Addendum to previous Man Bun post

Good morning! Okay, so I just got up and wanted to add a few things about my evening with Man Bun last night. If you didn’t read that post, CLICK HERE AND READ IT NOW and then come back to this post. He fucked me stupid, people…my brain just could no longer handle all the champagne of the day, no sleep, and his enthusiastic gyrations. Details were inadvertently omitted. Your #slut was tie-tie, y’all!

Firstly, no, there are no bruises. God fucking dammit. I can surely feel where Man Bun bit me, even though there seems to be no evidence of it. As Man Bun was fucking my ass, he firmly held my face down against the bed, once again leaving me gasping for air. His hand was against the back of my head, and, in fact, at one point he held my face down with both hands. I seriously love feeling the full weight of a man on my body and this big boy has some heft to him. Most of my face is now on the duvet cover, rather like the Shroud of Turin. I think holding my face down was a wise move on his part because I was howling like a coyote, as one tends to do when a fat cock is fucking one’s ass.

After the shenanigans, he went into the bathroom for a shower. I took the opportunity to watch him lather up as the hot water and white bubbles fell over his dark skin. I am sure I have said it before about him, but he should always be wet. He looks like a god as his skin shines. It is mesmerizing, to be sure. Um, was it creepy for me to stand there and watch him? Fuck you. I paid for his time. Whatevah. I do what I want.

Once again, I offered to lube him up after his shower. His skin should always be anointed with lovely fragranced lotions and oils. Man Bun accepted and I slathered whipped argan oil body butter all over him. That beautiful brown skin was lustrous and delectable after I carefully rubbed my hands over his body.

Note that a few times last night he made it a point to tell me that I looked very sexy. I said that I have been going to the gym and he said that he could tell. When a man who has a body like THAT compliments you, it means a lot. I thank you sincerely, Man Bun.

Okay, I think that I covered most of the things I meant to tell you. Perhaps I’ll head to the hotel gym now because every day is booty day. #bootyday

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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