Flashback: 20-Apr-2017 – Tossed salad for two

It pains your slut Honeytoes that yet another Flashback is being posted here. Trust me: I’d rather have a new slutty adventure for y’all, but I’m in a dry spell. My two favorite cocks are practically impossible to obtain…One has a gf and a crazy work schedule and the other is on the other side of the country. FUCK. It is killing me. Seriously, how can it be so difficult to find some good dick locally? Perhaps my standards are too high, given the last year of my life. I will no longer engage with average or smaller cocks and I am rather particular about the men with whom I share my #pinkbits. Just ’cause I’m a slut doesn’t mean I don’t have standards. #slutwithstandards #pickyslut #nosmalldicks #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Apologies for my sad, empty vagina and the subsequent lack of new stories, but please enjoy a PG flashback to April of this year. Oh, and if anyone reading this has a fat cock, let me know! #hollaatchagirl


I saw Plane Guy tonight. Well, I mean, saw, smelled, tasted, felt, etc. Tonight was the night of no safe word. As you can tell, I am alive and well.

The things he asked for the other day in terms of my appearance were tended to. I added a garter belt and fishnet thigh-highs, per his request today. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: If you ever get the bright idea to hold your g-string in place inside your asshole with a butt plug, do be certain not to skimp on the lube. I’m so not kidding. I wish someone had mentioned this to me. Now you know. You’re welcome.)

He stripped me (I only wore a short dress over my g-string.) and asked me to pose for pictures. Plane Guy typically likes to take a photo from the front, one from the side, and then various ones from behind. He came up behind me and got on his knees as I was against the wall and he kissed and worshiped my ass. He put his face firmly between my big ass cheeks and licked and kissed every inch…and I have many inches.

After the photos, I dropped to my knees and eagerly greeted his glorious #peen. It got rough, almost desperate. I liked it. A lot. He then asked me to sit on the edge of the bed and he somehow maneuvered himself into a handstand (I swear I am not making this up!) and I worshipped at the Church of the Sacred Peen once again. I’m not entirely certain how, but there was a 69 situation happening. Damn. I need to have him take video so that I can go back and see it again. Oh, yeah…There was salad tossing this evening for everyone! The photos he took of that must be delightful.

He stood up (with me on the edge of the bed) and “forced” (CALM DOWN. DON’T GET YOUR GIBLETS IN A BUNCH. THIS WAS CONSENSUAL.) me to service his ass. Hard. Powerfully. Deeply. Do you know how difficult it is to tongue fuck an asshole?? Some more things happened (intensely hard face fucking, extreme dirty talk, you know, that kind of stuff) and once again he got tears out of me. I was excited because my tears seem to fuel him. My makeup was an absolute mess…black eyeliner running down my cheeks, bright red lipstick smudged across my face. I looked like a properly used slut and I was proud. #proudslut

Then I got what I really wanted tonight: peen-in-pussy time. We were in the missionary position for a while because he said that he loves looking at my “beautiful face” (My. Beautiful. Face.) as he slid in and out of my perfectly pink pussy. That brought a few more tears. Jesus. What is wrong with me? For someone like me who was never the pretty one growing up (I was the smart one.), that is a strikingly powerful thing to hear. It is even more powerful because my makeup was totally jacked up by this time and I thought that I looked a fright. He kept saying it while looking right into my eyes…how beautiful I am. Damn. Powerful stuff – at least to me. I mean, fuck, people. He said I am the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Even if it is just a thing he says, I’m totally on board.

He (while looking at me) asked me what I wanted. “Do you want Daddy to fuck your ass? Yes or no?” You know, that kind of thing. He asked me what I want because he only wanted to pleasure me. It was not all about him, as some of you may assume. I told him what I wanted and he obliged me. I was on my stomach and he slid on top of me, with his mouth near my left ear. He put his hand tightly around my throat and breathily asked, “Does Princess love her Daddy? I know you do. Say it. Tell Daddy.” Of course, I said it. I do…I mean, not love like normal people. It is our thing that we do. He reciprocated, “I know you really love your Daddy and Daddy really loves his Princess…his good girl.” Sweet, polka-dotted, flying sheep nipples. I mean, damn. DAMN, I say.

He asked me, “How does Daddy’s good girl want to cum tonight? Tell Daddy.” [Let me digress for just a second. His voice kills me. Looking at this tall tatted-up man, his voice doesn’t seem to match his gruff exterior. It is soft and soothing – almost (god help me – oh, wait…I’m an atheist…) fatherly. It both calms and invigorates me.] I said that I wanted him to slide his Daddy cock into my perfect (so he tells me) asshole and to go nice and slow…and then I backed that thang up, y’all! He was appreciative of the backing up of my thang onto his big Daddy cock. How do I know? ‘Cause he told me so! Obvi. “I love your big white ass. It is so perfect.”

Truly, he could be in porn. I say that for many reasons, not the least of which is that he finishes like no other. Seriously. I have never seen a man cum with such volume. It is ridiculous. He is always hard, too, even after he cums. I fucking love that. #everhard #peenofpeens #kingpeen

After we cleaned up, we talked. His work is picking up and between his work and my upcoming procedure on Thursday, it is likely that there will be no PG stories for at least the next 4 to 6 weeks. This displeases me greatly, but at least I have videos, photos, and my memories to help me through.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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