Daddy’s little cumdumpster

Ah. Where shall I begin? Okay, the beginning…that makes sense. In my previous post, PG unexpectedly offered me his cock after I sent him a somewhat amusing photo set including a lit birthday candle in my twat. (It was his birthday, after all!) Of course, he asked me over on a Monday night. This particular Monday was a hair appointment. People, you know that I love me some PG cock, but NOTHING – NOTHING – will come between me and my colorist…not even PG’s Majestic Peen™. I suggested a later time than we’d normally meet and he agreed.

This afternoon I confirmed with him that we were still on for tonight. His instant reply was, “Yyeess” and I bopped off to my hair appointment. Today, of all days, my colorist was late. Gah! I had wisely put on my first coat of makeup, though I normally wear no makeup when I get my hair did. I knew I’d be able to whore myself up faster if I had laid down the groundwork beforehand.


So, my hair was finished and I rushed back home to change into the requested clothing: bodystocking, boots, g-string. PG had asked me to wear a short jacket so that my ass would be exposed when I’d walk into his house, but I don’t have a shorter jacket than the one I usually wear. I decided to wear a longish black shirt that I tied around my waist. Yep, my ass was definitely going to stick out. Thank goodness that today it was not freezing cold! PG’s instructions were: “Asshole, ass, and pussy totally exposed. Walk in almost totally nude.”  Got it. How’d I do? Like I care what you think…PG approved and that is what is important here. If you have a fat dick, though, and appreciate a woman of my particular dimensions, hit me up! #hmu



Yeah, whatever, that’s my fat self. #eatit #assholesandcunts #clams4life #nothighgap #thickthighsmakethedickrise (Y’all, click that link right before this parenthetical…great video by another Philly slut, Willam Belli!) When I got out of the car, I hiked up my shirt even more. Yes, I did. My ass was all out and about!

I walked into his bedroom to find him (gulp) watching the Science Channel! I nearly fell to my knees. If you know me, you may be aware that I am a science geek. I used to do AIDS and cancer research – like actual medical research. Of course, I have since sold my soul and now work for big pharma, but whatever. I still love science. Seeing the hottest man I know watching science stuff was more than I could have wished for. (We later discussed other TV shows where the narrator’s voices are perfect to lull us to sleep. I’m looking at you, Rob Clotworthy, my number one voice crush.) I also found out that he likes the “Ancient Aliens” TV show just like I do. #ancientaliens #iwanttobelieve

He was wearing camouflage shorts, lying there on his bed. PG is all that is man. He looked at me and smiled, saying, “There’s a dick in here for you,” pointing to his already-hard cock. I hopped onto the bed and unbuttoned his shorts to set free the Peen Beast and then I happily suckled the Beast. #peenbeast

Guys, y’all know that it was a mere two weeks ago that I saw PG. It is uncommon that we see one another twice in one month (only happened one time, in January 2017), and I fully did not expect to see him again until 2018. I was blessed by the universe to have time with PG twice this month. #praiseFSM I was so enthusiastic to service him that he had to stop my oral gymnastics a few times…I almost made him cum. Heh. #hoskills

PG asked me to get up and then to get on the bed with my ass in the air. I was closely inspected and the g-string pulled aside. “Princess, do you need this or can Daddy cut it off?” “Cut it off,” I growled. And out came the knife with his standard warning not to move. He first opened up a bigger hole in the crotch of the bodystocking using his hands. *plick* *plick* *plick* And then the knife. One swift cut and the g-string was out of the way. Oh, did I mention that he asked me to show up wearing my butt plug? I get all confused when I write up these blogs…Dick makes me go all…stupid. I was not cut completely out of the body stocking – only my pink bits.

With my ass high in the air, back severely arched, PG spat on my cunt and slowly pushed himself inside of my pussy. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. As he slid inside of me, we both felt the sensation of the butt plug…just a little more stuffed of a feeling and oh-so delightful. Slowly he pumped into me as I pushed back against his pelvis and rotated. He goes so very deep into me, but I always wish he could go deeper. To what end? Fuck, I don’t know…I just always seem to want more.

“Daddy loves you because of your fat ass,” he whispered as he slowly fucked my pussy and slapped my ass. “Your ass is so perfect,” he said over and over. He really enjoys watching my ass jiggle and he grabbed my ass from the sides and pushed my cheeks together and then he let my cheeks bounce back into place. He did it again and again. He is the Ass Man.


Soon he asked me to bear down gently so that he could remove the jeweled butt plug. I did as requested and he deftly removed the butt plug, carefully placing it on the bedside table, and then he fucked me deeper. He was quite verbal this evening, calling me lots of fun names. My whore. Fucking slut. Daddy’s cumdumpster. You know I love when he sweet talks me like that. He said that he loves to fuck my “fat pussy”. Aw, shucks, PG. I love when your Majestic Peen™ fucks my fat pussy. And my mouth. And my ass.

PG then asked what I wanted and I said, “I wanna ride your cock!” (God dammit…just got glitter in my fucking eye! Shit! I’ll keep writing, but FUCK it is itchy!) He disconnected himself from me and laid on his back on the bed and I mounted my PG stallion, although I first sucked my pussy juice off of his cock. #keepinitclean #goodgirl

As I slid onto PG’s hard cock, he again had that dreamy, albeit slightly crooked, smile and I knew he was excited to have me on top. I got a little too excited, however, and I grabbed his chest skin very hard with both hands. I suspect that he might have marks in the morning. #sorrynotsorry #hiorangina  My g-string was kind of in the way, so he stopped my briefly to tear it off of me. He tossed it aside. As I fucked PG, he told me that I could do whatever I wanted to his balls, so I reached behind me and squeezed and stroked them as I rode my steed. I also massaged his taint to rave reviews. I gyrated around and twerked up and down on this fine-ass specimen of manhood until I came hard. But wait! There’s more!

I dismounted and got back on my stomach, legs together. “Spread your ass for Daddy,” he cooed. I reached back with both hands and, having spread my ass to Daddy’s satisfaction, he then penetrated my ass. When he goes into my ass, I just want to try to suck him in as far as possible as I grind against him, but he has to calm me down, lest I make him cum too soon. Presumably to control me (or possibly to turn me on even more – #asif), he used both hands and held the remains of my g-string across my mouth like a gag as he fucked my ass from behind. “You like tasting your pussy and ass, don’t you, slut?” I mean, yeah, I do. #isthatsowrong PG dropped the makeshift gag and then fucked my mouth hard and deep with his fingers until I gagged. He’d never used that move before and I rather liked it. Changing his grip, he held my mouth open from behind with both hands, being certain to smear my bright red lipstick all over my face. My head was sharply arched backward. He once again changed up his grip on my head and he choked me from behind before putting both hands over my nose and mouth as he deeply fucked my ass. *sigh* Inspired, PG. Inspired.

As he fucked me, he asked when the last time was that I had dick. It was in Vegas with Master…the disapeenting evening. I told him that it didn’t go as planned, and he said, “Tell Daddy everything, Princess. What happened?” He sounded concerned, frankly. I recounted the story to him and even though it was not the typical story, it turned him on. He just loves hearing about me getting fucked by other cocks.

He wanted me to cum because, as y’all know by now, anal is the go-to way to get an orgasm out of me every single time. I don’t always have orgasms with vaginal penetration, but tonight I did…It was a good night, people! PG had to calm me down a few times because he did not want to cum inside of my ass tonight. He had other plans for his sperm.

I gyrated against PG, begging for him to go deeper inside of me and he complied. I came so hard that I thought I peed the bed. I, myself, did not. It was just a super wet orgasm. #juicypussy

After that, he ordered me to my back and he pulled my body so that my ass was near the edge of the bed. PG told me to put my legs far back and he said that he was going to fuck my ass. With that devious smile on his face, he leaned over me and explained, “Princess, you’re going to do some ass-to-mouth tonight. I’m going to fuck your perfect ass and pull out. Then you will open your mouth nice and wide for Daddy. Understand?” “Yes, Daddy!” I squeaked. Oddly, guys, I never remember doing any kind of ATM activity before – with PG or anyone. It is no surprise that he did this, though. He’s been talking about it for a while. Thank goodness I had properly prepared myself beforehand!

I assumed the requested position and PG entered my ass. He grinded himself deeply inside of me, like he was trying to poke my spleen. (I’m pretty sure he didn’t, though.) We were looking at one another as he fucked my ass and he soon said, “Okay, Princess, I’m ready to cum. I’m going to pull out and I want your mouth open nice and wide!” He pulled out of my ass and came (a lot!) into my open mouth. Nary a drop spilled as he continued to spew forth his mighty PG seed down my gullet. I swallowed it all like any good cumdumpster is wont to do.

Note that I do not eat on the days I go to see PG. I like to fuck him on an empty stomach, so the jizz that I swallowed was practically a meal for me. Thank you for dinner, Daddy. #ew #shenasty

PG gave me a towel as he went to the bathroom to wash up. I basked in the afterglow of a good deep dicking from my Daddy.

I then went to the bathroom to clean myself up and when I saw myself in the mirror, I was horrified. My whole face was covered with smears of red lipstick. I cleaned up as best as I could, but I knew I’d be walking into the Starbucks on my way home looking like a well used slut. Oh, happy day!

PG brought me a bottle of water and I noticed my butt plug on the bedside table. “Um,” I said, “I think I’ll take this with me” as I took it into the bathroom to clean it up and return it to its little black pouch.

We walked to the front door and he kissed me and I said I’d see him in 2018. He complained briefly about an upcoming family thing on Christmas Eve and then told me to be careful driving and to text him as soon as I got home. He’s truly a sweet guy, no matter what you all think.

Oh, and my next hair appointment is on a Tuesday. 🙂 I also have a pack of 10 body stockings on the way to my house.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s little cumdumpster”

  1. You keep talking about your size, but girl you are not a big girl by any stretch of the imagination. That isn’t a bad thing, but based on how you kept describing yourself I was assuming you were like a size 20.


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