Another one bites the dust (and your little friend, too!)

First of all, THIS IS NOT A FLASHBACK!!!!!

Second? Check back in a day or so because it is almost 3:00 a.m. and I am delirious…I might remember some little tidbits and edit this post.

edited to add: In case you were wondering, apparently my “asshole smells and tastes perfect” – at least per Plane Guy’s standards, I mean. No, I don’t exactly know what that is all about, but it must be meant as a compliment.

I mean, damn. DAYM! LAWDHAMMERCY! So, like, yesterday I texted PG a picture of my mouth with my finger pointing to it and I cleverly wrote on the picture “your dick here” ’cause that’s how this #slut does things. I had sent him the same photo earlier this year; however, he recently mentioned having gotten rid of a bunch of pics from his phone “in a panic” when Orangina nearly caught him in the act with someone other than her. #whoops #clams4life #assholesandcunts

He replied, “Oh fuck” and I knew he liked it. He asked me to take the same pic again just like that one. (“Full face with your tits hanging”) I was on my knees, ass up in the air, mouth wide open, and lips covered with black lipstick – to give you sort of an idea of what the photo was. Note that it was mostly my face and tits in the photo…my ass, while perfectly presented up in the air, was not in the photo.

Since I had PG’s attention (a rarity these days), I asked if I could  have Daddy dick this week.  He said yes and then asked, “You gonna be a good little cunt?” Duh. Totes. Like I would do anything to be a bad little cunt. He said 8:00 would work, but he’d confirm.

The next day came and I sent him a few updated pics of the older pic that I had sent him the previous day. PG replied, “Ffuucckk” and again I knew he liked what I sent. Of course, Honeytoes the #spaz mind fucked herself into a tizzy all day on Monday…wondering when he’d cancel on me. I didn’t shave my legs or ride the E train because his track record for cancellations is supreme. I sulked around all day…just…waiting…

Around 3-ish, I sent a text asking if we were still on for 8:00. Nothing. Dammit. Just before 5:00, I sent another text: “Guess not?” because I figured that it was getting late and he should have known by then. Almost immediately, he responded, “Calm your tits”. Oh, no, mister. Don’t you get all sassy with me, goddammit. I. Need. Dick.

I bemoaned my once-again empty vagina to CP (heart you – and Puppers – totes!), but she had faith in PG. She always does. I don’t know why. Maybe she’s deranged. You’d have to ask her. And then? “Lacroix, sweetie!” bellowed my phone. PG replied: “9”. Yes! I’m getting some di-ick…nah nah nah naaaah nah!

Per his instructions, I arrived wearing my hair in a pony tail, lots of whorish makeup (yes, the black lipstick), a g-string underneath a fishnet bodystocking, and my new black velvet over-the-knee boots. Fuck you, CP: I LOOKED SO FETCH! #sofetch #ohitshappeningsweetheart

I helped him to remove my long shirt and he sat there on the edge of the bed looking at me, rubbing his hands all over my body. PG played with my tits, including kissing them and biting my nipples…he isn’t really a tit guy, so I appreciated his boobular attention. He turned me around to view me from every angle – like I was his doll. He took photos. PG stood up and bear hugged me from behind as he kissed my neck. Ugh….kissing my neck…that just does things to me…very, very good things. Neither of us spoke as he touched me, pulled my g-string to the side to touch my pussy, and just admired me. I felt all wobbly and electric as he thoroughly investigated my body. Then he turned me around with my ass toward him and he guided me to bend over. I bent over, legs spread wide, and put my hands on the floor. How very handy that I am now a #gymrat (not really, but I do go there at least 6 days a week) and so very flexible!

Plane Guy was seriously enamored of me tonight and I’m not sure exactly why. It really felt like I was a new toy for him. Anyhoo…with my ass properly presented to him, he slid my g-string to the side and pondered my asshole. I could feel him looking at it and then he took some more photos. Then he fingered my pussy and my ass. PG made me stand up and then he gently pushed me to the ground on my knees, facing away from him. I knew what to do: arch my back completely, put my ass up high, and prostrate the rest of myself on the floor for more photos.

While I was still on the floor, PG got his face between my butt cheeks and tongue fucked my rosebud (that word makes me giggle…just like “clam”) vigorously. He was a man on a mission: Mission Honeytoes’ Butthole. It is a genuinely delightful feeling to be tongue fucked like that. Seriously. Try it.

We then moved to the bed. I was told to get on my stomach and to spread my legs. Once again, PG investigated me closely, pulling aside the g-string and maneuvering the body stocking to gain as much access as possible to my #pinkbits. He got on top of me and whispered in my ear, “Do you need this bodystocking?” “No,” I peeped. “Okay, Princess. Do not move. Understand? Do. Not. Move.” “I won’t.” I knew where this was going. I feel like I knew this would happen. As I got dressed tonight, I thought to myself, “Self, you really need to get some more bodystockings just in case…” I digress.

Still hanging sheathed on his bedpost was that huge fucking knife. (Fucking knife, I say…you’ll get me in a minute…So…) Remember sometime last year (I think?) another of Honeytoes’ bodystockings met its fate against that very knife? Right. So…

He told me once again not to move and I felt him getting off the bed. I peeked over my right shoulder and saw him reaching for the knife. I quickly put my face against the blanket and remained still. The cold, sharp tip of his huge knife was soon against my upper buttcrack, as before, and I felt a few slices against the poor fishnet bodystocking.

Do you drink? If so, take a sip or shot of something now. You’ll thank me later. I’ll wait.

After I felt a few snips, the tension on the bodystocking lessened. I was again warned not to move. Um…yeah, I know! That’s when I felt the cold, sharp knife tip against my most delicate rosebud. Y’all. He put the tip of the knife ever so gently against and then into my asshole. He didn’t assfuck me with the whole damned blade, guys, but this might have been the freakiest thing we’ve done yet. I dunno…I am losing track. Thank goodness I’m writing this blog, eh? Right. So, yeah…he asked if it hurt and I said no, remaining perfectly still…like a corpse. I really don’t know how I’d keep a straight face at the emergency room if one of us slipped. Onward.

He kissed my ass again, tongue fucked it…jiggled it…admired it…made it bounce like a bowlful of Jell-o. As I stated earlier, he was really into my ass tonight. “Obsessed,” he said. He commented throughout the night how “perfect” my “big white ass” is as he took it into his hands and continued to make it wiggle.  PG said that my ass is getting firmer (Thanks, Jared! – my personal trainer) and he again continued to marvel at its #bigness.

I can’t be certain for how long that knife blade was intermingling with my precious sphincter, but the whole time I was beyond turned on and terrified to move. I believe I mentioned before that the more obscene or unconventional a sexual idea is, I seem to be more open to it now than ever before. What could possibly be next? I cannot even think about it, but if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!

Um. Yeah. So…the systematic dismantling of the bodystocking continued. He was slow and deliberate…kind of like the care I imagine a cannibal might exercise on his victim in preparing his human meal…or maybe think “Buffalo Bill” from The Silence of the Lambs. (All roads lead to that movie. Learn me.) He was exceedingly careful not to hurt me. It was kind of sweet, actually.

PG asked me to flip over onto my back. He continued to cut me out of my bodystocking. *plick* *plick* *plick* *plick* First was up the back, then the backs of my thighs…turning over…then he cut up my torso, fully exposing my tits. Then he moved to my left arm, cutting up the inside of my arm, starting at my wrist…moving on to the right arm in the same fashion. The look on his face was priceless. PG was precise, taking his time to slice me out of the fishnet and he kept looking me in my eyes to make sure that I was alright. A slight smile was on his face during all of this. His eyes gleamed.

Pardon me, but I can’t remember exactly where in the sequence it happened, but my $1.99 g-string from WalMart also met the same fate as the bodystocking: R.I.P. Oooohhhhh! A double entendre! (Honeytoes’ extra tip: Don’t be stupid. If you’re fucking a man with a huge knife hanging off of his bedpost, there’s truly no need for expensive lingerie. Intentionally or not, you’ll end up with something damaged or torn and there is no need to get butthurt over an ensemble that cost less than $10. Oh, and NOW is the perfect time for you sluts to stock up on bodystockings since it is nearing Halloween. They’re everywhere!)


To be clear, the over-the-knee boots were a hit. They stayed on the whole time. This was problematic, however, since the black velvet rubbing against his light-colored fuzzy blanket left my boots looking a hot mess. I’ll have to de-fuzz them tomorrow. The leg parts of the bodystocking were left on me. In fact, Plane Guy carefully pulled them up so that my legs were covered with the sexy boots and the remains of the bodystocking. He has in the past mentioned that he likes thigh-high stockings, so I am not shocked by his meticulous nature of rearranging the remaining leg bits of the bodystocking.

Dammit. I got a little off track yet again. So then…I was on my back wearing the boots and the makeshift thigh-highs, legs spread, and was again warned not to move. I heard a *clink* and soon realized that the knife blade was plicking against my genital piercings and producing #pussymusic! PG was extremely careful, but he did drag the knife tip and the body of the blade against the entirety of my still unpenetrated pink bits. Did I mention that my pussy had not yet been filled with PG #peen? The knife blade was ever so gently placed against my pussy hole (vaginal opening? – It all sounds so very wrong.) and then expertly inserted…just the tip, as it were – and thank fucking god for that! Again, the entire time he was using the knife I remained as still as I ever have in my life and PG was intensely focused on what he was doing. This was such intense foreplay, y’all, that I think I would have been okay not getting fucked. I quietly gasped every time he moved the knife against my skin. #foshizzle

Never fear, dear readers! Honeytoes eventually did get fucked!! PG was all about me on this night…something that has been happening more often. I did get sidetracked temporarily by sucking his cock (I was on my back and he was over top of me – awkward, but a slut does what a slut has to do!), but it was not long before he and I were in a 69. Know that we do not often do this. My time with PG is typically spent on ass and cock, but tonight was different. After the 69, he rolled me onto my left side and orally serviced my ass once again: a thorough tongue fucking. PG then changed positions and he was on his back. “Show me how much you love my cock.” Um, okay! I started sucking gently because I was adjusting my position and PG blurted out, “I don’t want a schoolgirl. I want a fucking slut. Now suck that cock!” *sigh* Okay, Daddy. Sucking!! I must have done a good job because he told me to stop: “You’re going to make me cum!” Heh. #slutskills #cocksucker

So, getting back to the part where Princess gets to cum how she wants…After I stopped sucking his cock, PG ordered me to my back and he fucked me hard. HARD. He reminded me several times: “Shut your eyes, open your hips, and put those legs back. Take what I am giving you!” Then he asked, “Does it hurt?” “Yes, Daddy.” PG smiled: “Good.” He rammed me hard for a little while (#ohhithatsmycervix – “Oh hi that’s my cervix”) and then he slowed his pace and this is when he said, “How does Princess want to cum? Tell Daddy.” He was mine to command…and I did so. PG fucked me every which way until I came like a fiend and then we switched to doggy style and I came again. I like that position because I can grind my fat ass against him as he goes deep inside of me and because he always whispers dirty things in my ear when he’s fucking me. Enjoy two samples from his repertoire tonight (I simply cannot remember any more – sorry!):

  • Every time I fuck my girlfriend’s ass, I cum inside of her thinking of you.
  • You love getting fucked by someone else’s boyfriend, don’t you, slut? (for the record: Yes, yes, I do.)

PG asked me where I wanted him to cum and I said, “On my back and ass” and he obliged me. There was so much cum, but he used the towel that he used to clean off my pussy earlier and I was as good as new. I got dressed and with a kiss and his standard good bye (Drive carefully and text me as soon as you get home.), I was on my way home with a huge smile on my face.

I’m off to Vegas this weekend to hang out with a friend I met in 1994. Fuck. I’m old. I read this blog to her and she loves it…she’s very timid sexually, but she appreciates the slut that I am, which I think is pretty cool. The plan is that I will see Master a few hours on Sunday while she goes to a show and I am completely excited to see Master once again.

***Oh, and in case you didn’t figure it out yet, the title of this post refers to the bodystocking (Another one bites the dust) and g-string (and your little friend, too!). Again, learn me.***

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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