My adventures in Tinder

Here I go again…venturing into online “dating” once again. I finally joined Tinder yesterday after someone pointed out that a Facebook profile is not needed to join. I do not have a legit Facebook account (never have), though I do have a fake one to make sure I don’t lose my Candy Crush levels. #dontjudgeme

Yesterday was a veritable flurry of left swipes, but I’d estimate that I swiped right on maybe 10 potential matches. In return, I matched with 6 men: 5 black guys and 1 white guy (wearing pants with embroidered lobsters on them – rather Seinfeld-esque…remember Kramer’s lobster shirt?). Honestly, I swiped right on him hoping he’d swipe right on me so I could ask him what the hell is on his pants. Success!

I have been messaging all these guys. One has stood out so far. He does not have a nickname right now because I don’t know if it is worth my brain power to think of one just yet. He is pretty hot and he’s into photography (like me). I quickly found out that he loves camel toes. Hmmm. Noted, thank you. Then he informed me about something else that he likes and I am feeling some kind of way about it. Just look at the screen shot below.


Y’all. I’m not sure I can do that. Seriously. I have few boundaries, as you know…but this? It seems so very wrong to me. I am absolutely into dirty talk…the filthier the better, as far as I am concerned, but isn’t there a line that should never be crossed? Anyone? Does one do something that just feels sooooooo wrong if the other party really wants it? He isn’t asking me to kill puppies or set his peen on fire, but…DAMN…this is just puzzling to me. #ohsnap

Of course you will be kept informed about what happens with this guy and any others that make the cut. Here’s hoping that Honeytoes’ Adventures in Tinder Land lead to many a blog update!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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