Disa-peen-ted – I’m rising above.


Tonight as I soaked in my delightful bubble bath in my luxurious Aria Sky Suite (#fyl #doingitforthegram #assholesandcunts #clams4life), I asked myself: “Self, should you be a rabid, seething cunt about this evening’s turn of events or should you rise above?”


Hmmm…WWMBD? (What would Miranda Bailey do?)


Thank you, Dr. Bailey. I choose to rise above. #imrisingabove

While I am rising above, I would like the record to show that I am still #disapeented. Because I am cheesed the fuck off, I’ll give you the bullet points. Additional details will only end up being bitchy AF and I am fucking rising the fuck above, god dammit.

  • Master arrived and I brought him up to my suite.
  • We talked and cuddled on the bed a bit.
  • We had sex.
  • We went to dinner. Sushi!! Osaka and my (only in my head, obvi) Chef Kenji!!
  • We went to Winchell’s Donuts because I had a hankering for, well, a donut. It was fluffy and delicious: a glazed twist.
  • We went to a sex shop because I need more fishnet body stockings. They didn’t have what I wanted. As you know, I seem to go through those things like crazy because of PG’s penchant for slicing them off of me with a big fucking knife.
  • I was dropped off at my hotel and he said he would be back after running an errand. The errand, it seems, was getting away from me.
  • I waited in the lobby watching “dudes” high five one another for about 10 minutes while I Snapped a video of my sparkly dress and velvet boots. I slayed it.
  • I received a text from him saying that he was going home.
  • Whatevah.
  • I took a bubble bath and repacked my suitcase while watching Gold Rush and Ancient Aliens.

My displeasure is multifaceted. I wanted to be dicked down. Had I known he’d crap out on me, I would have made other arrangements. By “arrangements”, I am clearly thinking of Man Bun. Seriously, though, you dropped me off, ran your errand to buy “meat seasonings”, and then decided you were tired? To be more specific…


So, what is it, then? Are you tired or simply averse to spending a little money to park your car (i.e., cheap AF) overnight? (And I don’t remember inviting anyone to spend the whole night here, just to be clear.) Tired I get, but frankly, you could have said that this afternoon instead of showing up in the first place. Then I could have made other plans – Man Bun or otherwise. Not wanting to pay for overnight parking? See, you could totally have used Uber and spent practically nothing. Maybe I’m reading more into this than I should be, but when a #slut is thinking that she is going to be fucked hard and only ends up getting fucked over, that slut’s brain will work overtime. At least, this slut’s brain will work overtime.

At least I got to wear my sparkle dress. (Sorry, y’all…I tried to put in the short video clip, but it didn’t work.) #fucksticks #buggerybollocks #ffs #cantahogetabreak

I, myself, cannot devote any additional time to writing about this highly #disapeenting evening. I’m just hoping that the travel advisory issued today does not interfere with me getting home tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Until next time, Las Vegas!!!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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