night of the 27th. Everyone thought that he ghosted me and that he was a dickhole and a few folks were ready to hunt him down with torches and pitchforks…everyone except for my number one bestie, CP. She just knew. She let me bitch and moan at her over the phone when I had literally never interacted with her until that night. CP was a stranger who became a true friend over the course of just a few e-mails and a really long phone call. I will  heart her #4evah for that. #assholesandcunts #clams4life

Yeah, I know now that I was wrong about the ghosting and that PG came back like nothing had happened in the first place, but I was devastated AF when I thought that PG and his Majestic Peen™ were forever gone. I was wrong, thank goodness, and we’ve continued to see one another on a horizontal basis about once a month or so since then.

I gained many new friends from FT during that time, so the pain was quite worth it. (Hi to my Wild and Crazy Chicks and all my peeps from my now defunct Plane Hook-up thread!!!!!!)

My wonderful UK friend Nicola (Oi! Pissflaps!) consoled me as well. She shared my anger and dismay. Not only did she console me, but so did her man. I spoke with both Nicola and him on the phone. He told me what a wanker PG was and how I deserved better. Hmmm…is that so, sir?

Well…the next day Nicola called me with her tits in a twist. Her man dumped her right after telling me what an utter wanker and fuckwit PG was just a few hours earlier. My anger over what I thought PG did to me was overtaken by how livid I was on Nicola’s behalf. Her guy was a fucking #mingewad and I decided to text him to make him fully aware that his mingewad-ness was no longer a secret. I shared my text with my FT peeps to some acclaim. So? I give you that text…since I’m not having any sex till I see Man Bun on my birthday and I am trying to stay engaged here. January 28th, bitches. My birthday. Write it down. Send cash.


Even after nearly a year, I still find that text to be a winner, though it pains me that my dear Nicola was treated so poorly by the #fetidanalpustule that he was…and likely continues to be. Wherever you are, you fucking mingewad, know that if I ever cross your path again, you will wish that your dad never spilled his seed into your mother to produce your pathetic self. I promise you that. #hosbeforebros

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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