Pre-Vegas fuckery with PG

An apology is in order. I lied to my biggest cheerleader and totes bestie. In truth, she is also PG’s biggest cheerleader. CP, I told you I didn’t hear from PG after I texted him on Sunday. Mostly I told you this because of his track record of saying we’re going to get together and then nothing happening and me popping a spleen over it. I’m Greek. We’re a superstitious lot. I thought that if I didn’t tell you this time that maybe he’d follow through. HE. DID. Is it because I didn’t share deets with you? I dunno…but I’ll go with that for now. Please, CP (and Puppers), forgive me. I’m weak and feeble-minded around all things Plane Guy. You know that better than anyone else. And anyway, it would only be three weeks since our last encounter, so the odds were stacked against me – or so I thought.

Let me bring y’all up to speed. On Thursday of last week, PG texted me to ask if I took “lots of dick in the butt in Vegas” the previous week. I replied affirmatively and said that I’m going back this week for more. I plan to see Man Bun on Wednesday and Master on Friday. Because I know he loves thinking about me fucking other men, I may have also replied: “If you’re free Monday night, you can have my ass first that week…open me up for the other two.” I figured it was a long shot, but what do I have to lose? I clearly have no pride whatsoever when it comes to PG. He immediately replied, “Ok.” Um…wasn’t expecting that at all. I went about my weekend chock-full of gym things and napping.

Whatever. Cut to Sunday and there I was texting him to beg for his peen on Monday night, framing it as I need his cock to prepare me for the others. (My last post? Yeah, I wrote it around the time I was texting PG on Sunday. Duh.) After a few questions, I had had enough. “I need you to use me. Tomorrow. I have a Vegas trip this week and then a work trip the next week. PLEASE.” “Let me see,” replied PG. Then he asked how many guys I’d be fucking this week…I said two, unless I get lucky with the Vegas Tinder (not likely). I had to resort to penile blackmail…or something. He asked if I’d be doing anal with both. I don’t know, so I said yes and then I followed with, “I want *yours* to be the first, though.” #shamelessslut #nopride

“Ok. Let’s go for it.”


Huh? How was that so easy?? Whatever. I was pleased (though surprised) with my efficient negotiation. He reminded me of what to wear: bodystocking, no bra, tiniest g-string, short jacket, ass exposed, boots, pom pom pigtails, heavy makeup. Yo, I got this!!

Then he texted: “Do not walk up to or into my home unless your asshole and ass are completely exposed.” **sigh** He’s such a sweet talker!

This morning I sent a text letting him know that I would be in meetings all day, but he should let me know what time to be at his place. I heard nothing all day long, so around 4:30, I texted again. He confirmed shortly thereafter and I heard butterflies singing and saw unicorns sneezing glitter. I’M GETTING PG PEEN!!! And so the preparations began.

I pulled into his driveway to see his house adorned with some white lights, big Christmas balls (heh), and one of those green and red points-of-light thingies. Super. Now my fat white ass is gonna have friggin’ lighting as it sticks the fuck out of my short jacket. Cripes. Are you TRYING to get caught, PG??? (Part of me thinks he is.) At least none of his neighbors were out walking their dogs this time…no small talk.

I let myself in, locked the door behind me, and walked up the stairs to his bedroom – the happiest place on earth. He was deeply involved with his phone, but he smiled when he saw me and put it down. His cock was already hard as he stroked it through his shorts with his right hand. He took a few photos with his left. PG inspected me from all angles, making sure that I followed his explicit instructions on how to dress for him. “Turn away from me. Bend over.” He spread apart my ass cheeks and sniffed deeply. I felt like he had purchased me and he was inspecting his investment to be certain it was QUALITY. (Hi, Nicola!!!) PG then asked me to move over by the door. “Look over there,” he pointed, so that he could take pics of me in profile. My ass is rather like a shelf from the side. Then he asked me to turn the other way. Next, I was told to face away from him and: “Put your legs together, bend over, and touch your toes.” Big shout out to my personal trainer for keeping me limber AF!! I saw a few more flashes from his phone. “Spread your legs and stay bent over.” More photos.

“Get on your knees. Arch your back. Hard. Like this,” and he put his hands on me to position me to his liking. I may have stopped breathing for a moment while the flashes came. Then he straddled me and ended up standing over me and he pulled my head up to his cock. I suckled that fucking thing like my life depended on it. He, of course, took the opportunity to take more pics. “Swallow it down to the balls,” said he, and then, “Look at Daddy, Princess.” His words make me weak. Stimulate my mind and my pussy will follow you anywhere. My eyes were slightly watering from having his Majestic Peen™ shoved as far down into my esophagus as possible, but I managed to look right into the camera for my Daddy with his fat dick deep inside of my skull.

I sucked his cock a little while longer and then he told me to get on the bed – on my back with my head near the edge. I thought that meant a solid throat fucking was on the menu, but he changed things up and sat on my face. #sitonmyface Understand that I, myself, have done the smothering thing as the Dominant…sitting on someone’s face (no, not always a man) till the person was twitching and slapping from beneath my bits begging for air. Tonight the shoe was on the other foot…or maybe the ass was on the other face…? Regardless, I wasn’t actually hating it. My tongue licked and punched at his tight asshole as I held firmly to his ass cheeks, spreading them nice and wide. PG wriggled down against me, cutting off my air supply. (No, not Air Supply…) I felt helpless and utterly turned on. I’m not really into man ass, but when in Rome, right?! Besides, I think by now you all know that I’d pretty much do anything PG would ask me to do.

Then PG bent down and tossed my salad as I tossed his. Salads for two! A 69 salad. He was talking dirty the whole time, but I’ll be damned if I can remember a thing he said. I was thinking only of his ass. After the salad appetizer, we moved on to the main course.

PG asked me to get on my back and to spread my legs wide. He inspected my pussy more intensely than my gynecologist did at my yearly visit last week! (BTW, my twat and innards got a clean bill of health…and, if you were wondering, I am negative for HIV-1 & HIV-2, Hep B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, and a few others…I can’t remember where the fuck I put the results…My pussy is clean AF, y’all!)

He had that look in his eye (kid in a candy store? mouth-breathing Trump-ite at a gun show?) as he reached for that big fucking knife again. I really must remember to ask him why he has a huge knife hanging on his bedpost one of these days. As he began to cut open my bodystocking, he did so with an intense look of concentration on his face. His tongue was sticking out to the right as he did so. He was slow and deliberate, asking me a few times if I was okay. Of course I was fucking okay! This time, he cut a big hole around my ass and torso, but the body stocking remained in one piece. I thought he was going to cut off my g-string, but instead he ripped it apart with his hands. Et voilà! He pulled off the g-string and held the damp part that was just resting against my pussy up to his nose and inhaled my scent deeply, again while looking me right in my eyes. His mouth formed a crooked smile, showing his appreciation for my cuntal aroma. God, that was fucking hot.

Once my pussy and ass were properly exposed, he slowly pierced my wet pussy with his rock-hard cock. Fuck. FUCK. Shit. Dammit. My entire body shakes when he goes so slowly…I can’t help it. I think he thinks I am a mental patient (not yet) or that I should up my meds (not on any – yet). PG hovering over me, slowly penetrating me as he looks into my eyes…I can’t even finish that thought. Of all the men that I have fucked in my life, he is the only one for whom my eyes stay open the entire time we are face-to-face. Seeing his facial expressions change with every move one of us makes is beyond stimulating. I realize how much power each of us holds over the other’s pleasure. In those moments we are symbiotic. Or whatever.

As he slowly thrusted himself deeply into me, he asked me to tell him about my fuckery in Vegas on Thanksgiving. As I told him every detail, I swear that his cock got bigger inside of me. Again, the look on his face told me that he truly was getting off hearing about me being used by another man. He said that loves hearing about what a whore I am. <wiping a tear from my ho eye>

PG then asked whether the two guys I’ll see this week will fuck me without a condom. Er. I know the answer that he wanted to hear, so I gave it to him: “Yes, Daddy, both of them.” I can’t know for certain whether or not I’ll have unwrapped peenage this week. Then he asked if these two guys will fill me with their cum. I asked if he wanted them to and he said he did. I’m not sure that will happen, either, but check back later this week to find out for yourself. Will Honeytoes be a #cumdumpster or not?

PG finally asked me to turn over and present my ass to him. Now on my knees, with my face in the sheets and my booty high in the air, he entered my ass with a slow and deliberate pace. PG was in no hurry this evening. He could tell he was hurting me from my squeaks and moans, but I begged him not to stop. It is that sweet pain that I crave before it turns into utter rapture. It is difficult for me not to tighten my ass around his cock, but he asked me to relax completely so that he could appreciate my…gape. Personally, I don’t see the appeal, but he really is keen on the gaping aspect of anal play. Have at it, sir! I’m yours to use in any way you see fit.

When PG came tonight, he started by cumming inside of my ass and then he pulled out and drenched my pussy like never before. He is a fountain of jizz, you guys. A fountain. Peter North would be jealous. In fact, as I write this post, know that PG’s spunk is leaking out of me. Charming, innit? I’m ever the lady. As is his practice, he immediately evaluated his pop shot and I asked him to take a picture of it. He was so pleased with it. Heh. Boys. Then he fetched a towel from the bathroom and cleaned me of his nutt.

There was no weird talk tonight…it was all about PG putting his peen into my holes…and isn’t that what the ho life is all about???

If you have made it this far, here are a few notes.

  • Man Bun and Master this week in Vegas
  • My blog posts contain fucking LINKS to amusing shit. If you are not clicking on the links, you are a loser and missing out on some silliness. Click on the fucking links, people. Jesus.
  • PG asked me to text him about my fuckery while I am in Vegas. I mentioned the blog and said I wouldn’t let him read it, but that I would be happy to share the non-PG posts with him. He seemed keen to read about my exploits. I’m not sure which post to send him first…any suggestions??
  • When I said I didn’t want to share the Plane Guy posts with him, he smiled and laughed, still clearly amused that this is how my little world of internet friends knows him: Plane Guy.
  • I feel like I may have forgotten something in this post…let me sleep on it and see if I can remember more.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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