Flashback: 21-Jan-2017 – Pre-ghosting text fest with PG

Per a request, here’s a little Flashback (with non-flashback bits, too) for your reading pleasure since it seems unlikely that I’ll getting any #peen till I see Man Bun next week…Mmmmmmmm…Man Bun peen all up in my warm, wet holes…Onward.

Here’s a new twist in my Plane Guy story.

He texted me this morning saying he wants to see me with another guy. I told him I know someone who would do that since he’s done it for me in the past. (This would be the hockey guy with whom I broke a waterbed.)

PG doesn’t want to watch in person, though. (I mean, he does, but logistically this is the path of least resistance.) He wants me to take pics as the other guy is fucking me and then send the pics to him. Plane Guy says I can have him after I do this. Er…he is withholding his cock from me till I do this. I asked if he would not be with me until this happens and he said he’d think about it. (Note: PG did not, in fact, withhold his Majestic Peen™ from me because I saw PG on January 22nd…remember the colander incident?? Yes, the flashbacks are out of order, but just suck it up and keep reading.)

Things just got more strange with Plane Guy; however, I am rather titillated by this.

On a side note, my b-day is in a week and the last time I saw Plane Guy he said he’d visit me and let me, fuck his ass with my strap-on. So…unless I get some dude to rail me AND let me take pics of the whole thing before I leave for Boston on Tuesday, there will be no b-day fun for me next Saturday. DAMMIT. Little did I know…

For those of you from FT, perhaps you recall that I got back from Boston after fucking the random stranger for PG’s amusement. Yes, I found a guy who flew to Boston to fuck me. I didn’t go into detail in that FT post. I think I stated, “Mission accomplished” and left it at that. Why? It was…unpleasant. There was just so much hair – everywhere…and the dangling nose booger…and the sweat. Oh, the humanity!!! I showered for at least 30 minutes after he left my room. By the time I got home from Boston that Friday night (the 27th), I had been blocked from PG’s IG page. (Yes, I created a fake profile on Instagram so that I can stalk him online. Duh. It is what one does nowadays. Try to keep up.) I tend to be slightly dramatic and I assumed that he ghosted me because I didn’t hear from him for over a week. I’m pretty sure that I freaked out because PG had posted pics of him with Orangina and I figured he was done with me.

Obviously, I was wrong about that since I have seen him since then. I don’t want to dwell on that here, though, because it does not fully enhance my #holife brand and that is not cool. It just makes me look like a ninny. I’m a #slut, y’all, not a ninny…usually.

In some non-sex news, I am seriously going to make a go of going vegan. Well, let’s not be crazy here…I think it is maybe going to be more plant-based eating with occasional sushi. Master has taken an interest in my health and he is going to help me in my health journey. He’s already figured out what my nutrient macros should be and I am going to get myself ready to begin full-on starting on Sunday. I have been trying to eat as vegany as possible since I visited Master in Vegas last week and I have been mostly successful, but I am finishing up a few milk-based protein shakes that were lying around my house. There is no cheese in my house, though. It is gone. I’m Greek, so having no cheese in my house might actually be illegal. I made lentil soup today. It is quite tasty…and totally vegan.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I have been working out with a trainer three days a week (started July 10th) and I go to the pool with the old ladies for aquacise the other days. Don’t laugh! The instructor really kicks our butts…well, except for the ladies who loom in the back corner of the pool and chat the whole time. Plus, I add in extra cardio. I wonder if my starting at the gym is the beginning of a whole new Honeytoes? Who the hell is Honeytoes anymore, man??? Had I not started at the gym and posted a complaining post on IG, would Master have found me at all?

So, fuck you, haters. Master is still around and I text with him every single day – unlike the inconsistent texts with PG. In case you’re wondering, I have no plans right now to see Master, but my holes and I are hoping to be invited back. I will be out there a few days near Thanksgiving (November, for our non-US friends), so I am hoping that he might see me then if he’s in town.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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