Oi! Anyone fancy a cuckake?

During my Thanksgiving Vegas trip this week, I was Snapchatting up a storm. It was a little obnoxious, but at least I was Snapping something other than my cats or pics of me with animal ears and whiskers. I do love that Snapchat. This, of course, means that it is no longer cool.

One of the people I was Snapping with is the hockey guy with whom I broke a waterbed some 10 or so years ago. His special talent is the ability to hold up your girl Honeytoes with her legs wrapped around his waist (with his hands supporting her ass) as he stands up while fucking her. Ya. He needs a nickname. Lemme think about that. I helped him let out his dominant side. He asked about my FemDom experiences and he seemed fascinated by it: “Wait. The guys like when you hit them?! They want you to kick them in the balls?!”

Yadda yadda yadda, he is now engaged to a lovely submissive girl. I played with them at the swingers club a few years ago. We beat her ass black and blue and then he fucked her hard before throat fucking her face off. Good times. The comments from people watching our scene were priceless. The voyeurs that evening were swingers, not BDSM-friendly folk, so this all looked horrifying to them. “Oh my god! Is she bleeding?” “What the fuck?” “Why is the redhead paddling her so hard?” “Why isn’t she crying?” “That is disgusting.” “Is that legal?!” “Is she okay?” “Should we do something?” “Those people are sick.”

I guess one or two of my Snaps from the spa (me in my altogether) piqued his interest. I Snapped him and her together. (You can create groups of people to Snap and he created a group with the three of us a while back.) He replied to me separately that it has been too long since we had sex – easily 10 years, if not more – and that we should do so again soon. I’m up for that and let him know as much. She also wants to have spa time with me. This girl is maybe 23 years old…maybe 24. She’s a pup. So they’re both into me. As you may be aware, girls are not my thing…but in the context of what I mention below, I am in. Besides, I do love humiliation scenes. Oh, the things I could say to her as he is fucking me while she just watches. It brings a tear of joy to my eyes.

When I said I was up for it, he went back to our group chat and suggested that he wanted to fuck me, #creampie me, and then have her clean out my pussy. It is similar to a cuckolding situation, but in this case, your girl Honeytoes is the Bull in this scenario. You can Google it, but here’s the quick and dirty.

  • Dominant male/submissive female couple (other way around in cuckolding) + Dominant female (equivalent to the Bull – a male – in a cuckolding situation)
    • Subbie female is called a #cuckquean. (Fuck. How is “cuckquean” not in my dictionary!?)
    • The “Bull” in this scenario (me) is referred to as a #cuckcake. (“cuckcake” now in my dictionary) I love the sound of that!! Also, it makes me want a cupcake. #nomnomnom
  • Dominant male and the cuckcake fuck while the cuckquean is “forced” to watch – and then clean out the cuckcake afterwards. I fully expect that she will be restrained with an anal hook if I know this guy well.

I replied to both of them: “That is absolutely disgusting. Let’s do it!” He asked when we could set it up, so that will be the next step. Scheduling this will likely be troublesome, but you all know that I’ll do what I can for you to bring you my high-quality (?) blog updates. #idoitfortheblog Fuck, I really am a slut!

Stay tuned for nicknames for them…I’m too tired to think of them right now. ThighMaster? Is that too long? He does have big hockey thighs. *slurp* McThighs? McDom? McHockey? (in the vein of McDreamy and McSteamy on “Grey’s Anatomy”) She could be Bambi (McSub?), maybe, because she has big doe eyes. I dunno. If anyone has any suggestions, hit me up. #hmu

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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