What had happened was…

…well, fuck. I’m not entirely sure WHAT happened. You see, my friends, I was minding my own business, as I am wont to do. I posted a pic on Instagram of my new gym (barf) saying that working out sucks – ’cause it does, especially for fat shits like me. I get relatively few likes on my posts…mostly I post them just for me and I have few followers. I sometimes get random likes or comments from strangers. Because I get so few likes/comments, I always look up who liked/commented. Yes, that’s how much of a life I do not have.

A guy in Vegas (a 33-year-old professional Dominant) commented…I commented back…and then he deftly slid into my DMs (like Plane Guy did…). I had some free time on my hands (read as: I didn’t wanna work), so I replied. Before I realized what was happening, I think I agreed to see him on one of my trips to Vegas. What the shit is going on in my head?!

Plane Guy opened my mind (and other things) to new possibilities with regard to many experiences, not the least of which is investigating the submissive bit in my brain with the right man, but the extreme nature of the messages exchanged between me and this new guy surprised me. (He doesn’t have a nickname yet.) He doesn’t want me to stay in a hotel, but with him in his home. And…he does not want me to communicate with anyone while I’m with him. (“You can’t tell anyone my address.”) That is worrisome at best…horrifying at worst. I could end up as a lampshade and place mats, FFS!

We talked on the phone. What compelled me to give this stranger my phone number? Who can say? I’m starting to worry myself, though, in the possibilities that I am considering just to scratch my growing sexual itch. Nothing is set in stone, but just thinking about the things we discussed is titillating. I’m going to ride this feeling for now and think about the possibilities.

Oh…I’m meeting Stretch tonight and feeling all meh about it. I’d rather stay home and watch #AncientAliens the whole day and night. Every single photo I’ve seen of him has the cheesiest, toothy grins. I find that somewhat bothersome, but maybe he doesn’t know how to #smize. Oh, Mama Tyra, we must spread your good word!

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

1 thought on “What had happened was…”

  1. […] My post a few days ago has really seemed to have an effect on some people. Some are friends that I know IRL and others are folks from an online bulletin board who know me through my posts there. In case you are not compelled to click the link, let’s recap quickly. Via Instagram, I was approached by a male Dominant from #LasVegas. Before I realized what happened, we clicked and I agreed to visit him out there one of these days. He has rules, as do all Dominants (I had my own rules when I had submissive males serving me.), but his rules definitely have everyone but me freaking out. His nickname will be Master. […]


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