Just a wanker?

I mean, is he? A wanker, I mean. Is PG just a #wanker offering up more and more perverse fantasies via text as he rubs out a quick one? Am I falling for his #wank bait? I don’t know. I mean, I think I know. I think that his texts are the truth. Oy vey. Lemme tell you what happened yesterday.

Around noon I texted him: “I want to ride your face.” No reply. Bollocks. Whatever. He’s busy working during the day. I get it. I had an “emergency” Botox appointment that afternoon, so a visit to see PG that evening would be hard to manage anyway. After my appointment, I sent a quick text once again: “So…no for tonight? How about Tue or Wed?” And then it began. I may have mentioned that I needed a DP from him (dildo and his Majestic Peen™) and he bit. We discussed the details. Said he: “Oohh. So 2 in your ass. Then two in your pussy. Then one in each.” I replied affirmatively (obvs) and he informed me that I need a “much bigger dildo” so that he “can really brutalize” my pussy with a DP. I heart him so much. I said that I do have a bigger one, Sarge, and that I’d find it when I got home.

He asked me to bring my strap-on to our next encounter, but he requested that I first model it for him. I got excited and texted: “Would love to take your ass. Yes!!!!!!!!!” His reply? “Oh no Princess. I’m wearing it and I’m gonna fuck both your holes at the same time.” Sweet, merciful beans. #yesplease I promised PG some pictures when I got back home.

…And this happened…


A gentle reminder: I am a sadist, so this is right up my alley…and up his, apparently (pun intended). Then…? I sent some pictures of me wearing the strap-on with my biggest dildo: Sarge. He responded that he’d love me to fuck him with that. It is a big one, so I asked if he had ever been fucked up the ass. “A few times” was the reply. I asked whether it was a female, a male, or both. He said that about 2 years ago he was with a “very sexy black tranny” and that “We blew each other and then fucked each other’s asses. He had a 9″ thick black cock.” (Honeytoes’ extra tip: If your partner tells you something that you were not expecting and you are into it, tell him! Make sure he knows that he is safe in telling you his dirtiest fantasies/experiences. I expect that many women would not be into anally brutalizing their men and getting into #CBT [cock and ball torture – one of my favorite things!], so if he tells you he’s into XXX or YYY, he trusts the ever-loving crap out of you. Don’t fuck it up. Oh, if you are not into the thing he mentions, tread lightly. Be gentle and don’t put on your judgy hat when you respond…You might very well embarrass him and lose him in the process. Remember that if he cannot get XXX or YYY from you, trust and believe that he will get it someplace else. #hoislife)


My reply was: “Holy fucking fuck” and I included the emoji with the heart eyes for good measure. Please remember that I am all about a man with fluid sexuality and I am really upping my perversion factor in my old age. Regular sex is not good enough for me anymore. Apparently this is something that he “loves” and I wonder (1) was this a one-time thing and (2) did this actually happen or is he in full-on wank fantasy mode…I think that it actually happened. Why would PG lie to me about this? I believe that most women would not find this appealing, so there would be a risk in telling me. I trust this man completely, and I believe that he MUST trust me. A few screenshots of our texts sent to his gf would blow her out of the water, but I am not that kind of a person. I’m a sadist, y’all, not a completely heartless bitch…usually.

I do worry about him if he wifes up Orangina, though…Can he really be happy denying this part of who he is? I fully believe that if his friends and family knew all the things about him that I do, he’d be a very lonely man. I am sad for him being unable to put all of himself out in the world.

I lamented that I wish I had known him two years ago when this happened and he replied, “Me too.” I begged him that if it happens again, that I must be there. He said that he’s down for it. Again, the logistics of this arrangement likely place this into the “not gonna happen” category, but a gal needs goals, right? #hogoals

Anyhoo…we ended things yesterday with me letting him know that I need to see him before I leave on Friday morning and he said: “Ok. You will.” I let him know that Tuesday and Wednesday are preferred and his response was “Ok.” That’s where we left things: “Ok” and that usually means nothing will happen this week. I have known PG for a year now and I suspect that a rendezvous tonight is unlikely, but as always, your Honeytoes remains hopeful. Cross your fingers for me, guys! If not this week, then I am going to do my best to meet up with him next week. Being a slut is a lot of work! #workworkworkworkwork #holife #slutlife #assholesandcunts #clams4life

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

4 thoughts on “Just a wanker?”

  1. Holy shitballs! This man is your soulmate. The cosmic universe Gods made you two freaky people find each other. It warms my heart.


  2. I can’t disagree with that, but he is sadly anchored to his “legit” and expected life for now. *sigh* Poor PG.


  3. Toes, it seems to me that you really are lucky enough to have found such a compatible partner. It seems to me that he made a lifelong commitment to you before he did to Orangina when he told you that he would always want to enjoy your company.

    Years ago, I had a good male friend. People often thought we must be lovers. We laughed, because the usual reply when we were asked would be to say ‘we are JUST friends’. We realized that in both our lives, lovers came and went, but the friendship persisted. In fact, it was more truthful at the time to say of our other partners ‘we are JUST lovers’.

    Occasionally, on the other forum and here, I seem to detect a hint of envy for Orangian because she has more time with him – and his commitment to her differs from his commitment to you. I would remind you that the time you have with him is 100% anticipated quality time; she gets a much less choice mix of good, mundane, and bad.

    In case it isn’t obvious, I’m enjoying following your adventures, mental and physical!


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