Knife to meet you…

Right. Today is Saturday. I’m still in Vegas with Master and I’m not dead yet, nor have I been made into a skin suit for my tormentor. First let me tell you about my Uber ride to his house yesterday.

I never shared an Uber ride before, so I thought since I am already living on the edge going to meet a stranger in #LasVegas, I might as well give this a go, too. When I got to my driver’s car, there was a 60-year-old woman already up front. She was in town for a travel consortium. The driver loaded my bags and I hopped in the backseat. We were waiting for two others. They arrived just a few minutes later…two young girls in town to see Britney Spears. #BritneyBitch As I was trying to fasten my seat belt, I said to the girl in the middle that I was not, in fact, trying to grab her ass, but that I was just buckling myself in. #imasafetygirl Her friend on her other side countered and said that she was trying to grab her ass. Good times.

We all chatted about why we were in town, but my story seemed to garner interest. “Ya, like, I’m totes meeting a dude who slid into my DMs on Instagram. We’ve been talking for a month. He’s gonna abuse my pink bits for two days and beat my ass. Whatevs.” I was the last stop for my fearless Uber driver. He had given me his phone number, saying that he lives close by and that if shit went sideways, I should call him…He’d come to my rescue. #chivalryisnotdead

You’ll be pleased to hear that shit did go sideways, but it was a good sideways. I walked up to his door and knocked, oblivious to the doorbell right next to the door. He opened the door and smiled and said hello. I was exited to see how handsome he was in person. Photos do not always portray reality…I give you my Insta photos and compare them to how I look first thing in the morning. Yikes. I smiled and said hello and walked in.

He asked me to remove my shoes and then…and then…Ugh…I am probably getting things out order, but there was some kissing. He has full, soft lips and a teasing kissing technique. I was so nervous that I was sweating. Plus, it is Vegas in August, so it was a million degrees. He told me to remove my top and I did so. Ahhhhh…so much better…but still #sweatyAF. He brought me a hand towel and I dabbed myself. “Take off your pants.” Okey dokey, daddy-o. Off went the pants! I think after that I went down on my knees to give a proper hello to his thick #peen. He did not allow me to use my hands – only my mouth.

Now, at some point, my black lacy bra and thong ended up on the floor, there was some more cock worshiping, and then he penetrated my extremely wet pussy with his satisfyingly large cock – right there on the floor. Understand that this all happened within 5 minutes of our first in-person meeting. Why waste time with pleasantries, right? Oh, and in case you’re wondering where he came, it was all over my tits. Yes, there are photos. No, you cannot see them…unless you’re PG.

I had brought two little gifts for him: a vanilla candle and a big bag of gummy bears. I only knew a few things about Master before I got to Vegas and one of them is that he likes the smell of vanilla. The other thing is that he likes gummy bears, which I discovered as I checked out his Instagram. He seemed to appreciate them both. He lit the candle and it made the house smell like delicious vanilla. I later commented that it is ironic how much a non-vanilla man enjoys the smell of vanilla so much.

There was a little down time afterwards, during which we talked about all sorts of things. A reminder: I am not to sit on any furniture without permission. He sat on the couch and I sat on the floor at his feet. He rubbed his foot against me, but I rather enjoyed that. I am not a fan of feet, so this surprised me. He mentioned lunch and I am not sure exactly how it was brought up, but yadda yadda yadda, we went to Osaka!!! I was super excited to have some sushi, obvs. Sadly, however, my guy Chef Kenji was not there, but I still had my standard ama ebi (sweet shrimp) and spicy tuna hand roll without rice.

We had a delicious lunch and then headed back to the house where more #fuckery ensued. The exact sequence of events rather escapes me, but Master spanked my ample ass. He played with my pussy, ordering me to taste myself off of his finger several times. #pussyjuice

Random note: It is fascinating to me, but Master does not have a scent. Fascinating! PG has a scent…and he wears that Gucci Black that I love so much.

Master has a pool table and I spent a good amount of my time yesterday bent over it and digging my fingernails into the cover. There really is something magical about being fucked from behind. It always seems to hit just the right spot, ya know? (Honeytoes’ extra tip: Gals, if you are presenting your hind quarters to your suitor for his penetrative amusement, know that he can – and wants to – see your butthole. Don’t worry about it. He loves looking at your butthole. Trust me. It means he’s fucking you, so he’d probably look at just about anything if he can get it in with you at the same time. #honeytoesknows)

I am such a ninny. I totes forgot to mention that I was collared very soon after I first sucked Master’s cock. It is a lovely black leather collar with an accent of purple where the steel rings are. Several times he grabbed the ring to pull me to where he wanted and I didn’t hate it. In the BDSM world, being formally collared is s very serious commitment. People sometimes put more weight on a collared relationship than a legal marriage. The submissive wears the Dominant’s collar. It makes it clear that this particular submissive is owned. Obviously, this is not a collar that I will keep. It was meant to be symbolic of me giving over all of myself to Master. I thought that it looked particularly lovely with my diamond necklace purchased here in Vegas back in February.


Now. Where was I? Ahhhhh…right. After the second episode of perversion, we relaxed a bit and then he went to the gym. I took the opportunity to watch #AncientAliens on my laptop and to text with a friend to tell her that I am safe.

When he got back from the gym, he showered and then things happened. Devious things. Things that I am probably going to tell you about in the wrong order. I go all stupid when I am getting the D. A solid, deep dicking makes the world right, although it makes my brain faulty in the “sequence-of-what-had-happened” department. Before the festivities began, he told me to remove my clothes and stand against the wall and NOT TO MOVE. He left the room and came back with what I soon realized was his single tail whip. Master made sure that I was fully aware of what could happen should he have to punish me with a few smart cracks of that whip right next to my ear. No, thank you. I have seen the damage these things can inflict and I do not want to have to explain whip welts on my back to the old ladies at the aquacise class next week. Quelle horreur!!!

Yes, there was dick sucking and licking, but there was so much more. I was blindfolded with my sleep mask for most of the things that followed. Master brought out some delightful toys, including the Wartenberg pinwheel, which I had myself used many times on my submissives. He used it on my nipples and my tongue. There was a leather flogger. I do love the smell of leather. He used that on my back and ass, and the tails also lightly kissed my overwhelmed #pinkbits. He could have hit me harder, but I was not in the mind space to demand anything. My wrists were bound with rope as I still wore the blindfold. I suspect that the universe was offering up some karma for me because he used nipple clamps on me. The worst part of putting on a clamp of any kind is the removal. The rush of blood back to the previously clamped area is quite shocking. Shocking, I say.

I was instructed to get on the floor on my back, legs spread. Then I heard the sound of tearing plastic. Hmmm…He was opening up a plastic bag of…something. I soon realized that it was the wooden clothespins. So, we’re friends here, but this might be too much info for you regarding my pink bits. (If so, just skip to the next paragraph.) We’ve established that they’re pretty, but did you know that they are not roast beef floppy curtains? Nope. They’re close to the body and a lovely pink shade. Their diminutive presence, however, made the application of said clothespins somewhat frustrating for Master. He persevered, though, and got on about 6, I think. I have to look at the photos to be sure. No, I am not posting THOSE photos, you freaks.

After the clothespins were removed (ouch), Master put a vibrator against my clit. After some teasing, he demanded that I hold it there myself, but that I could not cum. My bound hands worked the vibrator like an expert because….DUH! I’d had years and years of practice.

Once again, I was ordered to lean over the pool table and I did just that. I soon felt the sweet sting of the deliciously hot wax all over my back. He was using the very candle that I had brought him! In case you have never engaged in wax play, I recommend that you try it, but do be careful. I’m too tired to give you a Honeytoes’ extra tip, but just go to the Google. Not every candle type is suited for this play. You can badly burn someone if you don’t know WTF you’re doing. Just be careful, mmmmkay? #themoreyouknow

Wax. There are a few ways to remove it. It can be flogged off. It can be peeled or picked off with one’s fingers. But not today. I was ordered to my knees. I took Master’s engorged cock into my mouth once again. He put the knife against my neck. “Don’t move.” Roger that! He also removed the blindfold around this time. Master took some photos for my scrapbook (or whatevs) and then I was told to stand up and to lean over the kitchen counter. Master then skillfully removed the wax from my back, scraping the cold knife blade against my skin. *sigh* What a singularly erotic sensation!!! This is some good stuff, y’all, but there was wax all over the floor…quite the mess.

The mess was cleaned and we got dressed. And then…..? Yep, we were off to the movies! (OMG! He’s a monster!!!!!) The theater had those spiffy recliners and movable armrests. We saw a scary movie and I screamed like a girl, but I did take the opportunity to snuggle close to him.

Oh, and I did have my own room to sleep in, but Master invited me into his bed last night. I happily accepted.

I wonder what’s in store for this whore today…Let me go wake Master…Maybe I’ll incur his wrath and get a proper punishment.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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