I need to abuse you, Princess.

Today I asked PG when we could meet and he said Thursday (as per usual, not holding my breath because of the many last-minute cancellations) and that “It will be a rape.” Listen, I have no issue with role playing or rough sex. I welcome it; however, when it is presented as such, it is somewhat daunting – even worrisome. I only tell you, my dear readers, because I said that this #proudslut would give you the scoop on the things I do. He knows that I’m scared and that is (IMHO) part of the appeal. He likes the power position and he clearly loves the obvious #mindfuck.

He would be beyond stupid and foolish to cause me actual bodily harm (I don’t mean bruises – I bruise quite easily…like a ripe peach.) because I have every blessed text from him since we met. Someone who didn’t understand our dynamic would think he is an abusive man. What you do not see is exactly how we interact in person and even though he is, uh, kind of rapey and aggressive sometimes, I know that no harm will come to me. You don’t see and hear all the sweet things and kind words he uses before, during, and after our play or leading up to our play. During our mock rape scenes, he’ll still look into my eyes and speak sweetly to me. He will ask if I’m doing okay and if he can keep going. (“Are you okay, Princess? Can Daddy keep going?”) Even after the encounter is over, he always cleans me up and we talk about whatever is on our minds. Remember, it is just sex.

What I won’t do today is give you all of the back-and-forth texts between us, but I’ll share this one text to ease your mind, lest you be worried about me: “Don’t be scared. I’ve never hurt you before and I won’t hurt you now.” I believe him.

I’m sure that this might be too much for some of you and that I might lose some of you as readers, but I am not going to make up fake stories about how we make sweet love to one another. I’m giving you the tea, the full tea, and nothing but the tea. I’m just too lazy to lie about my sex life.

…and always remember: Ho is life, y’all!

Sluttily yours,
#notesfromaslut #honeytoes #hoislife

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