Good vibes – The return of Man Bun

Ahhhhh, Man Bun. How do I fuck thee? Let me count the ways…

As expected, my hair did not cooperate today and my shoes hurt, but in order not to disappoint my readers, your #slut Honeytoes persevered and went through with her date. You’re welcome. #toughslut

Man Bun showed up one minute late, but as soon as I saw him, all was forgiven. He wore an exceedingly tight black v-neck shirt with black-white-grey jeans (also ridiculously tight) and $2000 Louis Vuitton black boots. His hair was damp from his recent shower and casually tossed over his right shoulder and I wasn’t hating it. Oh, his smile…his shining eyes…He hugged me and kissed me hello. Yes, honey, mama’s home again.

We walked up to the restaurant and were quickly seated. It is such a rush for this short, aging gal to parade through a crowded casino with such a perfect specimen of male perfection on my arm. Perhaps you recall my recent conversion (?) to a vegan-ish lifestyle. I guess it is more plant-based…but either way, I had sea bass for dinner. Fuck you. It’s my body and I make the rules. We had good conversation over dinner, but I was eager to move things along and we finished our meals and made our way back up to my suite. (Thanks, for the UG, Anna!)

Again, he is so engaging that we talked for quite a bit. How long? Heck, I’m not sure, but it was actually Man Bun who moved us along to the bedroom of the suite. “Do you want to take this to the bedroom?” he asked with THAT SMILE. I really wish you could all see how beautiful he is.

We walked into the bedroom and he removed those sexy black boots, his shirt, and his jeans. He stood there in just his underwear, with his hefty penile offering clearly on display, struggling to break free from the fabric of his underwear. With a smile, he asked, “Did you bring any toys?” “Yes! I remembered them this time!” I said as I bounced over to the beside table to show him what I brought. Things were going to get drastic quickly. He looked at the toys for a minute, then he looked at me, smiled, and said “hi” in an innocent, rather lilting voice. Then he put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. He leaned down and kissed me. His tongue and soft, full lips merged with mine. I let my hands fully explore his perfect body. I felt his hard cock brush against my stomach. Remember, kids, he’s 6’1″ and I am 5’3″.

As we kissed, our hands explored one another and then he said, “You’re wearing too much clothing.” Aaaand…off came the jumpsuit! He unzipped it down the front and with a little shimmy, it fell over my big ass down to the floor. I stood in front of him in a lacy bra and matching thong of a rather lavender color. He said that I looked sexy and he kissed me some more, including more lip biting. His biting was more restrained this time, but equally as arousing as in July. Did I mention that he put his hair into a man bun™ before we got up to the room? Well, he did. My bra soon joined the jumpsuit on the floor and I was wearing just the thong. He then removed his underwear and I almost fell over. I forgot just how thick his cock is. Praise #FSM and glory be to all the thick-dicked men of the world. I heart you all!!! #callmetho

Man Bun kissed me and bit my lips and then he put his hand on my throat. He started to lift me up by my throat and I had to get on my toes. I was being choked as we stood there kissing. #manwhoreskills The confidence he has in doing these things just makes me wet. I wish that more men could have that confidence.

Our bodies were grinding against one another and I felt the warmth coming off of him. He radiates heat…and pure, fiery sex. I wanted to consume him wholly. As we continued kissing, he skillfully backed me down onto the bed. Man Bun was now on top of me – all of his weight – kissing me. He was grinding his fat cock against my thighs and then against my pussy through the lacy thong, the crotch of which was absolutely soaked. #juicypussy

He reached over and I heard one of the vibrating toys rev up. The bright pink INA Wave has two bits: one is the vibrating bit for clitoral stimulation and the other is the bit that goes inside the pussy. That inside-the-pussy bit moves with a come hither motion and it hits the G-spot every single time. He held the clit part against my clit (Duh!) as his fingers entered me. I writhed and cursed like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. He was relentless. Now was not the time to be a tease. I’m coming off of a weekend of hot sex with Master and reeling from not seeing PG in WEEKS. I needed to get off hard.

What happened over the next few minutes was a series of intense orgasms that few men understand how to coax out of a woman. Know that I weep for you, non-orgasm giving and having people. It was more like one really long-lived orgasm, I think, than just one after the next after the next. When he plunged his fat cock into me, I nearly screamed from the sensation of being filled with Man Bun #peen and the intense clitoral stimulation. (Honeytoes’ extra tip: Ladies? If your man refuses to fuck your pussy and use some kind of concurrent clitoral stimulation, I weep for you poor decision skills in keeping him. You are missing out and you should dump him and find someone who knows his way around your cunt…or get yourself a side piece – or two…or hire a gigolo…I know a few. Hit me up.)

He kept saying that he loved feeling me having those orgasms. Man Bun’s priority is my pleasure and he gets his pleasure from me getting mine. At one point, my right leg was up near his face and he surprised me by taking my big toe into his mouth and sucking on it. It was hot, man. I believe he might be my first non-paying, non-submissive, non-foot worshiping toe sucker. The additional sensations were overwhelming. He remained inside of me for the next 25 (I think?) minutes before we finally finished together. Sweet, merciful fuck. He headed to the bathroom to wash up quickly and I remained on the bed in post-coital glee. Man Bun returned with a hot washcloth and he firmly placed it against my girl parts, pressing down like a massage in those washy-washy places. It felt perfect. Apparently they do hot stone massages of one’s pink bits here in Sin City. I need that in my life!!

He then returned to the bed and began massaging my scalp. Y’all. I cannot even tell you how skilled his hands are. I am not kidding. #foshizzle I’m not certain that any man has ever given me a scalp/head massage like this before. He is obviously trained to do so. I found it completely relaxing. Having finished my scalp, he moved to my hands and arms. This man is one of many talents. His number one talent? He makes me feel like I am his priority and that his sole purpose is my pleasure – even if for just a few blissful hours.

Not having my watch on, I can only estimate the this massage part of our evening together lasted 25 minutes. Then he said he was going to get into the shower. Did I want to join him? HELL FUCKING YES. I put my hair into a messy bun and into the shower we went. The pearberry soap quickly turned to lush, fragrant bubbles in the sponge and he carefully lathered up my entire body as the hot water flowed from the shower head. When he was done, I reciprocated, paying very close attention to his fat cock. He looks even better wet than he does dry. I am not joking. He is perfection from head to toe.

I made sure not to miss a single inch of his soft, dark skin. I mean, I dirtied him up, so I should clean him up, right? My hands smoothly glided over his god-like body. Did you know that he’s just over 5% body fat? Oh my stars. He fine…more fine than Giggy.

We got out of the shower and he handed me a towel. #chivalryisnotdead We dried off and he reached for the hotel lotion on the counter. No, Man Bun! Step away from the cheap-ass lotion! I offered some of my whipped argan oil body butter in the orange blossom scent. It is a fantastic product. Let me know if you want the deets and I’ll share. Anyway…He tried some and immediately he loved it. Being a gracious hostess, I decided to slather his body with the body butter. He looked like the most perfect shiny marble statue from antiquity. Man Bun was perfection – with an orange scent. Once he had been properly anointed, he returned the favor and greased me up with the same body butter from tits to toes.

We talked some more as he got dressed. I mentioned the bruises he gave me after our last encounter and he apologized for biting my lips so hard. Oh, no, honeysuckle, I loved the bruises and, in fact, showed them off the next few days, including putting photos of them on this very blog. #proudslut #bloggingslut We had been discussing sex all night long, including my fairly recent, PG-induced realization of the “the nastier the better” paradigm. Since I’ll be back in November, I asked him to come up with something dirty and out of the box. I want a perverted sexual surprise. Given our discussions, I cannot even guess what he might dream up for my next encounter, but y’all better believe that I’ll tell you every sordid detail.

It just occurred to me that I didn’t suck his dick. WTF? I was so much the focus of his attention that I absolutely forgot to do so. Y’all, my #hoskills failed me, but I’ll make it up to him next time.

Oh. This morning I got up and checked my phone before taking my morning bath in the ultra-deep tub. Literally, the very second I did so, PG texted me. I’ll probably reply to him later tonight when I know he’ll be busy.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

2 thoughts on “Good vibes – The return of Man Bun”

  1. Wow. Not quite what I was expecting from your second Man Bun encounter, but even more interesting (to me) because it wasn’t basically a replay of your first meeting. VERY hot!

    Are you still hitting the gym and trying to be vegan/vegetarian? Tell me the shoes that hurt weren’t those gorgeous red and leopard numbers!


  2. Yes, it was a hot time with Man Bun. He’s gifted. I never expected the scalp massage…it was truly unreal. No, the shoes I wore were not the Louboutins. They were just a pair of glittery silver heels.

    I signed up for a personal trainer for a full year, so yes, I’m still doing that. I’m not about to lose money by NOT going! I’m still trying the plant-based eating, but it is so puzzling. I just cannot cut out sushi.


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